I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


19. Last night at school

Monique's p.o.v
8 months later

I walk into harry and the boys room with our new baby Darcy-rose. Harry was laying on his bed with his head dangling off the edge. I wave to the boys. 'hi Mona!' they say all together. I walk closer to Harry an notice he's asleep. I put my hands on either side of his cheeks and peck his lips. When I try pull away he kisses back. I giggle and pull back. His eyes flutter open. 'good morning babe' he says groggily. 'actually its good afternoon Harry' I say. 'oh well! Hello Darcy' he says and kisses her cheek. Zayn comes over and takes Darcy from my arms. 'thanks Zayn' I say. 'no probs' he replies sitting back on his bed and tickling her. ' vas happening little baby?' he says. Harry picks me up by my waist and pulls me on the bed. I laugh. He sits up and I sit in his lap. Harry pulls the sheet over us. 'Harry!...stop kissing my neck' I giggle. 'no' he mumbles going down to my shoulder. 'harry!' I gasp. 'where are your shorts?!' the boys laugh. 'we thought you would've known by now' Louis says. I turn around to look at Harry. his hands slide into the pockets of my shorts and he leans in to kiss me. 'not gonna happen right now' I say and push him down. 'ooooo' the boys coo. I smile and bite my lip. 'Harry got rejected!' they say. 'oh please this can't be the first' I say. 'oooooo' the boys go again. 'anyways... I came in here to say happy birthday to Louis' I say and walk over to him. 'thanks love' he says and kisses my cheek. 'keep off my girl!' Harry warns. 'Harry's jealous! He got rejected! And now his girlfriend is saying happy birthday to his best mate and kissing his cheek!' Zayn says. 'shut up!' Harry says throwing a pillow at him.

 I sit back down in Harry's lap and pull the sheet over our heads. We lean in and kiss. 'we can actually hear you under there!' Niall laughs. 

Harrys pov

We continue for a few minutes and Mona's hand was slowly sliding up my leg. 'alright you two fish guppies! Make out time is a no go, when you have your baby in the room and your four mates here'  Louis says striping the sheet off of our heads. I grabbed hold of the sheet and pulled it back over. 'oh my god!' Liam says. 'hi mini me!' Louis exclaims. Mini me? What the hell. 'hi little potato!' niall says. Mona pulls away and pulls the sheet off our heads. 

'Issy! What are you doing here?!' she jumps off the bed and runs over to her. I quickly put some shorts on. 'well firstly I was told Mona and Darcy were here and I'm pretty grossed out with what I heard from under those sheets you two, and lastly happy birthday Lou!' she says. 

Mona's p.o.v

'happy birthday' I say to her. 'thanks' 

'it's your birthday to mini me! Happy birthday!' Louis says running up to her and giving her a hug. After the others wish her happy birthday I know why she's here. She's not as happy as she usually is. I'll ask her later. 

'Issy this is Darcy-Rose' Harry says picking her up and handing her to issy. 'shes so beautiful!' issy starts playing little games with her and the boys. 'Harry shirt' I laugh. He walks to his drawers and pulls a shirt over his head. 'do you think it's your mum?' Harry whispers. He knows everything and knows issy as much as me now. I nod. 'I'm going to see what happened a bit later' I whisper. He kisses my forehead. 'do you want me to come with you?' I shake my head. 'i think it a one person job this time.' I wrap my arms around his neck and peck his lips. 

'today is the last day we have to spend in this hell hole!' Niall announces. 'and it's the last day of school we are ever gonna have to do' I laugh. 

'Issy can I talk to you?' I ask. She nods and we walk outside and sit on a bench. 'what happened?' I ask. 'two things...mum kicked me out. I was apparently annoying her for reminding her of you. And the second reason is... Jordan and I broke up' she starts crying. I pull her in and hug her. 'think of it this way... Your one broken heart closer to finding the person you really love' I say. 'ugh! There's more?' I giggle. 'yup. Remember everyone I've dated' she giggles. 'there's going to be that many? Ugh! God! Can't I just be single forever?!' I shake my head. 'that's what I said to mum an look at where I am now. I am dating the most wonderful guy in the world and I have a beautiful daughter... And I now have you with me. I am going to buy an apartment here in London so I can be closer to Harry. Instead of going back to mum why don't you stay here with me?' her face brightens up. 'really?! I can?' I nod. 'yes! Thank you Mona!' 

'alright go back inside. It's freezing out here' I push her along and look as she runs back inside. Harry. I smile. He comes over and sits next to me. 'most wonderful boyfriend hey?' he says and nudges me. I giggle. 'yup!... Sometimes you gotta lie to them you know' I say trying to keep a straight face. I start laughing. 'I know I'm the best aren't I!' Harry says. I lean my head on his shoulder. 'so your going to move here?' I nod. 'why get an apartment when you can live with me? It makes sense. You and I are dating and we have a child...' I look up. 'Harry I would say yes but Issy-' 'can live with us too' he finishes. 'thank you Harry.' I say. 'no problem.' 

'guys! Get inside! You might want to get ready for the Christmas eve/Louis birthday/Issys birthday party ... Party?' Zayn says. We run inside and back up to Harry's room. 'Harry did you pack my suitcases?' I ask looking at the bags by Harry's bed. 'yeah! We all did!' he adds. I look up to Harry. 'don't worry I packed your panties' he whispered. 'thank you' I peck his lips. 'we are ready so we will see you later. We're going to see the girls' Liam says and they leave with Issy. 

I open my suitcase and pull out a red  dress that is tight until it gets to my hips and  finishes mid thigh. I slip my shirt off and my shorts. 'you may not stare' I giggle. 'your a little perv' I say when he doesn't look away. 'your seriously going to have to look away now.' I say. He does and I change my bra. 'alright' I say. He turns back an smiles. 'what?' I say. 'window!' he smiles cheekily. I slap his arm playfully. I slip the red dress over my head. 'Harry can you zip this up please' I ask. He zips it up and then pulls me against his body. 'Harry we just had a kid and I'm not going through all that again' I say.  'just one kiss' I lean up and peck his lips. 'that wasn't a kiss!' he says. 'you asked for a kiss. Not a make out session' I point out and get a thin gold colored belt and put it on my hips where it floats out. I turn back around and he has a puppy dog face. 'fine' I give in. I sit on his lap facing him and brush my lips against his. 'actually Na' I stand back up and pull on my skin colored heels. I don't worry about my scar anymore. It doesn't bother me. I let my hair down out of its pony tail and walk back over to Harry who was laying on his bed. 'I'm not moving until I get a kiss' he refuses to move. 'wait correction! Make out session' he smiles cheekily. 'well then I guess you'll be lonely. Because I'm leaving right now. Bye!' I say an start walking out. I hear him groan and he walks back up to me. 'I win!' I say and kiss his cheek. 

We get to the ball room. Which is just like a big empty room they put a fancy name to. It was decorated with Christmas decorations and had a Christmas tree in the corner of the room. We start dancing with al the others enjoying the last night few hours we have here. I notice there's a karaoke  thing. Issy looks at me. I shake my head. There's no way I'm singing in front of everyone. I've sung in front of our music teacher and Issy but that is it. Issy runs up to the boy about my age controlling the karaoke and tells him something. Oh no. I'm going to go up. I know that look on her face. She runs bak over to me and pulls me up onstage. Oh no. I'm going to have to sing now. 'what song  love?' he asks. 'beautiful by Christina aguleria?' I ask. He nods. it starts playing. 

Harry's pov

A beautiful voice was singing. I looked around to find Mona but she wasn't there. 'boys have you seen Mona?' I ask. They shake their heads. I look up to the stage to see who was singing. 'Mona' I whisper. She was singing! I didn't think she could sing. Well she never told me she did. 

'...you are beautiful, 
No matter what they say
Words can't bring me down
So don't you bring me down today'

Monique's p.o.v

I saw Harry looking at me and I blushed. 'you sing?' he asks when I get back over to them. I shake my head. 'not to anyone' I say. 'you're amazing!' the boys say. 'thanks' 

'can everyone please sit down' headmistress says. We walk to a table and sit. 'I am going to congratulate all of you for Completing this year of school and to all of the top students. I'm going to call your names and can you please come up. 'for music there are a few... Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, zayn, Paige,Alana,Kay-Lynn, tori and Monique' I walk up and Harry grabs my waist. They call one for each of the other classes up an then we get applauded and can sit back down. 

Everyone starts dancing again but Harry pulls me onto his lap. 'Issy you go dance. We can look after Darcy' I say. She runs over and starts doing random moves. 'she does that move Better than me!' Louis says when she starts doing stop the traffic let em through. Harry's hands were on my thighs slowly moving up. It was normal Harry he was going to stop moving them soon. 

he got to the middle of my thigh but didn't stop. 'Harry, what are you doing?' I hiss. He didn't answer. He got to my panties and started going under them. 'Harry!' I hiss. 'are you sure I don't get a kiss?' he asks. I nod. It was pretty dark and you could only see a little bit. Thank god. He starts massaging me. 'babe! Stop!' i giggle. It felt so nice. But it couldn't happen here. Without warning He shoved two of his long fingers inside of me. I gasp with pain but then i got used to it. 'Harry' I say. 'No kiss?' he asks again. I shake my head. I can't make out with him here. He starts moving in and out fast. I bite my bottom lip hard trying not to moan. 'h-Harry I'm going to c-um' I whisper in his ear. 'hold it' I nod. 'Harry I can't.' I get up and run to the room. 

Harry's p.o.v

Haha! 'boys I'll be back can you watch Issy and Darcy?' they nod and I run after her. 'wait! Mona!' I say before she closes the door. She opens it again and I walk inside. 'why'd you do that!?' she asks. 'one you did that to me and two you didn't kiss me before.' I say and a smile appears on her face. 'well since you got me in the mood now...' she locks the door and then kisses me passionately. 
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