I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


28. Mistake

Monique's pov

I woke up cold. I pull the blankets up a bit more. Harry wasn't beside me. 'babe?' I mumble. I get out of bed and pull on a jumper. 'morning babe' Harry says pecking my lips. I pull him back to me and kiss him longer. 'your so warm' i say and press my head against his bare chest. he chuckles. Just then my phone rings. 
M-me my-mum

My-hi honey! Just wondering what time you were coming today?
M-maybe in half an hour?
My- alright love you see you soon
M-bye mum

Harry's hand slid slowly up my jumper. 'hey Harry!' the boys say running in the bus. 'paul wants us to let you know we are leaving Holmes chapel tonight' Niall says. 'alright thanks' when they leave I tug Harry's hand out of the jumper. 'the boys saw you' I laugh and get up. I get a glass and pour some water. Harry's body was very close behind me and was sliding his hands up my jumper,past my thighs, over my hips tony waist, pulling the jumper up as well. I shiver as he crosses his arms around my stomach. He kisses just under my ear and goes closer to my neck and shoulder. 'ohoo no' I wiggle out of his grip and go into the bedroom again. 'we have to be at my mums in half an hour' I pull out a floral skirt and light blue tank top. 'Harry go out' I laugh. he shakes his head and sits on the bed with his arms crossed. He takes my hand and pulls me on his waist. Hd props himself up on his elbows and leans up to kiss me 'Harry we cant do this you know' 

'I know. I just like having you on me' he smiles cheekily. 'you sick bastard' I chuckle and take off my jumper. I put on the skirt and top. 'babe?' Harry asks. 'yeah' I turn to him. '...um...I uh...  Never mind' he stutters. He was worried about something. 'about what?' I ask him and sit on the bed. 'nothing it's fine' 

'are you sure?' I ask. He nods. 'alright' I tie up black ankle boot heels and stand up. 'now I'm almost as tall as you!' I smile. He gets up from the bed and pulls me up by my thighs. I wrap my legs around his waist as he presses my back against the wall. I mess his hair and trace his lips with my finger. 'c'mon babe we have to go' I giggle. He refuses to put me down. ' well then how's this?... We can do it now. Or we can do it later when Darcy is asleep... No interruptions'

'now' he whispers. I trail my hands down his abs to the lace of his sweatpants. I sneak my hand down them knowing he hasn't got any boxers on and rub him. His hands sneek up my skirt and up my panties. He pulls me hair over my shoulder and kisses my neck. The kisses turn into sucking and I could feel it was going to leave a love bite. He moved to the front of my shoulder. My weak spot. 'babe' I giggle. He kept going and i bit m lip hard trying not to moan. If Darcy hears it she will be in here right away. He starts sliding my panties down to my thighs and moves his lips back up to mine. I put my hand in the back of his neck pulling him closer to me. A moan softly escaped his lips when I pulled one final time hard on him. 

I stand back up still kissing him. His hand slides up my skirt again and starts rubbing just infront of my hips. I pull up my panties an fix up my skirt. I keep kissing him and he moans again. I giggle and he pulls away. 'you laughing at me!??' I nod. He crashes his lips to my weak spot and starts sucking really hard. 'Harry' I groan trying to get away but he wouldn't let me. 'Harry' I beg. 'I'm pregnant and your making this really hard!' he smiles into my neck. 'ugh! Just wait Harry! I'll be back in a second' he moves back a little. 'you're gonna come back' he asks. 'well you got me going now' 

I walk out of the bedroom and wake Darcy up. 'Darcy we are going to go to grandmas soon but dad and I have to do something first.' we walk to Liam's bus. 'hey Liam. Can you look after Darcy for like an hour?' I ask. 'yeah sure' he knows exactly what's going on. I kiss Darcy's forehead and  I run back to the other bus. 'Harry!' I call. He picks me up from behind and turns me around. I kiss him passionately and he sits me on the table. I pull him onto me and lay down. I start undoing his shirt. He pulls my shirt out of my skirt and over my head. He goes back to kissing my weak spot. 

Harry's p.o.v

'won't this affect the pregnancy?' I ask. 'I don't really know... Just-' she doesn't get to finish before I go in. 'ugh!' she groans and winces for a few seconds clenching the pillow. 'ugh!' she exhales. 'lovely' she says calmly. 'I missed this so much' she says Unclenching her eyes but keeping them shut. 'it's been four days! now who's the sick one!' I chuckle. 'not me' she refuses. 'oh really!' I thrust hard into her. 'ugh! Yeah' she winces. 'your still the sick one' I kiss her weak spot. I love what it does to her. 'oh god' she says. 'Harry!' she giggles. 'get out!' she pushes my chest. 'nope! Keep it' she bites her bottom lip hard. 

Monique's p.o.v

'i don't know if I can Harry' 

'but you will!' I run my fingers through his hair and try and focus on something different but my mind keeps trailing back to what Harry is doing. 'Harry!' I scream. He pulls out and I sigh of relief. He chuckles. 'go get ready!' I slap his shoulder. 'we were meant to be at my mums half an hour ago' 

I get dressed again and look in the mirror. 'Harry!' I turn sharply towards him. 'what?' he asks. 'left enough bites there did ya?' he grins. 'actually...' he takes my waist and goes to make another one. 'nope' I push him bak and go to my makeup bag. I cover them up as best as I could but you could still see them a little. 'ugh!' I groan. I pull my hair down from its pony tail and pull it over my shoulders. Now you can't see it. Much. I catch a glimpse of the ring on my finger as I turn around and smile. I run into Harry's arms and jump on him. I start sucking his neck. he shivered and let out a pleasurable moan. He falls onto the couch sitting. I sit on his lap and continue. He just sits there letting frequent moans escape his perfect lips. My phone vibrates on the table. I look at the ID. 'hey mum. We're just stuck in traffic' I wink at Harry. 'alright see you soon' I hang up. 'I guess it's your lucky day.' I say standing back up. 'not really I wouldn't mind standing here with you on me' I nudge him and get my bag. 

We got Darcy and sped to my mums house. 'sorry were late mum the traffic was do heavy' I say. 'it's fine! Hi Harry!'they hug and then Darcy hugs her. We talk for a little while just catching up on stuff then Harry's phone rings. 'sorry' he apologizes and walks to the hall. 

I hear the faint conversation. 'no kassie!' a girl? 'no I don't like you in that way anymore!' what? 'no babe im sorry. Please I love you' I clenched my fists and my mum was shocked too. 'no call me later I'm with the boys' alright. Whatever. I look to my mum. 
'I'm sorry mum. I'll see you later.' I kiss her cheek and give her a hug. Darcy does the same. 'if you need anything...' my mum calls after me. I nod. I stand in the hallway behind Harry listening to the res of his conversation. When he turns around I'm almost about to cry. my eyes were watery and a tear slipped down but I wiped it away quickly. I pick Darcy up and walk quickly to the car. 'babe!' Harry calls after us. I ignore him. 'mummy what's going on?' Darcy asks. She climbs into her seat and straps herself in. 'dad has another girlfriend' i open my door about to get in. 'babe wait!' harry calls again .'babe?' I chuckle. ' Who was that?' I ask. No answer. 'I knew it from the moment I met you!' i climb in. And harry comes to the window. 'i never ever would do anything to hurt you' he explains. 'so you just call every girl babe?' no answer. I start driving and my eyes watering. 'mummy you ok?' Darcy asks. 'yes baby. Everything's going to be alright' 

We get to the tour bus and we run in. 'are we leaving?' Darcy asks. 'yes' I say wiping a tear from my eye. 'dad really messed up. He doesn't know that he has the best girl right here' I smile an sit next to her in the couch. I hug her tightly. 

'alright let's go back home?' I say after packing everything. She nods. I load our bags into the car and darcy gets in again. 'Mona!' I turn my head and see the boys running out of their tour busses 'what happened?!' they ask. 'ask Harry' I say through gritted teeth and get into the car. I drive quickly to the airport and we go on the plane.

I held Darcy close to me and she fell asleep. I stated at the ring on my finger. 'bastard' I mutter. I fell asleep a couple minutes later. 

Harry's p.o.v

I really stuffed up. I got back to the tour busses and the boys were all waiting outside my bus. 'where Mona!' I ask flinging the door open 'she left! What did you do?' Liam asks. 'made a mistake' I saw everything scattered. ' boys I have to leave'i say running out again. 'we will tel Paul!' 'thanks!' 
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