I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


12. I'm pregnant

Monica's p.o.v

Last night we came back to the school and Harry and I slept in our own rooms for the second time since we've been together. Harry walked me to the room. 'I love you babe' Harry says. 'I love you to Harry. I'll see you in music tomorrow' I say and kiss him quickly. 'your mine! I'm not letting Justin take you!' he says. 'well you wouldn't have to fight him because I love you' I let go of his hand and open the door. 'I love you babe' he says as I close the door.

I turn around and the girls were all waiting there eagerly. 'why are you back so late?' they ask. 'I was with Harry' I say. 'no way! You did it!' I nod. They start squealing. 'ok shut up girls!' I laugh. 'I'm taking a shower' I say and walk into the bathroom. 

I brush through my hair and dry my body then put on my pajamas. It's now about 10:00 and I was really tired. I flopped on my bed and fell asleep.

I woke up and ran to the bathroom. I held my hair back and threw up. I looked to my side and grabbed one of my hair tires and put it in a bun. 'Mona! Are you okay?' Alana asks coming in the bathroom. 'I'm just sick. It's fine.' I say and shoo her off. 'do you want me to get Harry?' she asks. 'no! He will get worried and start ask if I'm ok every five minutes. Don't say anything to him.' I see her nod out of the corner of my eye. 'we will get to class and tell the teacher that you might not make it to class today' Alana says. 'alright thanks' I say. 

Harry's p.o.v

I walked into class and Mona wasn't there. She usually is always there before I am. She probably just slept in. I sat in my usual seat and looked at the door. The girls walked in and I was hoping Mona would follow but she didn't. Alana walked over to the teacher and said something then came and sat down. 'where's Mona?' I ask looking a the empty space in front of me. 'she's just feeling sick' Alana explains. 'is she alright?!' I ask concerned. 'Harry she's fine it's just the time of the month again' she says. Oh. Eww. But I want to be with Mona. The lesson was slow without Mona with me. We got another assignment, we had to choose pairs for next weeks lesson and then we were going to do a play or something. 

The lesson finished and I ran to Mona's room. 'Harry stop!' the girls were calling after me. I kept running and opened the door. I saw her laying in bed asleep. 'hi babe' I say and kneel next to her. She opens her eyes. 'hi babe' she says back and smiles. 

Monique's pov

I opened my eyes and i saw harry by my bed. 'hi babe' i mumble. 'are you feeling alright?' he asks. I nod. I felt terrible actually. I don't want him to worry about me. I peck his lips. 'harry... You better go to english' i say. 'ok if you need anything just call me... I love you babe' he says and kisses me. 'love you too' he gets up and walks to the door. 

When they leave I run back to the bathroom and throw up. I am going to English. I have to. I get dressed and brush my teeth, for the third time today. And brush my hair into a messy bun. 'ok do not throw up' I say. 

I walk into English and sit down next to Harry in my usual seat. The lesson has already started. 'late miss Coleman' the teacher says. 'yes mrs I'm sorry I was just feeling sick but I came' she nods. 'are you sure your ok?' Harry whispers. 'I think so' I whisper. Harry takes my hand and squeezes it. 

There was writing on the board and we had to correct the writing's spelling,grammar,punctuation and paragraphing. I know pretty easy for final years but I went along with it anyway. I did about five sentences and then felt sick again. Oh no. I let go of Harry's hand and run out the room to the toilets which thankfully were next door and threw up. 

'Mona!' Alana says. 'I'll take you back to our room. Your obviously not well enough to be learning right now' I stand up and she walks me back to our room. 'thanks Alana.' I say. 'no problem. I better get back to class. I'll see you in like Half an hour... Make sure you feel better when I get back. No way am I going to get thrown up on!' I laugh. 

*30 minutes later*

'babe! Your obviously not ok' Harry says coming into the room and kneeling by me again. 'let me take you to the nurse' 

We go to the nurse and Harry had to wait outside and I have no idea why that had to happen. She asked me a few questions first. 'have you had any sexual activity the past few days?' I nod. 'ok well I'm going to get you to do a couple tests for me. Take this and you just pee on the stick' it's a pregnancy test. No! I can't be pregnant! It can't happen. I take the test and bring it back in the nurses room. We wait for it. And wait an wait... 'positive' she says. No! What's Harry going to do! He's going to leave me now. I nod and then I am allowed to go. What am I going to do? We have been dating for like a week and im already pregnant. 'maybe you should call your mum... And let her know' I nod. 

'so what is it babe?' Harry asks. Should I tell him now? I keep looking down and walk back to my room. 'babe? What's up?' 

We sit on my bed. 'I'm pregnant' I mumble. 'you are!' he asks. I nod. I look up and he is smiling. 'I'm going to be a single mother like my mum aren't I?' I ask. 'what?! No! I'm not going to leave you! I love you babe. What made you think I was going to leave you?' 

'I don't know... Your like in a famous band...your eighteen...Will management even let you keep a baby?' I ask. 'the fans don't effect my life Mona and I don't care what management thinks, I love you and I am not going to leave you and the baby' I laid in his arms and with my head on his chest. 

'I should tell my mum' I reach for my phone and dial her number. 'hi Mona' my mum says. 'one second... I'm going to put you on loudspeaker. Harry's here' I say and put it on speaker. 'hi Harry' she says. 'hi ms Coleman' he says. We hear a moan. 'uh mum are you busy?' I ask. 'kinda' we hear another moan and a man laugh. 'we will uh call you back' I say and hang up. We start laughing. 'that's awkward' he says. I nod. We kiss passionately.  'don't you have class?' I ask. 'no, the teacher is sick.' 

'I'm not going to snog you like this' I giggle. 'I can't get sick babe. It's only because your pregnant' 

'I might need to throw up in the middle... Like I do now' I run to the bathroom and throw up. 

Harrys pov

'babe you feel alright?' I kneel next to her and rub her back. She's pregnant!! She thought I would leave her. That is never going to happen. I love her and I will love our baby. She nods. I helped her up and we walk back to the bed. 
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