I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


23. Anniversary

Monique's p.o.v
*5 years later*

It was Harry's and my five year anniversary today an he hasn't said anything. He's acting like normal and he's been gone all day. And so have the bots. They have been acting reallt weidrd too. He's probably forgotten today. It doesnt really matter anyway. I was in the bathroom cleaning up  Darcy-rose after she got to the syrup in the fridge. 'there we go! No more icky syrup' I laugh starting to wash the flannel. I hear the door click open. Darcy's head snaps up and she gasps keeping her mouth in an o shape. 'babe!' harry calls. 'Darcy?!' he adds. 'go find daddy' I help her off of the bench and she runs out the bathroom. I walk out after her. 'daddy!' she giggles and picks up her teddybear. He groans as he picks her up. 'how was school Darcy?' he asks. 'good! I made new friends!' she smiles. 'that's great!' he starts spinning her around like and airplane. The boys come through the door. 'daddy put my down! Uncle Liam, Niall,Louis, and Zayn are here!' she runs over to them and hugs them. 

'hey babe' I say and wrap my arms around his neck and peck his lips. He pulls me back in and we kiss passionately. 'even with your kid here really?!' Zayn exclaims. 'cover your eyes' Liam says. Little footsteps come over to us and tug at my shorts. I break away and look down to Darcy. 'mummy! Auntie Issy is back!' she smiles. 'hey Issy!' Harry says keeping his hands in my back pockets. 'hey Harry. If your going to do that maybe go in your room, Darcy will pick up on that quickly' she laughs. 'good idea!' Harry says and we start walking to the bedroom. 'no you aren't! We are going to go shopping!' Louis says pulling us back. 'fine! Let me get my jumper' I say and walk Ito the bedroom. I pull out my hot pink cardigan and pull it over my blue tank top. I grab my bag and put my phone in my back pocket. 

We got to the mall an started shopping a bit. 'um mona...' issy starts. I nod for her to continue. 'I've found an apartment and I'm moving out' she finishes. 'what? You found a place?' I ask. I knew she wanted to move out but I didn't think she would find one this fast. 'yeah. Don't worry though. It's only downstairs'  i sigh of relief. We keep shopping and then harry takes his hand from mine and puts it in my back pocket. I roll my eyes. 'anyone hungry?' niall asks. 'yes!' we all agree. 'yup!' Darcy jumps up and down. 'Darcy ad I will wait here' I say and we sit at a table. 

''hi Mona...' I look up and see my ex. Johnny. 'hi johnny' i say. Go away! I don't want to talk to you! 'i haven't heard from you for like five years... I was actually wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me tonight... Or maybe some other time' he says. He wasn't nervous. He probably convinced himself so much that I would say yes. Bastard. 

'I'm really sorry Johnny... I can't. I have a boyfriend...' he frowns. I had no feelings for him. But hate. 'maybe as friends then?' He asks hopefuly. I shake my head. 'I don't think I will have time. I have to look after Darcy, she's my daughter, and Issy, who you obviously don't care about because the way you treated her when we were dating and I am going to be with my boyfriend for the next few months while he's on tour. So I m sorry' I say quite rudely actually. 'woah daughter hey?... That's a deal breaker' he starts backing off. I roll my eyes. 'that's why no one will ever love you.' Darcy gripped her arms around mine. Harrys arms wrap around me and he kisses me right in front of johnny. 'I'll leave you two alone' he says and walks off. 'who was that?' harry asks when I pull away from the kiss. 'my ex. He wanted to go on a date' i laugh at Darcy's face. She was covering her eyes and was scrunching her nose. 'what did you say?' he asks looking down. 'yes...' I tease and hit the back of his head. 'owww!' he says. 'of course I said no! I have a child and a boyfriend!' he chuckles. 'whyd you kiss me in front of him?' I ask he shrugs and looks down. 'awww you got jealous?!' I tease. 'I didn't! I thought he was going to pick you up and then you would leave and take darcy and date him instead' he mumbles. 'I will never leave you. Forever. And always' I say and kiss his cheek. The other boys come over and sit down with us. We start eating. The boys kept looking at Harry and smiling then looking back down when they saw me looking. Harry put a finger to his lips. 'alright what's going on?' I ask when Zayn looks to Harry. 'nothing' Harry says. 'your lying' I know when he lies. I've been dating him for five years. He looks at me. 'I'm not going to tell you' he refuses. 'alright Harry' I say. We keep eating. I look to Darcy and she's looking at Harry. 'you too Darcy?!' I exclaim. She nods proudly. 'where's Polly!' she asks. I hand her Polly which is her doll and she smiles. 'Polly needs a diaper change! There's doll shit in her pants' the boys almost choke on their food. 'Niall!' I look at him. 'how do you know it's me?' he asks. 'because your the one who swears all the time!' I laugh. 'true' he agrees. 'Darcy don't say that again!' Harry says. 'alright daddy I'm sorry...don't get your pussy on fire' I was trying so hard not to laugh. 'what?' I ask. 'pussy.... Uh cat!' Harry leans down in her ear and whispers 'nice cover up Darcy' and they high five. 'I heard that Harry!' I giggle. A girl with a really short skirt comes by. Oh no. 'miss you should really cover up your ass! Respect your body! It's a temple. Don't show it of to everyone. Respect yourself' now she sounds like Liam and Zayn. The girl rolls her eyes. 

We get home and Harry picks me up. 'Harry!' I giggle. We get to our room an he lays me down on the bed. He leans down and kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck and press his body harder against mine. The door was locked and Harry started taking my shirt off. When it was off he pulled away. 'you should probably get dressed...I'm taking you to a mates birthday celebration' I nod and push him off so I could get a dress. I pull on an aqua dress and pink heels. When I turn around Harry was dressed. 'ok babe your going to have to put this on' Harry says pulling a black scarf out of his pocket. I turn around and he ties it around my eyes. 'can you see anything?' he ask. 'no harry' I giggle. 'you sure?' I nod. His hand goes up my dress and squishes my butt. 'Harry!' I screech. 'just seeing f you couldn't see!' he defends. 'that's not all you were doing' he takes my hand and we start walking.

Harry's p.o.v

Tonight I'm taking Mona to a party. I kinda lied. It wasn't a mates party. It was an early surprise anniversary present. I made her think all day that I forgot about it but I didn't. How could I forget today. Today is the most wonderful day o my life as well as the day Darcy was born. I looked over to her. 'Harry?' she asks. 'yes babe' I say. 'please tell me were we are going' he begs and runs her hand down my chest. 'babe it's a surprise.' I laugh. 

I help her out the car and lead her up to the door. She grips her arms around my biceps. I walk thought the doors. 'step step step...' I say. When I take her blindfold off se gasps. 

Monique's p.o.v

'Harry!' I exclaim. We were at Simons house. It was a party. And it was for us. He did remember! I kiss his cheek. 'I thought you forgot' I whisper. 'how could I forget today?' he leans down and we kiss. 

An hour later Harry pulls me up on the deck outside. 'Harry?' I ask. 'shhhhh' he hushes. He takes a microphone and starts talking. 'everyone!' they turn to him. 'firstly thank you al for coming tonight. Secondly...' he turns to me and takes my hand. 'Mona...you know I love you. I keep telling you that everyday. I know you are the one I'm meant to be with forever...so why don't we start forever. Right.now' he gets on one knee and pulls out a ring fro his pocket. 'Monique Louise coleman...please! Please! Marry  me' he begs. I stand there shocked. Yes! Yes! One million times yes! I can't speak. Speak Mona! Say yes!... FOR HELLS SAKE! Say yes! His smile turned to a frown. 

Harry's p.o.v

She didn't say anything. What's happening? Please say yes! I can't live with out you! Still nothing. 
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