I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


5. Calling Issy

Monique's p.o.v

Today was the day that marked a week here. I had all my work due today. Including that extra dance Paige and I are doing together. We have that first up. I'm so nervous. I have never danced in front of anyone except for issy and Paige. And well I guess Harry and Liam. We put black leggings on and a black crop top bra with an unbuttoned shirt. Yep dance in front of Harry in a bra. Totally.wait what am I saying. I don't like him so I shouldn't be embarrassed. What if I do like him? Ewwwww! We walk out and to the auditorium. Mrs Finley was there. 'hi girls are you two ready to dance?' we nod. We were the last ones in so everyone was staring at us. And I blushed when I saw Harry looking at me and smiling. I hooked the music up and told mrs Finley to press play when we were ready. I set my bag and jumper next to Harry. Again. I had no choice it was the only seat left. I didn't really mind either. I got to know him a bit more the past week. He's really sweet and kind when he's not perving at you. 

Paige and I sat on the chairs waiting to start. The music started and we did the dance. At the end everyone applauded. Not as bad as I thought. 'well done girls. Now the songs. Kay-Lynn and Liam your first' they went up and sang. Then it was these other couples from our class. 'Alana and Louis' 

'Zayn and tori' I look over to Harry. He is looking at me. 'Harry!' I exclaim. 'what?!' he laughs. 'your staring at my boobs!' I grab my jumper and slip off the buttoned shirt and put the jumper over the top.

'Niall and Paige'

'lastly Monique and Harry'

'thank you everyone! Monique and Paige please stay back' everyone left and Paige and I walked up to mrs Finley. 'you two girls did amazing. I was hoping you would perform that at our half year performance?' I look at Paige. She nods. 'sure!' we say. We were allowed to go. We walked out of the auditorium. 'Mona can I talk to you please?' Harry asks taking my hand. 'yeah sure. I'll catch up with you later Paige' she walks off. We walk outside and sit on a table. 'so um I know your probably going to say no and all but... Um...' he trails off. I roll my eyes. I know what he's going to ask. 'yes' I say. He looks up and smiles. 'really! No wait your joking! You hated me a week ago!' he keeps babbling on. I roll my eyes and put a finger under his chin and kiss him lightly. 'now do you believe me?' I ask. 'yeah' he blushes. 

'I'll see you in class I have to get in my uniform' I say and kiss his cheek. 'bye' I let go of his hand and walk to the room. Paige was in there about I change. 'what did he want?' Paige asks. 'he asked me out' I reply. 'did you say yes?' I nod. 'omg! Yay!' she starts jumping around the room. 'ok ok. Calm down!' I say. I pull my uniform out and put it on. I take my hair out of its ponytail and let it flow over my shoulder. 

Harry's p.o.v

I run back into English class an the teacher wasn't there yet. I see the boys sitting up the back. I run up to them. 'boys! She said yes!' I jump up and down. 'Haz!' they point to the door. I look over. Omg. 

Monique's p.o.v

English is the next lesson. I have to read my life story out. I don't want to do it. I walk in and I see harry jumping up and down telling the boys about me. I stand in the doorway laughing. Liam points to the door and Harry looks over at me blushing. 

I walk over and sit in my seat as the teacher walks in. Harry does the same. He leans over and kisses my cheek while the teacher isn't looking. I put a hand on his cheek and peck his lips. 

'so today the first person reading about them is Kay-Lynn' she walks up and reads hers. A few people read theirs after her. 'Monique' I take my story up and talk to the teacher. 'ms benson, I don't feel comfortable reading about my life' I don't get to finish before she interrupts. 'Monique I don't care. You will read it like everyone else is.'

'but ms benson. You don't understand. You read the first five lines and you will understand why' I try and hand her the paper. 'no! Monique read the story or be expelled!' she yells. I walk to the middle up the front and start reading it. As i read it i start to cry. Everyone must think im a baby. I pause for a moment to wipe away tears. 

Harrys pov

When i see her crying i couldnt stand it. I get out of my seat and start running to mona. 'harry sit back down! People are listening to monique! And she can read by herself. Shes a big girl' ms benson says. I stop for a moment. 'no! Don't you see it's killing her to tell everyone about her life. Don't you see?' i keep going up to her and hug her. She crys into my chest. 'its ok mona' i say. 

Moniques pov

'I'm sorry ms benson. But I can't read this infront of everyone. It's too personal. If you want you can read it. But it hurts to much to let everyone else know' I say after wiping my tears. She nods. I hand her the paper and walk back to my seat. Harry kneels beside me. 'you ok babe?' he asks. I nod. He kisses my cheek. I pull his face back and kiss his lips. 'miss Coleman and mr styles separate now! PDA is not allowed in this school' we separate and he sits back in his seat. 'it didn't say anything about it in the rulebook' Harry mumbles.I laugh and wipe under my eyes to get the running mascara off. Harry reaches for my hand and caress' it. I smile at him 

We were given some work to do untill the lesson finished. We were allowed to go and harry still had my hand. We were about to walk out 'miss Coleman' I look to the girls 'ill meet up with you' i say looking at the girls and kiss Harry's cheek. I turn to walk to her desk. 'I am so sorry. I didn't mean to be rude. I had no idea your life was this hard.' I shrug. 'and Justin bieber. And now by the looks of it Harry styles' she sits at her desk. 

'I try not to think of it that way. He's just Harry to me' I say. She nods for me to leave.

I walk out of the room with my bag and Harry picks me up. 'Harry!' I exclaim. 'hey there' he says. 'are you alright?' he asks again. 'Harry you can stop asking. I am now' I jump down from his arms. We were walking down the hall. 'prove it!' he teases. 'you sick dude!' I say and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. He wraps his arms around my waist. 'get back over the line!' I laughs and push him back to the boys side of the building. he laughs. 'what room number are you in?' he asks. 'uh 169' I say. He laughs. 'the last two numbers?' I ask. 'yep!' he nods. 'bye babe' he says and kisses my cheek. 'bye harry' I walk to the room and lay on the bed. 'you kissed him for longer than three seconds didn't you?' Alana asks and they all crowd around me. I nod. They squeal and run around the room. There's a knock at the door. 'girls we have invited your families over for the weekend and tomorrow as it is friday we will be holding a dinner and Paige and Monique would you like do do that dance for the families?' oh god. 'um sure' Paige says. When she leaves Paige and I turn to each other 'was it really that good?' we ask each other. 'are you serious?! You guys were great.' 

There was another knock at the door. I open it. 'Harry!' I exclaim and he picks me up and shuts the door. 'hi girls!' he says. 'hi Harry' they chime and look at each other and smile. I get out of Harry's arms and sit on the bed. 'uh girls the other boys wanna talk to you' Harry says and sits next to me. They get up and walk out the room. Alana pops her head back in 'do not touch my girl!' she warns. We laugh. 'I'm touching her!' Harry says and touches my ass. I slap his hand away an prop up on my elbow. 'you better not!' Alana warns. He chuckles. 

'i wanna know some things about you mona' harry says. 'I know plenty about you Harry.' he laughs. 'where are you from?' he asks. 'same place as you' i reply. 'so you know where I'm from aye!' he smiles. 'only because my sister doesn't shut the hell up about you boys.' 

'is this your sister?' he asks looking at a photo on the drawers. 'yeah. That's before she was diagnosed with cancer' I say. 'don't say your sorry and go all awkward on me. The girls already did that' he laughs. 'alright I won't. And this is her after the cancer?' I nod. 'how old is she?' 

'13' he smiles. 'shes so young. She couldn't die. is this your brother?' he looks at the photo of my dad. 'that's my dad.' I say. 'he looks so young' 

'that's him when he was fifteen. Before he died of cancer. Three days before I was born that was taken.' I say. 'so cancer runs in your family?' I nod. 'have you got it?' he asks worriedly. 'I uh. Had a tumor on my spine. I lied to you, sort of, about them scars.' he wraps his arms around me and kisses the top of my head. 'I'm so glad you are still here. The boys are so immature. They run around the room naked all the time!' I laugh. 'are you sure that isn't you?' I say still laughing. 

'do you have your phone?' I get down to the safe and take my phone out. 'what's your sisters name?' he asks. 'issy?' he scrolls through my phone an clicks call on her name. 'hey mona!' she answers. 'hey issy!' Harry says. 'uh who's this?' she asks. 'wait I know that voice! But it can't be! You wouldn't have her phone. She hates you!' issy says. 'hi issy!' I say. 'hi Mona! Who is on the phone with you?' she asks. 'Harry' the others walk in the door. 'Harry who?' I tell the others to be quiet. 'styles' Harry answers. 'and liam niall louis an zayn. No biggie!' he adds. 'one moment please.' we hear a faint scream. 

'who's on the phone?' liam asks. 'my sister. Louis I wouldn't talk if I were you. She will die! And I am not kidding.'  his face brigtens up. 'ooooh a fan! Lemme talk.' he takes the phone off of Harry. 'ok I'm back' she says. 'hi love!' Louis says. 'ahhhhh! Omg Louis. I'm talking to Louis! I'm talking to the sass masta of doncaster.' i can picture her doing the snaps as she says that. 'My life is now complete' I laugh with the boys. 'I like this kid!' Louis mouths. 'wait I heard Niall's laugh! Hi Niall!' she says. 'hi mini princess!' she screams again. 'issy calm down!' I say. 'sorry! I just love you so much. Wait Zayn and Liam are they there?'  she asks. ' hi love!' they say at the same time. We hear her taking Deep breaths. 'ok ok! hi there!' she says completely calm now. ''how are you love?!' Liam asks. 'I'm good now!' I giggle and lay down. Harry leans over me. 'get off!' i gigglez 'alright issy we will see you tomorrow for dinner. Maybe you can meet them' she screams. We all laugh. Zayn hands me my phone. I take it and walk to the bathroom. 

'issy. Calm your jets.' I laugh. 'you met them! Omg omg omg!' she starts freaking out again. 'hey calm down. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye issy' 'bye!' I hear her scream before she hangs up. 

I walk out of the bathroom and put my phone back in the safe. 'see what I mean. Even on the phone she can tell who is who' I say and lay back down in Harry's arms.  'she's one dedicated fan' Louis says. 'obsessed. Mental. Crazy. Out of her mind. Mentally Ill. Maybe those words suit her better' I say. 

'is this her' Liam asks. I nod. 'she looks ill... Is she sick?' Zayn asks. 'cancer runs in the family' I say. 'she's very pretty' Niall says looking at the picture.  'just like you!' Harry adds and kisses my cheek.  'you just wanted to kiss me' i say and push him off. The boys soon leave but Harry stays. 

'I'm going to bed. Goodnight Harry' I say. His arms are wrapped around me and I fall asleep. 
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