I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


25. Another... Baby

Part twenty five
Monique's pov

I wake up with Harry's arms around my waist like every day. I smile and turn to face him. His curls are every where. I chuckle and start moving them off his face gently.  I suddenly felt very sick and jumped out of the bed and ran to the bathroom. I tried not to be to loud and wake Harry up. 'babe is everything alright?' Harry asks through the locked door. I guess that failed. 'yeah babe I'm fine I'll be out in a minute...Just having a shower' I lie. I turn the water on in the shower and throw up again before getting in the shower and washing my hair. 'babe... Can I come in?' Harry asks. 'Harry Im fine' I say. 'no your not! Babe let me in!' I kneel by the toilet and throw up again. 'babe!...Babe! Please let me in!' Harry begs. I brush my teeth really good and flush the toilet. I lean over the basin and look in the mirror. My eyes widen when I realize something...I'm pregnant.

'babe don't make me bust this door open' I put a towel around me and open the door. 'babe are you ok? Why were you throwing up?' he asks worriedly taking my shoulders.  I look up into his eyes. 'Harry...' I say. His worried eyes turn to joy filled ones then back to worry. 'do you want to keep it?' he asks. I dont know. It would be nice for Darcy to have a sibling... 'I think so' I say and think a bit more. '...yeah. I do...do you want another kid?' i ask. He nods his head quickly. I smile with him and we hug tightly. 'Harry! My towel' I giggle and pick it back up off the ground then wrap it back around my body. Harry takes a shower next and I get changed. I pull on my track suit and clip on my bra. A strong feeling in my stomach suddenly hit and I ran into the bathroom. Harry was still showering and he quickly got out and knelt by me. 'Harry keep showering' I giggle. When I stop he pulls me onto his lap. I wipe my lips and flop my head back. 'ugh! I forgot how horrible this is' i groan and he kisses my cheek. 'you're staying in bed until you get better babe' Harry says. 'are you ok?' he asks. I nod and he picks me up. I wrap my arms around his neck and he sets me down in the bed when we get there. 'thanks babe' I say. He leans down to kiss me but I turn my head. 'I just threw up do you really want to kiss me?' I giggle. 'I don't mind' He leans in again. 'I'm not going to kiss you like this' I push his lips away. 'mummy! Daddy!' Darcy-rose comes running into the room giggling. 'hey baby' harry picks hey up and sits her on his knee. 'Darcy mummy's sick' he looks at me and smiles asking if we can tell her. 'let's make sure first' I mouth. 'kiss mummy and we will go out to  see if your uncle lou can look after you for today'i lean across and kiss her forehead. 'bye mummy feel better' she gives me a hug and runs out of the room. 'do you want something to eat?' Harry asks. 'no thanks babe' i say. He gets off of his knee and kisses my forehead. 'I'll be back in a few minutes then' he mumbles caressing my cheek. 

I lay there staring at the ring on my finger. Maybe I should put a shirt on. I reach down and pick a jumper up from the ground and slip it over my head. I hate the feeling I have when I'm possibly pregnant. You just feel... I don't know...like you're...yeah. I can't explain it. It's horrible. I jump out of bed and run to the bathroom. Ugh! I swear I've thrown up everything inside of me. I brush my teeth...again. For Harry's sake and sit back in bed. The door opens and Harry walks in closing the door behind him.

He sits next to me on the bed an i rest my head on his shoulder. 'this looks really good on you' Harry says playing with my hand. 'it does doesn't it' I laugh. 

Harry's p.o.v

She moves in closer to me and I wrap my arms tighter around her waist. Another baby!! I'm so happy! 'do you want to do a test?' I ask. 'yeah' she gets up and walks to the bathroom. 'do you need help?!' I ask.

Monique's p.o.v

 'I'm pretty sure I can pee on a stick without assistance!' he chuckles and waits on the bed. 

I come out and sit on the bed next to him. 'how long do you have to wait?' he asks looking at me. '2 minutes' his arm was behind my back and I knew he wanted to kiss me. He kept looking at my lips then back at me. 'Harry I brushed my teeth' I laugh. 'oh thank god!' as he says that he tackles me back onto the bed and kisses me passionately. I giggle and roll on top of him. 'Harry the stick' I say when he starts taking my shirt off. I pick the stick up and look at it. 'babe?!...' I look at him. 'you're pregnant!' he exclaims. 'shhh!' I laugh. 'the boys will hear you' I add. 'it's fine. They've gone out to Alana's house with Darcy' I roll on him and peck his lips. I was about to roll off him but he pulled me back. 'what do you want it to be? Boy or girl?' he asks looking down at my stomach. 'what do you want it to be?' I ask. 'you first' he says with a smile showing his adorable dimples. 'boy' he agrees. 'can I please go now?' I beg. 'no!' 

'please Harry... I need to throw up' lie. he let's go of me and I run outside to the couch. I lay down and switch the tv on. 'hey!' he sits next to me and moves my legs onto his lap. 'one directions Harry styles proposed to his five year girlfriend last night at their anniversary party at Simon cowells home. Monique seemed to have paused before answering...was she thinking about saying no? Is her and Harry's relationship as strong ad it seems? Al we know is that this is one more heartthrob from one direction taken' a reporter says with a picture of last night in the backround. 'not strong? Hows this for not strong?' I sit up and kiss Harry really passionately and move my legs to either side of his waist. 

'we should go outside and do that for the paparazzi!' he mumbles. 'heartthrob harry styles and strong PDA with his fiancée in front of their apartment... That's a really nice headline isn't it babe!' I say and walk to the kitchen. 'well i wouldn't mind' he chuckles. I take my phone off charge and turn it on. 3 missed calls and 4 new text messages. I read the texts first. 

Unknown: hey mona, it's Johnny. I was thinking about what I said and it was really mean. Did you want to get a juice or something later?

To unknown: Johnny I can't. I'm very busy. Sorry. 

I block his number. I really don't want to talk to him. 

Tori:hey bebz! The girls and I are coming over a bit later! Can't wait to see you

To tori: can't wait to see you either. Got some big news for you!

And the last message was from Justin. Beiber. 

Justin: Congratulations! I had to leave last night in a rush. I'm so Happy for you and Harry. Wish to all the best. Just remember I will always love you.

Well ok then. I thought he would've gone all ape shit on Harry right now but now that he's older and more mature I guess. I check my missed calls when Harry starts kissing my neck. 'Harry' I giggle and redial my mums number. We've gotten closer over the past few months. She wanted to know Darcy better. Darcy has only met her three times since we are always gone. 'hey mum' I say. Harry was still kissing my neck. 'hey honey. I was just saying congratulations! Harry's a lovely boy!' if only she knew. 'thanks mum' I say. 'well I better go. I'll see you in a couple days wen you come back home. Harry's going to come to right?!' she asks. 'yeah. And Darcy' 'alright by love' I hang up. 'Harry! Stop kissing my neck!' I turn around. 'fine!' he leans in and kisses my lips. 'Harry' I hiss and take his hands away from my pockets. I try act like i don't really care and go back to the bedroom. I take the jumper off as Harry walks in. 'I'm going to go for a walk want to come?' I ask. 'aren't you like throwing up babe?' Harry asks. 'yeah? So? I'm sure I can hold it for like half an hour!' I slip a tank top on and take off my track suit. When I have my shorts on Harry picks me up. 'I'm not letting you go out!' he says and lays me back in the bed. 'ugh! Really Harry!' I hear the door click open. 'Harry! Mona!' Niall calls. 'in the bedroom!' I say. 'oh god! Is it safe to come in?' he asks. 'yes!' I roll my eyes and Harry smirks.he sits behind me and pulls me in his lap.  'your so lucky your pregnant or that would've been a different answer' he mumbles against my neck. 'you dream' I laugh. The door opens and I look over. Alana, Kay-lynn, tori and Paige are standing there. 'Mona! Why are you still in bed!!? Harry you too! Get up! It's 3:00!' Kay-Lynn exclaims. They walk in. 'hey guys!' I say and look to Harry. He nods excitedly and lets go of my waist. 'harry wouldn't let me out of bed' I say and hug them. 'oooooh!' they Coo. 'no guys! See look we have clothes on!' I laugh. 'you do now!' 

We walk out. 'uh guys Harry and I have to tell you something' I say excitedly. They all go into the lounge room. Harry wraps his arms around my waist and puts his hands on my stomach. 'you're pregnant again!' Zayn guesses. 'how'd you know?' Harry asks. 'let me see... Wel you got engaged last night, there were some loud noises coming from your room last night, and I heard Mona throwing up this morning... So I kinda figured' Zayn says wrapping his arms around tori. 'well yeah... That's it. I'm pregnant... Again.'harry chuckles when I say this. After they do all the congratulations stuff I look at Harry feeling a bit sick again. 'be right back' I say and run to the bathroom. 

'hey babe?' I ask Harry looks up from the ground.  'where's Darcy' 'with Issy at the park' I nod and brush my teeth. 

'you know every time I throw up you don't have to be there' I sit in Harry's lap again on the bed. 'I know I just want to make sure your ok' aww. 'here roll over' I giggle. He lays on his stomach. 'what are you doing?' he asks. I pull his shirt over his head and start rubbing his back. 'you know your really turning me on right now, sitting on my butt and moving on it' why not tease the bastard? He can't do anything with me anyway. 'I am aren't I' I lean down and whisper in his ear. He nods. I get off his butt and turn him over. I sit back on his waist and lean down with my lips lightly touching Harry's. We weren't kissing our lips were just almost touching. He leant up to press his lips against mine but I moved back with him. He couldn't move anymore and our lips were a millimeter apart. 'please!' he begs. I giggle and tap my lips against his very quickly then get off him. He groans. 'I'm sorry styles did you want more?' I ask. He nods and runs up to me grabbing my waist and throwing me back on the bed. I prop myself up on my elbows and peck his lips then roll away from him. 'sneaky' he mumbles. He just stands there looking at me on the bed. I stand up and snake my arms around him and lock them together. I rest my head on his back and start running my hands to his zipper. He shivers and waits for me. I laugh. 'I'm not actually going to Harry' he sighs. 'fine then' he picks me up and presses my back against the wall. He crashes his lips against mine and I tangle my fingers in his hair. 

'we can hear you kissing!' Paige bangs on the door. I giggle and pull away from Harry. He has a sad look on his face. 'wait babe' I whisper. I fake moan and hear them laughing so loud. I giggle and go back to kissing Harry. Harry gives me a look. 'wanna make that moan real?' he whispers. 'Harry I can't' I giggle. He starts kissing me again. 'alright I think that's enough I can feel you go hard' I push him over but he pulls me into his lap. 'you know I love you right' Harry mumbles into my neck. 'I know. I love you too' I turn my head and peck his lips. 'Harry! Can we kidnap Mona for like an hour!' the girls call through the door. 'that is if you can keep out of her for that long' I chuckle and look at Harry. 'please babe' I beg and push him back down. 'yes but I will go looking for you if your not back in an hour.'

'ooh I'm so afraid. Bye babe. Love you' I peck his lips and grab a coat and walk out. 

Harry's p.o.v

I follow Mona out to the car with the girls. 'girls look after her!' I say. 'Harry I am fine!' she giggles. I wrap my arms around he waist and slide my hands in her pockets. She giggles and leans up and kisses me. Paparazzi were everywhere and I enjoys showing my girl off like that. I was soon going to be married to the most perfect girl in the world. We pull away for air but I keep my face close to hers. I lean down and kiss her again. Screams got louder from the fans. 'Harry I'll be back later' she giggles and sits in the car. I wave her off and walk back inside like a list puppy. 'Harry! Can I have a hug?' a fan asks. I turn to her. Wow! She is really pretty. Hot actually. Just what I woul- Harry! You are going to marry Mona! Mona... I hug her and breath in her sweet scent. So perfect and d- Harry! Snap out of it. She hands me a book and then I say thanks and walk back in. Harry...don't you dare think about it. 

Harry's p.o.v

I set the book down in the bedroom and sit on the couch with the boys. 'your like a lost puppy Harry. You follow Mona around all the time!' Niall says. 'because I love her. And I don't want to leave her alone' they chuckle. Darcy and Issy walk in. 'hey Darcy!' Zayn runs up to her and spins her around. 'hey Issy!' we all say. 'hey is Mona out with the girls?' I nod. 'and Harry's a lost puppy?' she asks. 'yup!' the boys say. 'no fun?' 'yup!' 

'hey! I'm right here!' I say. 'we know!' I wanna talk to Mona again. I know she just left but I'm like...I want to make sure she's ok. We just found out she's pregnant. What if she feels sick when she's with the girls. I'm sure shell be fine. 
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