A Niall Horan Fanfiction..♥

Bonnie Payne has had a hard life living with just her brother after her mother had died.Her brother decided to find Bonnie's biological father and ask if he could send Bonnie to him. What Bonnie doesn't know is that her step brother Liam Payne is in a band called One Direction.. She than falls for one of the boys but one of the other boys also falls for her...


2. Meeting Jasper and Liam..


I saw this massive chicken in the sky with writing under it that reads: Nandos! I practically jumped out my skin when I saw it. I bolted towards the massive chicken to find two lads holding up a sign saying 'Bonnie' so I decided to walk towards them and say hello. They both gave me a grin, so I smiled back. They started walking towards their car so I decided to follow.

Liam had dropped back and started walking my pace so he could speak to me. We had the normal 'hi, how are you,' conversation back to the car.. I was quite glad actually... I didn't want him asking me things I didn't want to answer.. The car ride home was silent but very quick.. *sigh* I quite enjoyed the silent..

As Jasper pulled up into the driveway my mouth suddenly dropped.. it it it was awesome and massively huge.. Liam and Jasper started laughing at my facial expression and i started to go a bright red.. When we got to the door I heard giggling and laughing.. Sounded like there was a group of people inside.. ''By the way, Bonnie, my best mates live here with me.. Trust me they're not scary or anything...they're just a bit hypo.. haha.. Yea, you might recognise them from the band One Direction. :)'' Liam finally mentioned.. ''Alright.... WAIT WHAT?!?! YOU'RE IN ONE DIRECTION?? You have to sing for me...!'' I replied... ''Haha alright.''




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