Welcome to Walmart

"Hi welcome to Walmart sir. Did you find everything okay today?"

One little phase that Abby had repeated hundreds of times before, that's all it took to change her life. In just in two hours she went from Abigail Torres normal 18 year teen to Abigail Torres One Direction's mystery girl. She didn't know who these the blue eyed blonde boy was when she agreed to lunch she only knew that he seemed like a nice guy. Little did she know she was about to have lunch with the world's most talked about about and wanted band One Direction.


3. Me a Fangirl?


Welcome to Walmart   

Chapter 2:   

~Abby's POV~   

I sat in the passenger seat of the guy who apparently was some big superstar. Honestly even after the encounter with that girl, I still doubted him. For all I know he could have paid them to come up to me in case I doubted him. I had seem guys do a lot to express someone, but still. He was cute though I wouldn't deny him that; he was tall and had toned muscles so he probably went to the gym on a weekly basis. His hair that from the looks of it had been completely dyed blond at one point, now looked like he had gotten it dip dyed as his hopefully natural brown hair grew out. He had pale skin, but I that after a few days here is Arizona his skin would become a shade darker. Or maybe a light shade of red depending on how he tans; I had learned from my friend Kelsey that you had pale skin you either tanned or burned. But out of the things about his appearance his stunning, ocean but eyes are what seemed to capture my attention the most. They were so crystal clear like the water of the ocean in the tropics I had seen when me and my best friend Tamara visited. We had graduated a year early from high school, which took a lot of work actually, but at the end of the year it was beyond worth it. We needed up traveling around the world with the money that we had gathered from working our entire sophomore and technically our "senior year" which in reality was our junior year. His laugh it was the most adorable thing ever! Wait a second I did not just think that! Wow...nice going Abs you have known this kid for what...twenty minutes and your sitting here crushing on him? What is wrong with you!? Are you completely mental! 

"So, is it okay if we go back to my place and I cook you dinner?" He asks turning onto the highway which lead far away into the more peaceful parts of San Diego. I lived a few miles off from we were going, with Tammy actually. We decided that we were going to start college during the spring. 

"Umm...we'll I guess, just remember what I said I have taken 10 years of swords so I can basically taken any stick like object and turn into a killing device." Smooth move Abby scare the poor hot boy-wait what? Hot boy? Well...he is hot and well I am pretty sure he is a boy...ummm...okay. 

"Stupid Brain!" I mumble outloud capturing the guy's attention as his laughter started to die down. 

"You okay there?" He asked pulling off the highway and onto one of the streets with less cars. I tense up as I notice that this street was basically deserted. There almost no sign of life anywhere around here, although there were a few houses scattered here and there. It was still pretty deserted, it was very beautiful though definitely the nicer side of San Diego.

"I am not going to hurt you." He said voicing my concerns as he turn onto a street that was completely empty. 

"Says the guy who just turned onto a deserted street." I mumble causing him to let out a loud laugh, which I soon started giggling too. I couldn't help it his laughter was just so contagious, you couldn't help but want to laugh along with him. 

"I am taking you over to where we actually own a house at. It's a rather large house since there is five of us. We usually come and spend our vacations here, it's weird actually that no fans or media has found us yet." He voices his sudden realization of things.

"Oh and try not to fangirl over us, I have noticed you have had a problem controlling your excitement." He jokes as I just scoff at him. 

"Superstar please, unless you're Ed Sheeran or some other artist I like then I would never fangirl." I say simply as a large house appear just like he had predicted. 

"I know Ed we are actually good friends, he is very talented honestly I think I would fangirl or is it fanboy? Anyways I would go crazy if I was meeting him for the first time." He says letting his Irish accent full his words as he spoke. I still didn't even know his name; I know he mentioned a couple times before, but it was so strange that it hadn't gotten stuck on my mind.

"Okay, umm...I completely forgot what was your name again?" I ask shyly as he pulls into the gates of mani-actually I lied into the castle! This house was huge, this fits way more than just five people; this house probably holds at least a quarter of the the entire state in it. 

"My name is Niall love." He says sweetly before stopping in front of the large front doors. 

"Hmm...Niall Love?" I ask what a strange last name mine was so plain and boring Torres, bleh. I didn't like it and I actually wanted to my husband to have an exotic last name so I could change it. For a while I considered marrying one of Tamara's family members. Her last name was the most amazing last name ever! It was literally Perfect, but in Spanish so her last name was Perfecto! 

"Haha, no actually we say love in place from when you Americans say sweetie or honey. And not my last name is actually Niall Horan." I instantly starting laughing at the close resemblance between his last name and the word horny. Niall just stares at me as if I am completely mental, and honestly I probably was.

"Sorry, it's just that your last name is really close to the word horny." I said still giggling. I had been spending way too much time around Tamara lately. 

"Okay, then you Americans are a weird bunch did you know that?" He asked me while he got out of the car to pull out the groceries, which I am still trying to figure how he fit in his car. 

"Well, I didn't know that as a country we were weird, but as an individual I know I am a little erm...insane?" I said causing him to laugh again, which make me smile at him. 

"NIALL!!" Shouted a guy who looked around 19 running out of the castle with another boy in tow behind him. The one who had shouted Niall's name looked very young probably around Niall's age, which I found out was 19. The guy had brown hair that was sweeped to the side revealing his light colored eyes. His jaw was slightly stubbly probably from lack of shaving. He wore a simple pair of black sweats with a random T-shirt throw on too. The other guy had long curly hair, which he was trying to fix since the other boy had ruffled it causing it stick out in awkward angles. He had light emerald colored eyes and a cute smile that showed dimpled when he formed a smile. They were both very well built like Niall and they probably when to the gym at least three times a week. 

"Hello, love I am Louis!" Shouted the one with the sweeped hair. 

"Hello, there I am Abigail, but you can call me Abby." I said sticking my hand out, but pushed it aside and pulled me into a tight hug. When he finally released me I mentally jotted down to never ask him for a hug again. 

"Hi, I am Harry." The curly haired one said while pulling me into a much gentler hug then his friend. I pull back from his embrace and shake his hand, while introducing myself.

"Hey, I am Abby." I said with a smile on my lips. 

"Thank God you're home Niall!" Shouted someone from inside the "castle". After a few seconds a tall guy with a shaved headed appeared in the doorway. His hair wasn't completely gone, but there was really only stubble on his head. He looked a lot older than any of the other boys, he had sweet brown eyes that seemed welcoming but also frightening. 

"Liam! Meet Abby." Liam turned in my direction gave me a once over and walked over to me. As soon as he reached me he pulled a fake smile on his lips before shaking my hand. 

"It's a pleasure to meet you." He said before releasing my hand and turning away. 

"Erm....clearly it wasn't very pleasant to meet me, because you just gave the world's fakest smile ever!" I announce grabbing everyone's attention as Liam turns around and faces me. 

"I am sorry, I don't like girl coming over only to sleep with my best mates and use us for fame." He stated before walking back into the "castle" with anger in each of his stride. 

"He must be having a bad morning. He probably is just angry cause there's no milk for his Coco Puffs...I get angry when there's no milk for my coco puffs." I randomly state before going and helping Niall pull out all his groceries. Louis and Harry are in a fit of laughter as they laugh at my Coco Puff comment. I grab as many bags as I can hold and carry them into the house. 

"Louis! Why is Liam being all moody!" Shouts another boy from the hallway that I believed lead to the bedrooms. 

"Because there's no milk for the Coco Puffs." I shout back to the stranger who appears out of the darkness of the hallway and my path to the kitchen. 

"And you are?" He asks raising an eyebrow at me. 

"Clearly I am Spongebob Squarepants duh!" I said seriously as he gave me a strange stare and called for Louis again. 

"Louis who is she." He asks Louis who appeared next to me almost suddenly. The guy had tan skin, that was covered in different tattoos, from a microphone to a large "ZAP" on his forearm. He had dark black hair which had a random blonde strip in his towards the part of his hair. He had it up in what I had heard Alexandra call a "quiff" I think? I think that's only of the words that I actually remember from her random rants about One Direction. 

"He doesn't believe that I am Spongebob." I complained to Louis who only giggled at me and answered the guy. 

"Zayn his is Abby she's a new friend of Niall's." he said cheerfully as Zayn took a quick look of me. 

"Well, nice to meet you Abby now I hate to just introduce and ditch but...I am very tired so...see you around?" Asked me and I only shrugged my shoulders in response. 

"I don't know if I'll see you around again." I said moving around him and into the kitchen were Niall was with Harry putting everything away. 

"So, Abby what do you want to do." Louis asked appearing randomly at my side. 

"Ummm...do you guys have an decent movies?" I asked them and they just gave each other a stance look. 

"We are international singers, I am pretty sure we have at least one decent movie." Harry says putting the last of the groceries.

"Oh! Well you're cool!" I says sarcastically at Harry who shakes his head at me. 

"Come on,let's go pick a movie Harry will cook us a amazing dinner!" Niall said grabbing my arms and dragging me behind him. 

"HEY! Be careful I am fragile." I said softly as I rub my arm to make some of the pain go away. 

"Oops sorry." Niall apologizes before leading me down into the what they call entertainment center. It was huge ad had a large screen pulled down at the front of the room and a about ten rows of couches facing them. Off to the sides there were at least two plasma on each wall connected to a different gaming system. 

"Here just choose a Movie." He says handing a tablet that had controls on it. 

"Okay this is so cool, if you have a talking toilet I think I might just permanently move into this room. I state while kicking off my shoes and sitting on the couch. 

"Nope Simon wouldn't allow the talking toilets and Louis really wanted them." Niall said chuckling at the memory as I smile and continue to scroll through the movies. 

"Oh! Can we watch Toy Story! I haven't watched it so long!" I exclaim clicking on the picture and soon the Disney castle logo pops up on the large screen. On the tablet the controls to the movie pop up and I decide to let all the previews play since we has to wait for Louis who was going to grab Liam and Zayn. 

"I don't think Liam likes me." I said as some preview plays.

"If he doesn't already he will after he sees what movie you chose." Niall said chuckling at himself while I just gave him a weird stare. 

"What are we watching?" Louis shouted as he walked with a sleepy Zayn and a slightly angry Liam right behind him. Zayn as a large blanket wrapped around him and Liam carried a random pillow with him. I rub my arms that even though were covered by my hoodie still were cold. Zayn seemed to notice my coldness since he came and sat next to me while wrapping his blanket around me and him. It smelt really nice, which means he probably smelt really nice. That's not an awkward thought at all Abs...Hey Zayn can I sniff you cause I am pretty sure you smell really good. 

"TOY STORY!" I shout back to Louis who was sitting on the couch in front of me. He turns to Liam who stares at me as if I had two heads. 

"You are my new best friend." He said smiling a genuine smile at me before going and sitting next to Louis on the first row. 

"I told he would get over his dislike." Niall whispered into my ear as the movie finally begins. The opening credits start and I let out a little squeal when it finally starts. Soon Zayn lays his head on my shoulder and after a few minutes his soft snores started right in my ear. I look over at Niall who had his arms opened for me to move to. I maneuver around a little and finally set Zayn's head down on the couch and wrap his blanket around him. I scoot over to where Niall was and he wraps his arms around me and pulls me close. Normally I would squire away, but right now at this moment I felt comfortable and safe since...well...he left.     



I wonder who "he" is...DUN DUN DUNNN! SHaha! Well yeah:D tads new chapter....well I am off i have school tomorrow and it's a little past midnight...so Adios:)   


Toria! <3 

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