I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


9. Simon

Issys p.o.v

I wasn't a crazed fan anymore. I thought of Harry as another of Mona's boyfriends. I just hope Harry doesn't dump her like everyone else did. And I don't get why Mona doesn't want Harry knowing about Justin. We were driving around London and Harry showed us the big Ben and we drove past this big building. 'that's where Simon is now.' Harry says. 'really!?' I ask. To think that uncle Simon is in the building we just passed. Omg. 'there he is he just walked out' Harry says. I look back. 'omg! There's uncle Simon!' I exclaim. I saw him! Eeeee! 'it's only Simon!' Harry says. 'Harry! Hello! Just Simon?! Oh god. Without him you and the boys would never of been made as a band. And I would be stuck in my room still with nothing to do' he chuckles. 

Monique's pov

'you have no idea how true that is'  I say. Harrys phone starts ringing. 'oh one second' Harry says and answers his phone. 'hi Simon!' he says. 'yeah that was me... We don't have to stay there on the weekends... I've got my girlfriend and her sister with me' he looks at me and smiles. 'yeah... I'm just showing them around they come from Holmes chapel...alright... See you soon then' he hangs up. 

'uh he saw us and he wants to meet you both' Issy screams. 'woah Isabella. Calm down!' I say.

Issys p.o.v

 'sorry.' Like I said totally not acting like a crazed fan around them anymore.

Monique's p.o.v

We walked into the building and Harry led us through some corridors and up an elevator. 'come in' a voice called as Harry knocked. We entered the room. It was his office I presume. 'hi simon!' Harry says. 'hi Harry. So who is this?' Harry's arm was around my waist. 'well this is Monique and her sister Issy' 

'nice to meet you.' Simon says. 'it's nice to meet you too.' Issy and I say. 'are you a fan?' Simon asks issy. 'no. I am a directioner!' she says proudly. 'is your sister?' he asks. 'far from' 

Harry and I laugh. 'oh jeez' I say and rub my forehead. 'I see' Simon says and looks at me. 'she does everything she can to make me one though' Simon turns back to Issy. 'keep doing what your doing' he says. 'looks like she is starting to like then now'

'you will be a directioner!' Harry whispers in my ear. 'I don't think so. Even If I was. I wouldn't be as crazy as her'  I whisper back earning a chuckle. 'we can try' he whispers. Simon looks at me. 'I think I know you?' Simon says. He probably saw some magazines with me and Justin. Oh shit! Harry walks over to the window. 'I know! you dated...' I cut him off. 'Harry doesn't know. Please don't say it. I'm going to tell him later today.' I whisper. 'alright' he nods. 'who simon! She hasn't told me! Please tell me!! Please!' Harry begs. I laugh as he gets on his knees. 'you'll soon find out' I say. He gets off the ground and looks out the window again. 

'Simon we better go. Fans have seen my car and are starting to crowd around here' Harry says walking back to us. 'alright. Nice meeting you both. Bye' he calls as we leave. 'I met Simon!!' issy exclaims. 'woah! I never thought people could recognize your car' I say. 'they must like go around and look at every car with the number plate' 

we look at a few more things and it's about 5:00. We start going back. 'Issy you go up to the room. I'll be up soon.' she nods an walks up. 'so who was this famous person you dated? I might know him' Harry says. 'I'm sure you do. I know Niall and Zayn have.' our hands interlock. 'so who is he?' 

'Justin' l say. 'bieber?' I nod. 'no way! You dated justin! I've been texting him about you. This is so awkward now! You should have told me. I feel so stupid now' I laugh. 'sorry. I didn't think you needed to know who I dated. But you know who I once dated so what about you?' I ask. I know a couple but I want to know another.  'uh Caroline flack.' I didn't know about her. 'really! But your eighteen! And there's like a sixteen year age difference!... Nothing happened between you two did it?' I ask. His head snaps up o look at me. 'no! Nothing like that happened!' harry says. 

we get up to the room. 'thanks for today Harry. I'll see you soon. Bye' I say and kiss his lips then he leaves. I walk in and the girls are there as well as Issy. 'hi Mona!' they all say. 'Mona this is my little brother Jordan and my little sister maya' Paige says. 'hi nice to meet you' I say. 'you too' they say. They looked really adorable. Jordan was probably 14 and maya probably 13. The same age as Issy. 'so where do you guys live?' I ask laying down on my bed next to Issy. 'we live in Holmes chapel with my mum.' 

'no way. Your from Holmes chapel too!' I ask Paige. 'no they live with my mum in Holmes chapel. I live here with my dad.' oh. Damn. I just nod. 'do any of you guys have a brother or sister?' I ask. 'I don't. I have a niece.' Alana says. 'and I have a 21 year old sister who is married and is about to have twins.' Kay-Lynn says. 

'I'll be back I have to go get my niece.' Alana says. She leaves the room. Issy starts talking with Jordan and maya. Alana comes back in with a little baby. 'awww!' I say. 'she's so cute!' we play games on the ground with her. 

We were just talking for a little while. 'I'm going to get ready for dinner. It's meant to start in an hour' we have special dinners each night the families are here. 'come on Issy go get ready.' I say. She gets up and walks out the room. Soon all the kids go and we can get dressed. 
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