I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


22. Movie

I wake up and feel a bit cold. I turn over and feel no body next to me. I open my eyes. 'Harry?' I mumble. I slip out of the blankets and realize I'm wearing Harry's jumper. Well I wonder how that got on me? Harry. I smile. I was wearing jeans and a bra and tee shirt when I fell asleep. Now I have my panties and a jumper on. I roll my eyes. I walk over to the crib in so much more pain then yesterday and pick Darcy up. 'hello bubba' I say and kiss her forehead. 'want something to eat?' I ask her. She vibrates her lips. I giggle and walk to the kitchen. 'hey Mona' Niall says after swallowing his mouthful of food. 'hey Niall' I say getting the baby formula powder from the cupboard. 'Mona! Mona! Jordan called!!' Issy says running into the kitchen. 'that's great what did he say?' Her face brightens up even more. 'he is moving in with his father as well as his sister!' she squeals and starts jumping up and down. When she starts running out the room Niall has a weirded out look on his face. 'was she like this when you were back in Holmes chapel?' he asks. I shake my head. 'much much worse' I say. 'do you know where harry went?' i ask. He shakes his head and  then leaves the kitchen. I reach up to get a bottle but I wasn't tall enough. I felt a warm body against mine and he reached up and pulled a bottle down. 'thanks babe' I say turning around to see Harry's bare chest against me. 'no problem' I start mixing the formula. 'where we're you this morning?' I ask. 'but more importantly how did I get in this?' I raise my eyebrow. 'ok first question, I only went to the lobby to get a package that my mum sent here and second question, I did it. You looked uncomfortable sleeping in jeans, but don't worry babe... I tried nothing.' I nod and smile. 'good boy' I say and tap his cheek twice. Liam and Zayn come in pushing each other out the way. 'Mona! Can I feed Darcy!' they ask at the same time. They look at each other and glare at each other. 'yes.' I say. Liam picks her up and Zayn takes the bottle and they run out to the couch. I laugh at how excited they are about a baby'.

'your walking!' Harry whispers. 'hardly' I giggle. 'I am going to take Darcy to the park down the street today with the boys and you are going to go shopping with Alana' Harry says. Oh no. Darcy and Harry is fine. I know Harry won't make Darcy like him... I hope she doesn't get as perverted as him. But the rest of the boys... Oh no. 'what about Issy?' I ask. 'last night, after you fell asleep, Louis took Issy around the place and she met a few girls that live down the hall so she's going to hang out with them' I nod. 'if Darcy grows up and acts like all you boys combined together I'm blaming it on you' I laugh. I sit up on the bench and Harry kisses me. His hands move to my thighs and start going up the jumper. He tugs at my panties. 'not right now.' I say. 'when I'm not sore we can' I whisper. I put my hand on his and take it away from my panties back to his side. He picks me up with my legs around his waist. 'I'm going to get ready' I announce and walk back into the room. 

I pulled on denim short shorts and just like a routine... Harry walks in. He closes the door behind him. I chuckle and strip my shirt off. I pull over a loose pink tank top and blue flats. I turn around and Harry's laying on the bed with his phone pointing at me. I hear a snap and lay next to Harry. 'did you just take a photo of me?' I ask looking at his phone screen. 'yes! And all of my followers on twitter are going to see how beautiful my girlfriend is!' I see him press tweet and my phone beeps. I pick it up. One notification. 'the most beautiful girl I know... My lovely girlfriend' I read in my head and it has the photo he took. 'nawww! Thank you Harry' I kiss his cheek. 'I gotta go now. I don't want to keep Alana waiting... Bye Harry' I say and get up. 'wait! Babe...' I lean over him and kiss him. He licks my lips asking me, I pull away 'I better go I'm gonna be late' I walk out the room.

'bye boys!' I say and take my bag. I walk to Darcy and Issy. 'Issy can you make sure these boys don't act weirdly around Darcy? And try not to be too perverted. I'll be back in a few hours' I say and kiss Darcy's forehead. 'alright bye Mona' I walk out the door and walk to my car. I got in my car and started the engine. 'wait!' I hear a faint scream. I look to my side and Harry is outside the window. I roll the widow down. He leans through the window and kisses me. His hand moved to the keys and he tried to take them out. 'Harry. I'm going to go shopping with Alana now. I will see you later' I peck his lips and roll the window up again.

I get to the mall and walk to the entrance. I see Alana waiting there. 'hi Alana!' I say and give her a hug. We go into some shops and bought a few clothes. 'do you want to get a juice?' Alana asks. 'yeah' we start walking to the juice hut. 'oh my god Alana...that's my ex' I whisper. 'you don't like him?' she asks. I shake my head. 'just pretend you don't care.' I nod and walk up. 'one lemon berry mango smoothie please' I say looking into my purse. '2 pounds' I hand him the money. 'Mona?' he asks. 'yeah?' I say confused. 'I can't believe it's you! How have you been!' just be polite. Don't even think about bringing up the part where he cheated on you...6 times. And the time he "accidentally" slapped a girls butt. And when he kissed me and said "sorry i thought you we're the girl I'm with here" he was dating this girl the exact same time as me. 'I'm fine' I say and take my juice and start walking off with Alana. 'wait!' he calls after me. I roll my eyes but turn around. 'yes' I say. 'you changed your number. So now I don't have it and I haven't been able to call you. So I will give you mine an maybe you could cal me sometime' I nod and take the paper in his hand and walk off. 

'you're not actually going to call him are you? What about Harry?' she starts stressing out. 'woah hold on ally! I'm not calling him. He's such a dick' she smiles and we go into forever 21. We try on some things and then my phone rings. 'hello?' I ask. 'hey babe' Harry says on the other end. 'hi Haz' I say. 'I was wondering if you wanted to come home now? There's a surprise here for you' he says. I can hear the smile on his face. 'yeah. Alright. I'll see you soon. Love you babe' 'I love you more' he replies. 'I know you do. Bye babe' I say and hang up. 'Alana are you ready to go?' I ask when I come out of the change rooms. 'yeah!' we pay for the things we bought and went back in my car to the apartment. I open the door and Liam runs up o aLana and gives her a really big hug. 'I missed you so much!' he mumbles into her neck. 'same' she says. I set my three bags down behind the couch. 'whatcha got there?' Harry asks coming up behind me. 'stuff for you not to see' I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. 'Mona! Put this on!' Niall says skipping out of the spare room next to Harry's. 'what's this for?' I ask. 'just put it on!' Harry takes the blindfold and puts it over my eyes. 'take my arm' I do and we start walking slowly. 'ok one...two...three!' I take the blindfold off...

I gasp. 'Harry! It's beautiful!' It was a nursery. It had the crib in the middle of the wall opposite the door. Pink drawers toys and a changing table. It was beautiful. 'thank you boys' I say and give each one of them a hug. Harry I kissed. 

'so what did you buy?'harry asks when we sit on the couch. 'I bought...stuff' I giggle. 'what kinda stuff?' 'regular stuff' I explain. 'very comprehensive!' I giggle. 

It's like 6:30 and I just had a shower and Harry invited himself into it...normal Harry. I walked out of the shower and Harry was still in it. 'awwww' he whines. 'Harry! I'm still sore!' I giggle. 'maybe tomorrow' I say drying my body. A cheeky smile appears in his lips. I put on my purple plaid pajama bottoms and blue mid rise tank top. Harry gets out the shower as I start rushing my teeth. He wraps his arms tightly around my waist and rests bis head on my back. 'perfect' he mumbles. 'what's perfect?' I ask washing my toothbrush out. 'you...Darcy...life' I smile. 'us' he adds. I giggle and kiss him. We walk out and Liam is by the DVD player. 'movie night! Harry get your pajamas on!' shit he was still naked! 'Harry! Issy is here!' I exclaim. 'she's actually in her room skyping her friends from Holmes chapel.' Louis says. I nod and Harry pulls trousers on. 

When Niall comes up with the pizzas Harry picks me up and then sets me down on the ground with my back against the couch. He sits next to me and pulls a furry blanket over us. I reach over and grab a box and rest it on the floor in front of us. 'ok movies! Who votes toy story?!' Zayn asks. Liam was the ink one who raised his hand. 'titanic?' Two people raised their hands. 'or madagascar!' me Harry an Louis raise our hands. 'Madagascar it is!'

halfway through the movie it got pretty boring. I moved closer to harry and played with his hair. He pressed his lips against my exposed neck. His hand was on my thigh under the blanket.'Harry' I giggle. He brushes the strand of hair from my neck and tucks it behind my ear. His kisses turn into him sucking hardly. 'Harry! Not now!' I giggle and push him off. He keeps going. Same place. I look over at the boys they are looking at the screen. Then Louis looks over. 'make sure the others don't look' I mouth and he nods. I push him down and lay on top of him. 'no' I say and sit back up. He stays laying down. 'babe' he whispers. 'yeah' I ask. 'come here' I lay down next to him in his arms. He pulls the blanket over our heads and starts kissing my lips. 'stop with the making out!' Niall whines. 'we can hear you!' I giggle still kissing Harry. He starts tugging at my shirt. 'nup!' I say and sit up. I pulls the blanket off my head and look at the boys. Still watching the movie. It was really boring. 'I'm going to check on Issy' I say and get up. Harry's hand comes in contact with my butt. I shoot him a look and he shrugs. I continue walking to Issys room. 

'hey Issy' I say. 'hey' she says sleepily. 'are you going to sleep?' I ask standing at the door. She nods. 'Alright goodnight' I shut the light off and close the door. Maybe I should check Darcy as well. I open the door quietly and peep my head in the door. Still sleeping. I walk back to Harry and he was sitting back up. 'hey babe. The boys went to bed' harry says. 'alright' I sit on his lap and pinch his cheeks. 'Harold!' I touch my forehead to his and he puts a finger under my Chin and kisses me softly
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