A Niall Horan Fanfiction..♥

Bonnie Payne has had a hard life living with just her brother after her mother had died.Her brother decided to find Bonnie's biological father and ask if he could send Bonnie to him. What Bonnie doesn't know is that her step brother Liam Payne is in a band called One Direction.. She than falls for one of the boys but one of the other boys also falls for her...


4. Getting through the lads heads that Bonnie is OFF limits.

Liam's P.O.V.

I saw Bonnie fall asleep on Niall's lap so I picked her up bridal style and laid her in her bed.. I than scurried downstairs. I needed to tell the boys something.

''Boys, sit down and get comfy.'' I said.. '' I must tell you's something..'' they all looked at me with confused looks on their faces. ''Okay, so as you's know Bonnie is my step sister, she's off limits from you guys, cos I don't want any of you's going out with her and than when you's break up I'll bloody hate your guts.. So yea..''

Niall's P.O.V.

I was so pissed at what he just said.. I think I LOVE Bonnie even though I know nothing about her.. I decided to speak up, ''Liam, you can't just go making decisions for her, she should have a say in it.. We're your best mates, what would make you think we'd hurt her? Liam, you have to speak to her before you start ruling your life..'' and with that I went straight to my bedroom, slammed the door and lay on my bed.. God, he can't just be so protective over her, he only just met her. He probably only knows as much as we do..

Zzzzzzzzzz I fell asleep..


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