A Niall Horan Fanfiction..♥

Bonnie Payne has had a hard life living with just her brother after her mother had died.Her brother decided to find Bonnie's biological father and ask if he could send Bonnie to him. What Bonnie doesn't know is that her step brother Liam Payne is in a band called One Direction.. She than falls for one of the boys but one of the other boys also falls for her...


1. England


AUTHORS NOTE; Haha.. I'm new to movellas.com and all so don't blame me if my story sucks and all :/.. Thoughts on it so far? :D


I opened my eyes as I heard the flight attendant saying we have arrived in England. I was here to meet my biological 'father' Jasper Payne and step brother Liam Payne. I'm not sure why, but Liam's name made me think of the x-Factor. Maybe he auditioned? Eh.

I stepped out of the plane and this scorching hot breeze just hit me in the face. I feel pretty foolish wearing winter clothes when it's obviously summer here... I didn't even bother rolling up my sleeves! NO WAY! I didn't want to risk revealing my scarred wrists... I walked straight into the airport than straight out to the main road. Jasper had told me to meet him at 'Nando's'..(What a funny name..)

The search for Nandos has begun.

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