I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


7. Dance

Monique's p.o.v

We got changed into the same clothes as before. Black leggings, black crop top bra, and a white unbuttoned shirt. I pulled my hair up into a pony tail and checked in the mirror. Paige was ready as well. We went back to the dining area and told the headmistress that we were ready. I spotted harry across the room with issy and the boys. I gave him and wink an We ran back into the auditorium. I was so nervous it was probably really obvious. 'loosen up. Pretend your in your room' Paige says. I nod and look to see everyone come in the auditorium. 'lets go!' i say and breathe out. We take the black wooden chairs and set them in place then sat on them ready to start. 'welcome everyone. We have two remarkable students here tonight. They are the only two dancers in this school and they will dance for us tonight.' the headmistress says.

Harry's p.o.v

I watched Mona doing the dance. She was really good and she looked hot while doing it. Issy was sitting next to me. I looked at her and she was smiling. 'do you dance?' I asked her. She nods her head. 'I'm only allowed to do ballet. They say it won't hurt me while I'm in chemo' 

'do you mind showing me?' I ask. 'uh ok.' she smiled. The song ended and everyone went back to the dining hall. 'Harry you coming?' Louis asked. 'Na I'm going to watch issy dance' I say. 'she dances?! We'll stay!' the boys gather around and wait for her to start dancing.

Mona comes down from the stage and stands by me. 

Moniques p.o.v

'Mona can I dance!' Issy begs. 'yes. Alright. Remember. Ballet only. Don't hurt yourself' she takes her blazer off and puts it on the chair and slips her pink converse off. She runs to the stage and Harry pulls me close to his body. 'you did great!' he says. 'thank you! Your so lucky no one saw you slap my butt'  I say and kiss his lips softly. 'yo! Harry I love ya but no PDA with my sister. Especially around me!' we laugh. 'you slapped her butt! Harry you should know to treat a girl better!' liam says. 'its fine.' I say. I walk to the soundboard and start playing some music. It was turn around by Connor Maynard. She loves this song. The boys watch in awe as she dances. When she finishes she runs down. 'how'd you learn to dance like that!' Niall asks. 'Mona' she looks at me. 

'you taught her to do that!' the boys look really astounded. 'I taught her the basic moves. She copied and learned the rest from tv' I say. 

'you are really good issy' Zayn says. 'you are even better than him!' Louis says. 'I know!' she mouths to Louis. 'I can dance!' Zayn defends. 'yes. But this dance is easy to do and I am pretty sure I can do it better!' she starts doing the dance he did with Danny and Andy. 'yep sorry mate but she can!' Harry says. Zayn gives Harry a stare and Harry pokes his tongue back at him. 

'I better go get changed back into the dress' I say and kiss Harry's cheek. 'do you mind taking her back to my mum?' I ask. 'yeah sure. Come on Mini me!' Louis says and they link arms. I laugh and watch Louis starting a conversation about carrots with her. Harry waits behind. 'I don't want my baby getting lonely. I'd be happy to come to your room with you.' Harry says. 'I know you would. But it's not going to happen... Yet' I say. I walk up to the room and change back into the dress. I take my hair down and look quickly in the mirror an ten go out. 

Back in the dining area the boys are talking with issy about dance. 'you did really good Mona' mum says. 'thanks' I say. I sit next to Harry again and he sets his arm around my waist. I kiss his cheek softly. 

As the night goes on people start to leave to go to the left over rooms to sleep. They were staying for the weekend. 'issy, mum. You are going to sleep in the room across from me and the girls.' i say. When everyone has gone to bed I walk back up to the room with issy and mum and harry. I open the door for issy and mum to let them in. 'goodnight issy. Goodnight mum' i say and close the door. Harry was standing behind me. 

'Harry. Scrap the rules. Can you sleep In here tonight please?!' I beg walking across the hall to the room.  'sure' he chuckles. I take my track suit bottoms and a tank top an walk to the bathroom to put them on. I wipe off my makeup and then walk out. 'there's my beautiful girl!' he says. I smile and walk to the bed and lay down in his arms. 'where's your shirt?' I ask. 'over there' he points to the corner. 'please tell me you have pants on!' no answer. 'well um?... Just joking yes I'm not a creepy pedo' I slap his chest. God that's so firm.

Harrys pov

'your sisters really sweet.' I say and lay my head on the pillow. 'yeah. Apart from the whole perverted part' we laugh. 'have you arranged anything with the other girls for tomorrow?' I ask.  'uh I don't think so' she says. 'cool I'm going to show you and issy around this place' she told me she hasn't ever been in London apart from now and we aren't allowed out of here on weekdays so I'm going to take her an issy out. I saw a smile on her lips. 

Monique's pov

He leaned over me. 'what are you doing!' I giggled. He leaned down and we kissed short but passionately. I put my hand on his cheek. someone knocked at the door. 'hide Harry! It might be head mistress!'i whisper. I walk over and open the door. 'hey what are you doing here? You should be asleep' I let issy in. 'hi Mona, hi Harry. It's so obvious your under the bed' he comes out from under the bed and I laugh. 'issy turn away. Harry put a shirt on' I turn her shoulders and cover her eyes. 'I've seen pictures!' she says. 'now your just creepy issy. And your not allowed to see him shirtless' I say. Harry slips his shirt on. 'ok his shirts on' I take my hand away and she turns around. 

'so what did you want?' I ask. 'mum wanted me to see if you were doing anything stupid in here' she crosses her arms. I wrap my arms around Harry and he does to me. 'stupid stuff with Harry? She really thinks that?...' I look at Harry. 'yeah, she has every right to think Harry would try something.' I take his arms off me and we laugh. 'tell mum harry doesn't sleep in here. He sleeps on the other side of the building' i say. 

'well I probably would try something. but I would never do that to you' 

'is there anything else?' I ask. 'nope good night' 'get some sleep were going to take you somewhere while mum goes to that tea thing' i say an shut the door behind her. 

'what if she saw you with your shirt off?' I say trying to hold back a laugh. 'she's already seen pictures on the Internet.' we lay back down. 'she was So innocent,  then she looked you guys up.' 

'alright! I love you babe.' 

'goodnight. Love you' 
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