I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


26. Hi Harry!

Part twenty six
Mona's p.o.v

They took me to the building where Simons office is. 'what are we doing here?' I ask. 'they wanted to see us all' Paige says. We walk in and jessie was at the desk 'hey jessie' we hug her. We were pretty good friends. 'hey girls just go up Simon is in there' we nod and walk up. 

'hi girls! Take a seat' we do so and Simon spins around in his chair. This is intimidating even though we see Simon like every day. 'ok so girls I need a favor... It's a secret... So don't tell the boys. But the boys are going on tour in a couple days and I wanted to surprise them by bringing you girls on the bus with them.' omg! 'yes!' we all exclaim. 'but what if the boys try an force it out of us' I giggle. Knowing harry he wil do anything. Anything. 'well I'm sure you will figure  it out when it happens' he turns to me 'and you probably have the hardest job since you have Harry' 

'oh he can't do anything like that with me for nine months' 

'I know. I was surprised Harry could do it the first time but this time I'm not so sure' I giggle. 

We go back to the apartment and Harry picks me up spinning me around. 'are you alright!' he asks kissing my cheek. 'Harry. I was gone like 45 minutes' I say and wrap my arms around his neck.  He leans down and kisses me. 'so where did you go?' I look at the girls. 'out' I walk into the kitchen and get an apple. 'where?' he asks wrapping his arms around my waist from behind. 'that's one thing I'm not going to tell you' I kiss his cheek and as I'm walking away he picks me up and sits me on the bench. 'are you sure you can't tell me?' he has his hands on either side of my legs and is staring into my eyes. 'naww, Harry' I press my forehead against his and kiss him quickly. 'yeah I'm sure I can't tell you' I giggle as I get down and go to the fridge. 'do you want a coke?' I ask Harry. 'no thanks babe. I think you know what I want' I grab a coke from the fridge an roll my eyes. 'you're so weird!' I laugh and he takes my waist again. 'go pack for tour!' I giggle and push him away.  'you guys better pack too. You leave tomorrow' Paige says. I smile at the girls. I'm really excited! And Darcy can come too! 'I'm going to go find Darcy' I walk into her room and she's playing with her dolls. 'mummy!' she runs up to me and gives me a hug. 'hey. Darcy. Daddy's leaving for your tomorrow' her smile turns to a frown. 'but it's ok because we are going to surprise him and go with him. And the tour starts in Holmes chapel where grandma is!' she claps her hands. 'do you want to start helping mummy pack your things?' I whisper. She nods and pulls out her princess suitcase. We start packing and the girls walk in. 'hey!' they say. 'hi mummy's friends!' Darcy says. 'darcy I have something for you. Since I couldn't come to your birthday I will give you your present now' Tori hands her a bag and Darcy pulls out a tutu and ballerina shoes. 'thank you tori!' she says. 

'we will see you later ok. We are going to go pack as well'

Harry's p.o.v
*Two days later*

I really wish Mona was here. And I miss Darcy so much! We got to Holmes chapel two days ago and I went to visit my mum and gemma. I did something I shouldn't have. And I really regret it. I have to tell Mona but she will probably want to leave me. And I need her to live! I need to be with her and Darcy. I really shouldn't have done that.

 The boys and I have a concert in a few minutes. The first of the tour. 'boys! Go on now!' we run in and start the concert. 

Monique's p.o.v

Paul let us on the bus and we sat there waiting. For the tour the boys had separate busses.  'mummy When will you find out if it's boy or girl?' Darcy asks looking at my stomach. 'soon... Maybe not until it's born. It depends what dad want to do' she goes back to playing with her teddy bear. 'when can we see daddy?' she asks. 'he will be here in a couple hours' Darcy lays her head on my lap and closes her eyes. 'goodnight baby' I stroke her hair as she falls asleep. 

Harry should be coming in any moment now. All the lights were off and the door clicked open. I saw Harry's figure moving into the bedroom. I get up quietly and follow him. 'I suggest you keep your pants on' I giggle. He turns around. 'Mona?' he asks turning the light on. I smile. 'hey babe' I say. He smile and spins me around. 'how'd you get here!?' he asks. 'Simon wanted to surprise you boys' 

Harry's p.o.v

I lean down and kiss her passionately. I can't believe she's here! I'm so happy now. But this means I have to tell her. I have to tel her about the thing that will ruin everything probably. Please forgive me Mona. I pull away and she bites her lip. 'is Darcy here?!' I ask. 'she's on the couch thing' I smile and go out and see her laying there hugging Polly. I kiss her forehead and give her a tight hug. 'I am so happy that your here' I say and hug Mona again. 

We layed in bed cuddling. Her head was on my chest and I had my arms around her chest. 'I missed you so much' she looks up to me. 'I missed you too.' she giggles and I roll onto her. I slide my hands to the edge of the jumper she was wearing. She cups my cheeks in her hands and kisses me. 

Moniques p.o.v

Harry unzips my jumper and slides it off my shoulders. He kisses my neck as he slides off my jeans. I couldn't undress him anymore. he was already naked since he sleeps like that. 'daddy!?' we look to the door and Darcy is running over to the bed. 'hey Darce!' she climbs on the bed and Harry hugs her. I giggle and hide behind Harry's back. 

'goodnight Darcy... I'll see you in the morning. I think we are going to go see grandma.' Harry hugs her an she goes to the couch. 'I feel kinda bad with her sleeping On the couch' I say.'dont worry' he presses a button. 'woah this is cool!' Darcy exclaims. 'what did you do?' I ask. 'the couch turns into a bed when you press this button' I nod. 'so where we're we?' Harry asks laying back down with me. 'you know we can't go full on' I giggle. 'I know but we can still have some fun' I lean up and kiss him passionately.
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