I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


2. Not into you

Monique's pov

We had our first lesson today. I looked at my timetable. 'what lesson do you guys have first?' I ask. They look at their timetables. 'music' they all answer. 'same' we put our uniforms on. 'here's a bucket for when you look in the mirror. I needed it too last year' I laugh and walk to the mirror. 'ewwww! These are weird!' I whine. I try making it look better and so do the others. I make the skirt mid thigh and tuck the shirt in then put the blazer on. 'it looks ok' I say. I pull my hair over my left shoulder and we take our handbags and walk to the class. 

There were ten seats left in two rows at the back. We walk up and sit in a row. Then we start talking and Kay-Lynn looks to the door. I look over as well. 'should've known' I mutter. They sit in the seats behind us. 'hi girls!' they say. 'hi' that's all we say. 'good morning everyone. My names mrs Finley. Welcome to your first music lesson. When I say your name please stand up and tell us a couple of your hobbies. Starting off with Niall' 

He stands up and says 'I play the guitar an sing' then sits back down.

'Liam' he stands and looks to the front. 'I sing and I like to run' 


'I sing and um... Yeah... That's it' there was a little bit of laughter.

'Louis' he stands up like a soldier which makes everyone giggle. 'I sing and like to joke around' 

'zayn' he looks to the ground and says 'sing and inspire people with my awesome and sometimes confusing but very meaningful and understandable sayings' everyone was confused. 'kinda Like that!'louis says. Everyone giggles again. 

'and Kay-Lynn?' she stands. 'I play soccer and sing'


'I play guitar, and I can sing a bit'

'uh, I can rap and that pretty much it'


'I dance and play the piano'

'Monique' I stand awkwardly and say 'I am a sound engineer and I dance' 

Mrs Finley asks the other people and then she says. 'Monique and Paige. What style of dance do you do?' 

'I do all types but hip-hop is my strength' Paige says. 'I do contemporary and jazz' I say. 'alright. Since we know each other a little now. I am going to give you your first assignment. I will give to a partner and you have to write a song together' please not the boys. Please please please please. She calls out the couples. 'Harry and Monique' shit! 

'Paige and Monique do you feel up to another extra task?' uh? 'yeah sure' Paige says after I nod to her. 'I would like you two to put together a dance an then perform it to us next week in the auditorium.' 

'ok' we say. I can't dance! Well not in front of everyone. I dance to myself and issy that all. 'and if you need extra time on writing your song outside of class you may cross the yellow line. Only for that reason.' 

An hour later we are allowed to go. We walk back to the room and put our stuff there. 'Mona can I see your timetable?' tori asks. I hand it to her. They all look at it and smile. 'what?' I ask. 'we all have the same lessons' they say. 'but this one we all have different lessons. You seem to have a free lesson tomorrow at 12:00' I sigh. 

'we have a free lesson now. We are going to take you outside. Coming?' kay-Lynn says. I nod and we walk outside. It wasn't raining and the grass was dry. For once. We walked to the middle of the grass and sat down. We were getting to know each other better and i became very close with alana.'I can't believe we are all stuck with one of those boys' I say. 'wow you seriously hate us don't you guys!'  we turn around and see the five boys there. I blush. Shit. 'can we sit?' Zayn asks. We shrug and they sit by us. Harry was next to me and put his hand on the grass behind my back. I look at him and he was smiling. I roll my eyes and take his hand and put it back in his lap. 

We start playing 20 questions. 'ok my turn. Monique. Do you have a boyfriend and if not how many have you had?' Harry asks. 'I don't have a boyfriend and 4 maybe' I reply. 'and if I asked you out right now what would you say?' I laugh and look to the other girls. They were staring at us trying not to laugh. 'you just asked me out?' he nods. 'sorry Harry I don't usually date famous people.' I stand up and start walking off. I can feel him looking at me.  'you said usually. Who have you dated that is famous!' I shrug. I am not telling them. 

I look to my side and Harry is there.  'what class do you have?' He asks. 'English!' I say. 'I guess I'll see you soon then!' ugh!i hope he doesn't have all the same classes as me. 'bye love' he puts a hand on my waist and leans in to kiss my cheek. 'not gonna happen' I say and push him away. 'see  ya' I say and keep walking back to the building. Not
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