I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


10. Passionate kiss in the rain

Monique's p.o.v

Each night has a theme. Last night was party and tonight was circus. I put on my short tight strapless dress. It might sound like a prostitutes dress but it didn't look anything like one. The dress was covered in colorful horizontal zigzag designs. 'you have the best clothes Mona!' tori says. 'I do? Thank you' I say an put on my pale pink heels. I do my makeup and mess my hair up again and pull it to one side. 

The girls were still getting ready and someone knocked on the door. 'Mona can you help me find something to wear?' it was Issy. I walk out and into her room. 'why all of a sudden do you want to look really good?' I ask. 'Jordan' she says simply. 'Alana's brother!?' I ask. She nods shyly. 'awww' I say. 'here wear this. Alana told me what he was wearing. This way you will match' I pulled out a pale blue empire waistline dress and hot pink flats. 'thank you Mona' she says. 'alright get ready it starts soon' I leave the room and they were all ready. 'I'm going to go see Harry' I say poking my head in the door then closing it. Issy walks out and she looks pretty. 'you look good' I say. 'thanks. Mums already down there. She found some guy she thinks is hot' we laugh. 'I'm going to go see Harry and the boys. Wanna come?' she nods. 

We walk to the other side of the building. 'what the hell! No girls past this point?' she exclaims. 'that's a rule we aren't allowed to go on the boys side unless it's for class' I explain but we keep walking. 'won't you get in trouble for this?' I nod. 'if we get caught' I say. 'here's Harry's door' I add and knock on it. 'who's it?' I hear Niall call. 'mona' I say. Harry opens the door with nothing but his underwear on. 'hi babe' he says and pulls me closer. He leans down and kisses me passionately. 'ewwwwww!' issy whines. 'Issy go find Jordan!' I say when we pull away.'fine whatever!' she says and walks down the way we came here. 'come in before the teachers see you!' Harry pulls me inside. 'please tell me all you boys have clothes on!' I ask covering eyes. 'yes it's only Harry who never wears clothes' Louis says. 'shut up Louis!' Harry throws a pillow at him. 'Louis doesn't have to dress to the theme tonight because what he normally wears looks like a clown anyways!' Harry teases and pokes his tongue out at him. 'so what! I seem to get women with these clothes anyway!' I roll my eyes. 

'Harold be a gentleman and put clothes on. I'm sure Mona doesn't like looking at you in underwear' Liam says. 'ugh!' he groans and takes out blue skinny jeans and a white shirt and black blazer. He starts putting them on. 'so who's Jordan?' Zayn asks. 'Alana's brother and Issy fancies him I think.' I say. 'ooo a little crush!' Louis says. 'we haven't heard of one of them since Harry started fancying you!' Niall says. 'awww you talked to the boys about me?!' I say. He nods and blushes. I lay on the bed.  'do you talk to the girls about me?' he asks sweetly. 'nope!' I say taking a sip of the water I brought with me. 'ooooo!' the boys say. 'Are you sure!' Harry asks laying down on me. 'of course I talk to the girls about you!...' harry leans down and we kiss passionately. 'ewwww! Niall and liam cover your eyes! Your too innocent for this! PDA! PDA!' Louis and zayn start making police siren noises.'now  get off!' I say and push him off. 'oh thank god! You stopped for air! I thought you would've died of choking since you two were so far down each others throat.' Louis says dramatically. I laugh. 'let's go the dinners meant to start now' Harry says an picks me up bridal style. 'yes! I want to see how little carrots doing with her little crush!' Louis says. 'you mean potato?!' Niall disagrees. 'no carrot' they start having a fight. I roll my eyes. 'she's a little pussy' Harry whispers in my ear. 'Harry!' I slap his shoulder. 'I mean it like a cat!' he protests. 'sure you did' 'I did!' 'mmhmm' 

I see my mum talking with a man in the corner and Issy talking with Jordan and maya in the other. 'let's sit over next to carrot' Louis says. We walk over and sit down across from Issy. 

Harry puts his hand on my hip when we sit and kisses just under my ear. He pulls back and I turn my head to look at him. We lean in and kiss. 'separate miss Coleman and mr styles' the headmistress says passing us. 'your right that is a very bad thing to do in the presence of kids.' I say holding back a laugh. 'that was very bad harry' I slap his arm playfully and we start laughing. 'where's your mum?' Harry asks. 'flirting with this dude over there' I point to them and he chuckles. Twirling her hair... Your not a teenager. 

We have dinner and when everyone left he hall Harry took my hand and we started running somewhere. 'where are we going babe!' I ask. 'the auditorium!' we keep running until we get there. 'what are we doing here?' I ask. 'can you teach me how to dance?' I laugh. 'ok? What do you want to learn?' 

A cheeky smile spread on his face. 'tango' he whispers in my ear and pulls me close. We start doing the dance and Harry's hand multiple times 'slipped' down to my ass. It happened again. 'Harry' I giggle and move his hand back up to my lower back. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. 

When I tried to pull away he pulled me closer. 'wait... Hear that?' I was confused. 'it's rain?' I say. He smiles. 'come on! I gotta kick something off my bucket list!' we start running outside and into the rain. 'Harry! What are we doing out here!' I laugh. He wraps his arms around my waist and i put mine around his neck and kiss. 'passionate kiss in the rain... Tick' Harry says when we pull away. I giggle. 'can we go inside now!? It's freezing!' we run back into the building. 'do you and the girls wanna hang out with us boys tonight?' Harry asks. 'yeah.' I start walking to the elevator. 'alright. Your room or ours?' 

'maybe ours because my mum might be getting lucky and I would have to be close to Issy' the elevator doors open. 'alright I'll see you soon babe' we kiss one last time and Harry goes down the hall to his room. Quickly turning back and winks at me. 

I get up to the room and walk in. 'hey Mona. Why are you wet?' tori asks. 'wait! We're you with Harry?' Issy asks. I nod. 'rain, Harry, smiling, biting your bottom lip... She was the girl Harry had his passionate kiss in the rain with!! Ahhhhh' Issy screams. 'how do you know all this?' I ask. 'does no one know about the Internet?' Issy exclaims. 

'uh anyways the boys are coming over soon to hang out' I say. 'yay! I get to see Liam!' Alana says. 'im going to get changed' I say and walk into the bathroom. I take off the soaking wet dress and dry my body. I put on my denim shorts and a jumper.

'I got it!' I say and open the door. 'what are you boys wearing?!' I laugh. They had mops on their heads.'we had to sneak here, there were teachers in every hall'  Harry says and picks me up. 'and you have mops on your heads why?' I ask again. 'we were pretending to be girls!' Louis says Laying next to Kay-Lynn on her bed.I  Walk and lay on my bed. 'hello' Harry whispers laying on top of me with his arms set by my shoulders. 'Harry there are kids here' I giggle. He leans down and kisses me. 'Harry get off my sister!' Issy demands. 'yeah do what she says' I laugh and push him next to me.   
'let's play truth and dare' Louis says. 'ok. I'll start. Uh Zayn truth or dare?'   Harry asks. 'Dare' 

'I dare you to do seven minutes in heaven with tori' Harry says. 'Harry!' tori exclaims. He just shrugs. They stand up an go into the storage room. We wait for them to finish. Harry looks at me. 'don't even think about it styles!' I say.  'times up!' Louis says and knocks on the door. 

When they walk out zayn asks me. 'truth' I say. 'do you have any tattoos or piercings?' I sit up. 'now this is one I want to hear!' Harry says propping himself up on his elbow. I roll my eyes and stand up. 'I have this one' I turn around and pull my jumper up to reveal a YOLO tattoo on my right hip. 'and I have a stud on my belly button' I pull my shirt up a little and show them. 'and she got another tattoo a few months ago' Issy says. 'where is it!?' Zayn asks. 'ah. I'm not showing you that one' I sit back down next to Harry. 'where is it babe?' Harry whispers in my ear. 'under my chest' I whisper back. 'what is it of?' he asks. 'an infinity sign' he wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my cheek. 'can I see 'em?!' 

'no' he lays back down pulling me back with him. I squeal and he starts tickling my waist.  'i was joking i will show you!' I manage to get out over laughing. 'you sure?' Harry asks. I nod an take his hand. 'Mona? Are you showing him?' Issy asks. I turn to look at her. 'yep' I say. I pull Harry into the bathroom. 'if you try anything Harry.' I warn and pull my jumper up, still covering my chest but showing my tattoo that is just under my bra. 'that is so cool!' he says. 'it's a double infinity sign' he says. 'yeah' I pull my shirt back down. 

We walk back out and lay back down.  'alright my turn!' I say. 'Harry truth or dare' I turn to look at him. 'ooooohooo!' the boys say. 'uh dare!' 

'i dare you to go to the mini fridge and put 3 ice cubes down your pants' I look at his eyes widen. 'go on Harry!' he gets up and walks to the mini fridge. I watch him pop 3 ice cubes out and put them down his pants. 'brrrr!' he shakes and sits back down on the bed. 'are you cold babe?' I ask. 'y y y yes!' he stutters. 'alright! Liam truth or dare!' Harry asks. 'truth' 

'if you could snog one girl out of this room apart from Alana who would it be' 

'sorry Alana. Probably Monique' he says. 

Harry's p.o.v

It was soo cold!!! 'Monique! Keep away!' I warn Liam and wrap my arms tighter around her. 'hey mate you asked!' Liam says. 

'dot worry babe. I'm not going to try anything on Liam.' I say. 'only you' I whisper in his ear. 'alright Issy! Truth or dare' Liam says. 'truth' she says. 'have you got any piercings?' 

'I have my belly button done, my cartilage, I have triples in my ear, my nose and my lip. But I hardly wear them all' she says. 

I can see all of their mouths drop. 'I'm kinda tired so I'm going to go to bed. Night guys' Issy says and starts walking out the door. 'wait I'll check if mums in there.' I say and stand up. I walk across the hall an knock on the door. I hear a moan. Yep! Definitely still in there. I run back to the room. 'Issy they're still in there. Do you want to sleep in here?' I ask trying to hold back my laugh. She nods. I sit on the ground next to her and she rests her head on my shoulder. I rub her back while she falls asleep. 'you're really close to her huh' Harry says sitting next to me. 'yeah. I'm kinda like her second parent... But less awkward when she needs to talk to me about teenager things.' we laugh. 'if my mum gets married again... I'm going to try and get full custody of her... My mum doesn't care about us... Not since my dad died...she doesn't talk to us that much' I say.

Harry's p.o.v

I wrap my arm over her shoulder and kiss her hair. 'I'll help you get custody if that happens' I whisper. I saw a smile on her face. 'thank you' she whispers. Everyone was asleep. 'I'd do anything for you babe' I whisper and kiss her cheek. She falls asleep on my shoulder a few minutes later. I get up and carry Issy into Mona's bed an then I carry Mona in. 'goodnight babe' I say getting in the double bed and wrapping my arms around Mona. 
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