I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


11. Seeing Justin again

Monique's p.o.v

Issy an mum were leaving today. I woke up and Issy was laying on the other side of the bed and Harry's arms were around me. 'morning babe' Harry says and kisses my cheek. 'morning Haz' I say and turn to face him.  'you are really cute when you sleep' I blush. 'everyone thinks so... On twitter' 

'what do you mean?' I ask. He hands me his phone. 'Harry! You posted a picture of me sleeping on twitter!...' this is my beautiful girlfriend sleeping this morning. It reads. I look at some of the comments. 'this ones from Justin?... Hi Harry. I see your dating my ex girlfriend Mona...' he posted that.  And Harry replied... Yeah I didn't know you two used to date. Shes perfect though. Awwww. I peck his lips. 'Harry you've seen my tattoos... Do you have any?' I ask. 'yeah.  A few' he says and lifts his sleeve to reveal many tattoos on his inner arm. 'hi? Really? What's that mean?' I ask. 'I don't know. I just wanted another tattoo.' he says and pulls his other sleeve up revealing another tattoo on his arm of a shamrock. 'and also these ones' he pulls his shirt up and I see a birdcage and two drama faces. 'do any of these mean anything special?' I ask. 'this is Gemma name. This a stands for my mum and I can't change well it explains all.' I nod. 'what about yours?' he asks.'YOLO I got when I had the tumor because I thought I was going to die and then the double infinity sign I got when I was with Justin and it was to celebrate me being cancer free' 

'Mona?' Harry asks. 'yeah' 

'how are you so strong?' 

'I have two people I think about when I am weak'

'Issy... And your dad?' I nod. I look over at the clock and it's 10:50. Shit! 'Issy! Wake up!' I say shaking her. Nothing. 'Harry. Please' I beg. He laughs. 'PUSSY!!!' he shouts. I laugh. Liam shoots right up. 'Harry!' zayn whines. He just shrugs. 'Love. You need to get ready. You and your mum are leaving in two hours' Harry says. 'thanks harry' she laughs and walks across the hall. 

Harrys pov

'babe, The boys and i are going back to Lou's and my apartment today to hang out for a bit and get away from the rules. You wanna come?' i ask. 'yeah sure.' yes!! 'bring your blathers because there's a pool' I say. 'alright. I'll go get changed' She says and walks to the drawers. I watch her go through her stuff an pull out a pale pink bikini and light wash denim shorts. 

Monique's p.o.v

I'll just wear a tank top. I walk into the bathroom and get changed. I look into the mirror and the shorts are shorter than I remembered them to be. I must have grown a little more. 

I hugged Issy and my mum goodbye when they left an hour ago and we were about to leave for Lou's and Harry's apartment. The other girls couldn't come because they got stuck doing something for the headmistress. 

Oh no! It can't be him? But he's standing outside. Does he stay here now? This can't be happening. It's so  awkward now. 'hi Mona!' he says. 'uh... Hi Justin' I say. He hugs me. 'what are you doing here?' I ask. 'these boys are my mates too' he says. 'oh right' I say. We walk in and I can feel the awkwardness already. 'so how are you?' he asks. 'good actually I am a lot better since I came to this school... And you?' I say. 'good... Selena and i broke up but we haven't told the fans yet... You look really nice' yep really awkward. Justin was looking at me and I could see it in his eyes, he wanted me back. I am not going to take him back. I love Harry now. And nothing would change that. 

Harry took my hand. Awww. 'jealous are you?' I whisper in his ear. 'no!... Well he was looking at you like that... And well yeah' he whispers back. 'don't worry babe I'm not going to let him make another move on me' I say. He smiles and pecks my lips. 'Harold! We are going to the pool!' Louis shouts. 'alright!' he laughs. 'come on babe' Harry wraps his arm around my waist and we walk out to the pool a couple floors down. Louis runs back and takes my hand. 'come on! Your coming with me!' he says and we run down the hall. 'Louis!' I scream. 

We get to the pool and I take off my shorts and tank top. Harry comes out. 'oh jeez! Most running I've ever done!' Harry puffs out. 'I'm so unfit!' he breathes and ten he sees me sitting on the chairs. He walks over to me and kisses me. I cup his cheeks in my hands and he lays on me. 'PDA! PDA! Don't go amy further than that my friends!' Louis shouts. 'get a room!' zayn adds flicking water at us. I pull away. 'is it cold!?' I ask. 'no!' I jump in and Harry follows. 

'liar!' I shout and dunk Louis head under the water. 'Liam!' I hear Niall shout. I look over. 'what?!' Liam shouts back. 'Liam! Liam!' he repeats. 'what the hell do you want!' he curses. 'that! Attention all directioners in London!!! Daddy direction swore!' I laugh. 

Someone picks me up from behind and swims me to the corner. I think it's Harry. But Justin's head pops up. 'hi Mona' he says. 'hi Justin' I say. 'I need to ask you a question...' I look over at Harry and he is watching very closely. 'why are you dating Harry?' he asks. 'what kind of question is that?! Take a seat... I will take a while to list the number of things I love about Harry...' I say. 

'no just why did you pick him instead of me?' he wants me back. 'Justin! You dumped me remember! And Harry is sweet, funny, and really really perverted which makes a serious moment really funny... They are only a few of the reasons why I chose Harry... In fact it wasn't even me having to choose. It was Harry
All along' I say and swim back to harry. 

'what was that about?' he asks taking my waist. 'nothing... He just wanted to ask a question about us' I stand on my tippy toes and kiss him passionately. 'you don't have to worry about a thing babe... There is no way anything is going to happen between me and Justin now' 

*1 hour later*

We were going to go back to the apartment upstairs and eat something. Niall's request. I got out of the pool and wrapped the towel around my body. I looked to see where Harry was. In the pool with his elbows resting on the side out of the water. 'you were staring at my butt weren't you?' he nods. 'come on. Get out of the pool!' I lay on my stomach and our lips were a centimeter apart. 'I'm not getting out of the pool' he protests. 'fine then.' I stand back up. 'see ya' I say and start walking into the building. I get into the elevator and the doors shut before he could get in. 

I get onto the floor and start walking down the hall to the room. 'wait Mona!' Justin says and takes my arm. I look at him waiting for him to say something. I was leaning against the wall and he steps closer. 'what are you doing?' I ask. He leans in quickly and almost kisses me. 'Justin! What are you doing?! Im with Harry!' I say and walk into the apartment. What the hell just happened. Why was he going to kiss me? Just like what the hell all together. I sat on the bar stool and Harry walked in a few minutes later. 'why is Justin on the ground out there almost about to cry?' he asks. 'well uh... He tried to kiss me.' I say taking a bite of the food Louis set down in front of me. 'he what! So he kissed you?!' Harry asks. 'no he didn't. He was going to but I stopped him before he did. I don't like him like that anymore. I love you Harry. And he is just lucky i didn't kick him in the lower region' I say. He walks over and wraps his arms around my waist. 'that's my girl!' he says and kisses my cheek.  I laugh. I put some food on the spoon and put it to Harry's mouth and he eats it. 'so even if we split up which won't happen even if I die you wouldn't go back to him?' he asks. 'yep!' I say. 'he hurt me to much. Now can we change the subject? I hate talking about him' just then he walks in. 

'Mona. I'm so sorry. I just wanted to see what it felt like one more time' he explains. I can see Harry wanted to go punch him. I won't allow that even though I hate him so much. They're friends. 'Justin its fine. Just don't try to make a move again. I'm completely over you' I say. 'I'm so sorry. I'm going to go. Bye boys. Bye Mona.' he leaves. 

'i know you guys are friends with him an all but thank the lord he has left!' we all laugh. Harry's arms were still wrapped around my waist. He moved my wet let down hair over my left shoulder and started kissing my neck. 'Harry. The boys are here' I say. 'they won't mind' he mumbles. His hands slid slowly down. 'Harry!' I hiss. He keeps going. He is making me so turned on right now. I get out of the seat before he got lower and washed the plate and spoon. 

I turned around and Harry's shirtless body was against mine. 'boys! We are going to hang out in Harry's room!' I shout. I hear laughter. 'so you don't mind if they're here?' he asks. 'you're just so damn hot' he leads me past a few doors and then opens one and walks in locking the door behind us. He picked my up and pressed my back against the wall. I felt the towel slip off my body and onto the floor. 

Harrys pov

'are you sure you don't mind?' I ask. She nods. I love her so much. The kiss got really passionate and I threw her over onto the bed and she giggled. I crawled on top of her and held her waist.
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