I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


21. Apartment

Part twenty one
Monique's p.o.v

'Harry... I cant walk' I say. He chuckles. 'it's not funny! It hurts a lot!' The boys were out with the girls loading the cars ready to leave. 'I'll help you get dressed babe' Harry offers. 'of course you would' I laugh. I crawl over to the clothes I had in a pile last night and sit up on the chair. 'oh god Harry!' I say in pain. 'he laughs. 'here' he comes over to me and takes off my shirt. 'don't you dare styles!' I say. 'I'm not going to!' he defends. 'sure you weren't!' I reach over and grab my bra and pull it over my shoulders. Harry clips it up at the back. I pull the white shirt over my shoulders and do up the buttons. I try to stand up to change my bottoms. Not gonna happen apparently. It's like being 9 months pregnant all over again! You can't do anything by yourself. Harry picks me up and puts me on the bed. 'You did a nice job Harry' I say as he pulls up my jeans. He chuckles. 'you asked for it!'  he says and helps me zip them up. 'and it was amazing' I say wrapping my arms around his neck and pecking his lips. 'come on stop making out! We better get going!' Louis says walking over to us and pushing us apart. I giggle. 'sometimes I feel like I'm your father Harry!' Louis shakes his head. I laugh. 'well your not! Liam is!' Louis fakes a hurt look and runs out the room. 'come here babe' Harry says and lays on top of me. 'oh no! I'm already sore enough!' I say and push him off. I turn my head and Harry is looking at the ceiling with his arms crossed over his chest. I press my chest against his arm and lean above his head. I lean down and kiss him passionately. 'let's go!' Niall whines. I pull away and try to stand up. 'success!' I fist pump and Harry chuckles. 'can you walk?' he asks coming up behind me and sliding his hands down my thighs. 'hey hey hey! I got up! Thats an achievement considering how much pain I'm in.One step at a time styles!' he whisks me up and runs to the cars.

'finally!' they all say. Issy was ready and holding Darcy. 'ok so Issy Mona and Darcy can come in my car' Harry says still holding me. 'woah woah! Hold up! I want to take mini me in my car!' Louis fights. 'Issy?' Harry asks. 'I don't mind' she says. 'yes! You are coming with me carrot!' Louis says putting an arm over her shoulder. 'you don't... have, any carrots do you?' he asks. She shakes her head. We worked out who was going with who. 'alright babe. I'll see you soon. I promise' Liam says. The boys weren't going to see the girls for a while since they didn't live in London apart from Alana.

I get down from Harry's arms and hug them all good bye. 'see you at the apartment!' Louis says and gets in the car with Issy. Harry puts Darcy in her chair and then gets in the drivers seat next to me. 'you ready to go?' he asks. I nod. 'try not to hit any speed bumps' I say. He chuckles and starts driving. 'Harry!' I slap his leg. He stops at some lights and leans over and kisses my cheek slowly moving down to my neck. I giggle and close my eyes. Horns honk behind us. I open my eyes and realize the light is green. 'harry drive!' I laugh pushing him away from my neck. He starts driving and we soon pull up to his and the boys apartment. 

'the boys aren't here' he winks at me. 'no!' I get out the car and pick up Darcy. I start walking in pain then Harry picks me up bridal style with Darcy still in my arms. 'hey!' I giggle. 'you looked like you needed some help' I kiss his cheek.

We get up to the apartment and I get down from Harry's arms. He unlocks the door and we walk in. I look around at the white walls and walk into the living room and lay Darcy down on the couch and sit own next to her. 

Harry's p.o.v

I dropped the keys on the bench in the kitchen and then remembered I had a box in my bedroom with a crib in it. I walk over to the couch and wrap my arms around Mona's waist. 'I'm going to start putting the crib together' I say and kiss her cheek. 'alright babe' she says. 

I sit on the ground and start reading the instructions. 

Mona's p.o.v

Harry's been in there for about fifteen minutes now. I put Darcy to sleep and the boys came running through the door with Issy. 'what happened to you?!' I laugh. They flop down on the ground and catch their breath. 'fans' Liam says. I get up and walk to Harry's bedroom. He's sitting on the ground with a half built crib leaning against the wall. 'hey babe' I say and sit on the ground next to him. 'hey babe...' he presses my head against his lips. 'need any help?' I ask. 'yes please!' he says undoing the plastic bag with wheels inside. We start screwing the wheels on the bottom and then he stands it back up. 'lovely' I say looking at it. 'that's not the only thing' he whispers in my ear. I roll my eyes. 'lay down' I whisper taking his collar firmly in my hands. 'I thought you were sore...and don't you have work tomorrow?' I shrug and a cheeky smile is appearing on his lips. 'lay down' I repeat. He sits on the bed and I climb on top of him. He leans up and kisses me. Just as he was sliding my shirt up above my hip I heard some slight laughs outside the door. 'babe, one second' I whisper and walk to the door quietly. 'are you going to listen to us?' I ask opening the door seeing Louis, Niall and Zayn. They don't answer. 'go away!' I say and close the door again. As I walk back to Harry I strip my shirt off and drop it on the ground. 

*1hour later*

'Mona! Harry! Darcy is awake and won't stop crying!' Niall bangs on the door. I pull apart from Harry and slip on my jeans and shirt again as Harry does. I stand on my tippy toes and kiss him one last time. 'let's go' I sigh. 

I go out and pick Darcy up. 'shhhhhh' I say Bouncing up and down slightly. 'ugh how do you do that!' Louis asks flopping on the couch. 'mothers touch I guess' I shrug. I walk back in the room and set her down in the crib. 

I lay down in bed and fall asleep.
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