A Niall Horan Fanfiction..♥

Bonnie Payne has had a hard life living with just her brother after her mother had died.Her brother decided to find Bonnie's biological father and ask if he could send Bonnie to him. What Bonnie doesn't know is that her step brother Liam Payne is in a band called One Direction.. She than falls for one of the boys but one of the other boys also falls for her...


3. Getting to know the lads...

Jasper had opened the door for us and let us in.. I looked around the house nervously.. I saw Liam walk into the lounge and Jasper into the kitchen.. 'What the flack do I do now?' I thought.

I decided to walk into the lounge. They all stopped and stared, I think I turned a shade red. *_* The blonde one said 'Hi'.. Omg, his eyes, they were glistening and omg that smile.. If looks could kill.. I was standing there staring like an idiot for a bout 1 minute until I returned his hello.

The one with the dark hair just stared at me which made me pretty scared.. Liam noticed this fear and shot him a glare..  I decided to ask them all their names. The blond was Niall, the dark haired guy was Zayn, the curly haired one was Harry, the mature looking dark  blonde/light brown was Liam and the oldest was Louis. (Lou-ee now Lewis.) Louis had told me that I could call him Lou, I nodded.

Niall than screamed out, 'LETS PLAY A GAME!' Lou also screamed out 'TRUTH OR DARE!' We all agreed, but in my head I knew NOT to choose truth.. Liam, pulled out his phone and went onto the truth or dare app and put in all our names... It was Lou's shot to ask Harry. ''Truth or dare my little munchkin?'' Lou asked. Harry replied with an evil grin on his face, ''DARE.! >:D'' Lou had returned that evil grin and said, ''I dare you to kiss somebody in this room...'' Curly looked straight at me, but than walked over to Lou and gave him a kiss on the cheek. ''You never said on the lips.'' He replied like a smartass.

The game continued on and on until I lay my head on Niall's lap and fell asleep. Oh my, his lap was comfy. He gave me this feeling like saying, ''you're safe with me..''

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