I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


14. I miss yoU

Monique's p.o.v

'wake up!' my mum orders. I rub my eyes. 'what do you want?' I ask. 'your late! School starts soon!' I groan. 'why do I have to go to school' I mutter and roll out of bed. My old uniform just fit me before i left and now i have to wear the ugly uniform that i never wear. Bootleg grey pants and a green and blue plad shirt with the worst thing of all... The green sweater. It's a weird uniform even worse than in London. With Harry. The girls. And the other boys. Ugh! Just get through today Mona. I don't want to go back to that school it's horrible. I'm going to get bullied worse now for being pregnant and they probably heard about me dating Harry so they'll either Suck up to me or make horrible comments about us. 

I get to school in my car and look at all the people walk past. It's like the first day all over again. I never want to go back in again. But i have to. I get out and sling my bag over my shoulder. immediately some people stare at me. I roll my eyes and keep walking to the building. After i went to the principals office i went to my old locker and unlocked it. A few notes fell out. I picked them up of the ground and read them.

'preggers! Who's the dad? Or are you just wearing a fake pregnant belly? No one wants to be the dad of that baby'

'your back! Let me get a months work of things off my chest! Whore'

And lots of other things. I screw them up and throw them in the bin. My belly couldn't be that big yet. It was still hardly noticeable. Unless that was on the news too.  I grab my books and walk to class. Before I enter through the doors my phone goes off. I take it out and look at the text. 

Harry: missing you heaps xxxx

To Harry: miss u 2 xxxxxx...I win!

I walk into class putting my phone on silent and everything goes quiet when I walk in. Everyone stares at me as I sit in my seat. 'is Monique pregnant? ...I thought she was dating Harry styles...No why would Harry want to have a baby with her' I hear people whisper. I put a hand on my stomach and caress it. My phone vibrates in my pocket. I pull it out and it's another text from Harry. 'XXXXXX... Capitals always wins!!! ;D' I laugh to myself and type. To Harry: I still win! I've got to go now. I'm at school... Love you babe
From harry:alright. I love you to bye babe. <3

After school I drive home. I'm going to call Harry. I sit on the porch swing and dial Harry's number. 'Monique!' he says excitedly. 'hi babe' I giggle. 'when are you coming back! I miss you!' he whines. 'I'll be back soon I promise' 

'you better be. I'm lonely at night and I have to hug my pillow' I laugh and start walking into the house as i see Justin's car come down the street. 'awww. If i was there right now I would kiss you...' i go up to our room and sit on the bed. I look to the door and see Issy coming in. 'look babe I gotta go Issy is here now' I say.

 'can you go on Skype later?' 

'alright! I'll talk to you later bye babe'

'love you babe' I hang up and drop  my phone on the bed space next to me. I really need to go back. I miss everyone there. Im like going crazy. No I really am. I'm missing the teachers! How stupid. 'was that Harry?' I nod. 'did you give the boys my number?' she asks. 'no? Why?' I say walking over to my closet and changing into sweats and a jumper. 'because Niall, Zayn and Louis just called me' no giant smile like a crazed fan. Hmm. 'are you used to them now? Harry being my boyfriend. The other four dating my friends?' I ask. 'no I still am a directioner, I am just not as crazy as I was before... Can you tell me why Justin is outside under our window with a guitar playing boyfriend?' she looks at me like I've done something wrong. 'I have no idea. I'm not dating him. I love Harry' I reassure her and she nods. I walk to the balcony and look down. 'Justin why are you here' I ask and a smile appears on his face. 'to win you back... I love you Monique' 

'Justin I love Harry. You've gotta stop trying to change that. It won't work!' 

'but I can try!' he starts playing another song. 

'Justin let it go. It was a year ago.' 

'i love you Mona!'

'no you don't! You think you do but you don't... Justin please leave' I walk back in and pick up my phone. 'I'm going to make a triple choc,banana caramel, bubblegum ice-cream brain freeze downstairs do you want to help?' I ask. She nods eagerly not looking up from her phone and runs downstairs texting. 

We get everything out and as well as a big bowl that we use for giant group sundaes. We put in one scoop of chocolate icecream, one scoop of vanilla and another of strawberry. Then we put in chocolate sauce that goes hard when it dries and chocolate chips,m&m's, caramel,bubble gum, Oreos and whipped cream. 'omg! Let's eat it!' Issy says. 'do you want to watch a movie?' I ask. 'yeah! Can we watch Ted!?' I laugh. 'your only thirteen but ok!' I put the movie in and it starts playing. 

'when you hear the thunder,
Just grab your thunder buddy,
And say these magic words,
F*ck you thunder!
You can suck my d*ck!' we sing and start laughing. 'so you and Jordan hey?' I nudge her. 'shut up!' she smiles. I spilt icecream on my jumper so I took it off. I had a tank top under it so it was fine and I didn't care. 

After the movie I washed the bowl and the spoons. 'shit!' I mutter when I see the time. I dry my hands and run upstairs to get my laptop. 'Issy I'm just going to Skype Harry' I say and run back downstairs. I pull Skype up on it and sit on the couch. Accept Harry's request. 

'hi babe!' he says. 'hi Harry! How are you?' 

'I'm good now. The boys are all out with the girls though and I'm here alone talking to my girlfriend on Skype.' he sighs. 'awww'f I lean over and kiss the camera. 'Haz, Justin came over a couple hours ago' I see the worry in his eyes. 'he was under my balcony and was singing to me pleading to take him back' 

'and what did you do?' 

'I said i have an AMAZING boyfriend  and that he should stop trying to get me back because he's just wasting his time' he chuckles. 'and I have an amazing girlfriend!' 

After we skyped I fell asleep on the couch.
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