Welcome to Walmart

"Hi welcome to Walmart sir. Did you find everything okay today?"

One little phase that Abby had repeated hundreds of times before, that's all it took to change her life. In just in two hours she went from Abigail Torres normal 18 year teen to Abigail Torres One Direction's mystery girl. She didn't know who these the blue eyed blonde boy was when she agreed to lunch she only knew that he seemed like a nice guy. Little did she know she was about to have lunch with the world's most talked about about and wanted band One Direction.


2. Shopping Trips and Fans


  Welcome to Wal-Mart   


Chapter: 1  

"I know Liam don't worry I wont get noticed." I said trying to reassure Liam that I wasn't going to get noticed. 

"Niall you need to be careful you at one of America's big supermarkets, you could easily get recognized." Liam announced. 

"Liam do you need anything or are you just calling to nag on me?" I ask him stepping out of the rented sleek white Camaro. I heard him sigh loudly before answering my question. 

"Chocolate I want some chocolate and Louis and Harry want some doughnuts and Zayn is just being moody and won't answer my question." He said yelling at Zayn that if he wanted something now was the time to ask for it. 

"Okay well...I walking in the store right now dad." I said not using Liam's name cause that would probably draw some of the fans towards me. I love my fans but they can get really frustrating especially when trying to go out and just buy some groceries. 

"Welcome to Wal-Mart." A elderly lady greeted me as I pushed the cart into the store and headed towards the bakery to pick up Louis and Harry's doughnuts. There was a large variety here compared to the stores in the UK, where they just had your basic glazed doughnuts. I grabbed two large boxes and started filling them up with two of each kind even adding some bagels and muffins for Zayn. I fill each box up fairly quickly and decided to pick up some a few boxes of strawberries I saw when I passed the fruit section. I picked up two boxes of those since I knew the guys weren't going to eat them when we had doughnuts and other junk to eat instead. I head off towards the candy and chip aisle to pick up Liam’s chocolate and some potato chips that I had been carving lately. I had also been carving some Nandos but they sadly don’t have any here in the States. After a walking down a few more aisles I finally walk up to the cash registers which where mostly empty. 

“Hey, welcome to Wal-Mart sir. Did you find everything okay?” A short blonde haired girl greeted me while sending what I hoped was a text and not a tweet that I was here before slipping her phone into her back pocket. I threw everything up on the convener belt before slipping my hood on and standing in front of the short girl who name tagged read ABBY with a smiley face at the end. I nod my head at her signaling I found everything fine, while she stopped scanning stuff to throw me a questioning look.

“Look sir if you are here to rob me it’s not going to work I have taken over ten years of swords so I can pretty much turn this pen into a deadly weapon if you try anything.” She said raising a simple ball point pen at me. 

“No, I just can’t be seen because-” I shut up after a young teenage girl wearing a One Direction shirt walks up and stands behind me in line. This only makes Abby look at me stranger so apparently she wasn’t a fan or was trying not to fan girl because she wasn’t screaming OMG IT’S NIALL HORAN! 

“Right because your part of witness protection or Oh! Let me guess you are a famous superstar who can’t bare being seen at Wal-Mart like a normal person? Let me guess underneath your disguise you’re really Kim Kardashian?” She asked sarcastically which made me laugh and gave me away to the teen who had looked up from her magazine which me and the guys were on the cover where on. 

“Excuse me.” She asked walking up beside me and tapping on my shoulder while I pretended not to hear her. 

“Destiny I told you not to talk to strangers!” Her mom shouted but I just smiled at her hoping she would leave me alone but smiling seemed to give me away even more. 

“SHUT UP MOM! IT”S NIALL HORAN!! OH MY GOD! I LOVE YOU MARRY ME!” She screamed as Abby just laughed while scanning all my items even slower. 

“Um…hi.” I said as my accent filled my words. 

“So… I was right you’re a superstar? Haha! Wow! I am pretty amazing at guessing!” She said laughing and finally scanning the last item. 

“How do you not know who Niall James Horan is!? ARE YOU MENTAL!” The fan yells at Abby who only shrugs and rings up my total. 

“Umm…that will be $194.64” She said staring at me. “You sure you got enough food there?” She said giggling at me. 

“I’ll pay for you right MOM!” the fan screamed as her mom shook her head and went back to putting her stuff on the convener belt. 

“Hmm…w about you pay for my lunch, I promise it will be cheaper.” Abby laughed making me laugh. 

“How about I pay for your lunch?” I ask her she just shakes her head and places all my bags in the cart. 

“I don’t accept lunch from strangers.” She says making my smile drop suddenly, which honestly surprised me. Any girl who have started screaming and jumping up and down at the mere thought of me asking them out to lunch, but this girl just easily passed me up as if I was just other guy.

“YOU CAN’T JUST DENY NIALL OFFER ARE YOU INSANE!” the fan screamed again making Abby just smile and nod her head. 

“DESTINY YOU CAN’T JUST CALL PEOPLE INSANE APOLGIZE!” Her mom screamed at her while I pulled out my credit card and swiped it paying for the food. 

“I seriously could care how famous this kid is I don’t go out on lunch with strangers.” She said ripping my receipt out of the small printer next to the register and handing it to me with a stern “no” look. I just frowned and her and then thought of the most amazing thought ever. 

“Do you have a twitter?” I asked her catching her by surprised making her almost drop a jar of jelly. 

“Geez scream any louder and yes I do.” She said as she continued scanning the woman’s things. “You want it?” She asked while I not even looking up at me. 

“Yes please.” I said letting my full Irish accent fill my words hoping that it would help sway her into letting me have her Twitter name so I could follow her.  

“That will be $86.31” She said to the woman who took out the money while I stood near the register with her daughter who was talking to me, but I wasn’t listening. After the woman paid she turned off the light to her register and turned to face me with a smile on her face.  “So superstar what to help me out on who you are?” She asked stepping towards me letting me have a good look at her. She wore a simple pair of black skinny jeans with her Wal-mart t-shirt on top and an old pair of black Vans on her feet. 

“I am Niall Horan from a boy band from the UK.” I said smiling at her and taking off my glasses hoping my eyes would give her some clue to who I was. 

“That helps nothing.” She leaning up against my cart with her arms crossed across her chest. 

“I was on the X-Factor with my band mates…we are One Direction.” I said watching her any change in her facial features and as excepted I see one. 

“Oh…my friend is in love with you guys. Umm…which one are you?” She asks. 

“Niall!” I said excitedly as she just takes a step away from me probably at the loudness of my voice. 

“Okay then…” 

“Umm…my offer for lunch still stands if you are free.” I ask. 

“Umm…well…shift just ended so I guess…if you don’t mind being seen with someone normal?” She asked with a wide smile which looked absolutely beautiful on her. 

“You don’t seem normal.” I said with a smile but then I realize what I said and quick start to apologize. 

“Haha! No you’re right I am not normal hold on let me tell my manager I am done with my shift.” She says walking over to the elderly woman who greeted me when I had walked in while I texted Liam telling him I was brining a friend home.   



From: Daddy Liam

Wait a friend? Niall you better not bring some random girl home!!  



  “Okay umm…so where are we going?” She asked walking up beside with a black hoodie in her arms. She took off her work shirt leaving her in a simple purple v-neck which she quickly covered with her hoodie. 

“I don’t know?” I lied while pushing the cart towards the parking lot with her next to me texting someone.

“Umm…you are not going to go post this on Twitter or anything right?” I ask her hoping she doesn’t. 

“Haha! No I am just texting my friend that I found a ride home so she doesn’t freak out.” She said while showing me her text and smiling which I had quickly learned to love. 

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