Welcome to Walmart

"Hi welcome to Walmart sir. Did you find everything okay today?"

One little phase that Abby had repeated hundreds of times before, that's all it took to change her life. In just in two hours she went from Abigail Torres normal 18 year teen to Abigail Torres One Direction's mystery girl. She didn't know who these the blue eyed blonde boy was when she agreed to lunch she only knew that he seemed like a nice guy. Little did she know she was about to have lunch with the world's most talked about about and wanted band One Direction.


5. Mall Adventures

 Welcome to Walmart 

  Chapter 4  

~Abby's POV~   

"So you met a famous member of a boy band while at work, and you went home with him? And that is why you got home at midnight? I seriously hope you are aware of how wrong all that sounds!" Tamara explains as we walk to the next store inside the mall. 

"Actually it doesn't seem bad to me, it's just you and your dirty mind that are making things awkward." I said while stopping and walking into Aeropostale, since I was in desperate need of a new pair of lazy day shirts. These were usually some pajama tops from Aeropostale, that were about a size too big for me. They were really comfy and warm, so I usually wore them when me and Tamara decided to have lazy days.

"That's true, I blame Derek though I was perfectly innocent until I met him." She said talking about her old fried Derek who happened to be one of the world's biggest perverts. Luckily, she had a falling out with him only a few weeks after I met her. If they were still friends I would seriously be worried about her mental health. 

"I think we all blame Derek." I said while holding up a white and blue top, with Aeropostale written in cursive lettering in the front. I neatly fold it back before scanning the shelf for one in my size. 

"We should stop at the music shop, I am in desperate need of a new CDs." Tamara announces while picking up a shirt very closely resembling mine expect in different colors. 

"That's sounds good, I have been dying to pick up The Script's new album." I said while walking over to the cashier with four tops in my hands and Tamara trailing behind me. After paying, we head out of the store and back into the traffic of the mall. 

"Abs that boy over there is a cutie, isn't he." Tamara says while nodding over to a boy who was sitting with other boy and looking our way. "Come on, lets give them a chase." Tamara says as the boy gets up to come up to us. He seemed familiar, for some reason, but it was probably just someone that I had rung up at work. I give a quick glance over my shoulder and see that the boy is still following us. Tamara pulls me into the music store and instantly heads towards the center of the store. She picks up different CDs pretending to interested in them and I walk a few feet away before copying her actions as the boy who Tamara had taken interest in walk into the store. I notice as be looks around the store a bit before locking his eyes on Tamara and walking towards her where she stood looking at a CD. I let a small smile on my lips when I hear the guy speak to Tamara, who easily smiled at him. I was looking at the pop section CDs, when I felt a presence behind me. I turn around being completely terrified that it was some creeper, who wanted to kidnap me. 

"Hey." They said to me and I let a smile graces my lips. 

"Hey Liam, what brings you here?" I ask him and he points over to Tamara who was currently smiling at the guy who had followed us in here. Well, that sounded a lot less creepy before. 

"Tamara, that's what brings you in here?" I laugh as he quickly shakes his head and laughs along with me. 

"No, my friend Josh took quite a liking to your friend Tamara, and decided to come and chase after her."  He explained finally placing a name to Tamara's mystery boy. 

"And let me guess you being the good friend you are decided to play wingman?" I asked him and he only shrugs at me while looking at the CDs that were close to him. 

 "It's funny cause I came here with my girlfriend as well. I don't think the lad understands I can't be his wingman, since I have a girlfriend." Liam laughs while picking up a Justin Bieber CD. He gives it a quick look over before taking it in his hands and continuing to look. 

"Wow, Liam just surprising me entirely today girlfriend and Justin Bieber fan. What's next? Wait don't tell me, you're secretly Hannah Montana?" I tease him and he only raises his hands over his head in surrender. 

"Okay, you got me." He laughs as I go back searching for the CD I had come inside looking for. "What about you Abby, what brings you to the mall on this very nice day?" He asks while pulling out other CD and adding it to his pile as well. 

"I was bored at home, so I decided to come stalk you." I shrugged while Liam stares me in completely disbelief.  "Wait, are you a fan?" He asks with a small smile on his lips. Of course I wasn't a fan I hadn't even known that they existed until yesterday. 

"No. I am pretty sure I am a human." I joke with Liam who only bump his shoulder jokingly into me. "Excuse me sir, violence isn't needed!" I exclaim loudly which captures Tamara and Josh's attention. 

"Liam, mate come on there is no reason to be mistreating the wonderful young lady." Josh teases Liam who only stares at me in shock, that he was getting in trouble for bumping my shoulder. Liam only shakes his head at me before he goes back to looking at the different CDs.  

"I was just kidding, Liam." I said bumping my hips against his playfully, but what he does next completely surprises me. Liam over exaggerates my hip tap and flies into the ground while pretending that I had hurt him. 

"Abigail!" Tamara shouts at me while running to Liam's side with Josh right behind her. They help Liam off the floor and as an added effect he falls once again pretending that he hurt his ankle in the fall he took. 

"Fuck, okay if you sprained your ankle, I am gonna get fired for letting you get hurt." Josh exclaims as Liam winces, I feel a wave a guilty wash me, since he now looked legitimately hurt. I look at Liam's face as Tamara and Josh look at his and while they are occupied with his ankle. Liam sends me a playful, taunting smile, as he sees that I was going to be the one scolded right now. 

"HE'S OKAY! HE'S JUST MESSING WITH YOU GUYS!" I shout at the top of my lungs as the store clerk, walks over to us. 

"What's going over here." The about 19 year old guy asks us with an annoyed expression. He was pretty cute, but the annoyed expression on his face made him look a bit older and meaner. 

"Noth-" Liam states as he starts getting off the floor, but I push his shoulders back down. He falls back into the floor with an oof, as I glare at the store clerk. 

"Well mister nosy, if you must know I was about to kidnap this kid, because he's hot and I need him for my collection of men in my basement. But since you came around I think I'll add you to my collection instead." I smile as I walk away from Liam and towards the clerk who had a terrified look on his features. 

"SECURITY!" He screams as I chase him around the different stands, but before I can catch him I feel someone lift me off my feet. I arch my neck to see a buff about 25 year old guy lifting me out of the store. 

"Tay, buy me The Script Album!" I shout to Tamara who was trying to talk to the clerk. I couldn't clearly hear their conversation, but I did hear her apologizing for my disrupting behavior. I see that Josh was with Tamara, but Liam was following behind me as the security guard carried me away. "Liam, lovely for you to join us." I greet Liam and I feel the security guard place me on one of the benches in the food court. 

"You can either leave the mall on your own consent or you will be carried out." He commands me.

 "I am getting kicked out!" I exclaim as Liam snickers at me for somehow getting kicked out of the mall. It's not something that hasn't happened before, I had actually been kicked out of many stores because of "disrupting the other shoppers" or "making the shoppers uncomfortable". 

"What will it be?" The security guard asks me and I look at the door that was a good 200 feet away, plus the other probably 500 feet to get back to Tamara's car. 

"I am lazy." I simply stated, which only made the security guard frown at me. "Fine, I guess I am walking." I said and Liam places his arm around my shoulders leading me out the door. 

"I can't believe you got kicked out the mall." He says as we sit in the courtyard of the mall waiting for Josh and Tamara to come out.  "I can't believe he wouldn't give me a pig back ride to Tay's car." I reply while taking other spoonful of my frozen yogurt, as Liam laughs at me. 

"You know you're not as bad, I first thought you were." He says while taking other bite of his pretzel that he had bought. 

"Thanks Liam, you know you aren't the total douche I thought you were either." I said while waving my spoon around. I notice that Liam didn't even smile at my joke, but instead keeps his eyes locked in my spoon.  "You okay there?" I ask waving my spoon in front of his face, which only made him frown more. "Liam?" I ask tapping the side of his face with my finger. 

"I don't think you know this, but I have a slight fear of spoons." He says staring at my spoon as if it was going to suddenly transform into a fire breathing dragon. I look at my spoon before shrugging and throwing it over my shoulder. "You didn't have to-" 

"Did you hit me with this spoon?" This girls asks me with her hands on her hips. She remind me of Regina from Mean Girls, she just held that "I will ruin you" presence.  "It was a complete accident, I am-" I start, but I don't get to finish because I was interrupted by Liam. 

"That was me, sorry." He apologizes while sending the Regina like girl a sweet smile. 

"Oh, well then I completely forgive you as long as you give me a little something in return." She says while placing her hand on his shoulder. I watch as Liam's sweet expression quickly changes into a look of pure fright.

"You don't mind right?" She asks while trailing her hand to his arm and Liam only sits completely frozen. I don't think he meant for his idea to backfire so much, but I got say I saw that this girl wasn't very innocent from when she first walked over. 

"He taken sorry." I said while standing up and placing a hand on Liam's other shoulder. "Come on, Liam."  I state before leading him away from the girl, but of course she doesn't give up very easily. 

"Who you? Trust me, babe he can do a million times better." She calls out at me which makes me stop and look her in disbelief. I go to respond, but once again Liam speaks. 

"Excuse me, that is no way to treat Abby she is everything you wish you were." Liam tries to calmly tell the girl who only scoffs at his statement. 

"Come on, I'll give you what you want." The girl says while taking a step closer to Liam who only tries to back away. But this girl's grip on his arm seems so strong that he can't even move away. Seriously, couldn't this kid just have called her a bitch and then walked away like a normal person does. I was about to step in when a tall curly haired brunette walks up Liam and the girl with a bit of anger in her eyes. 

"Excuse me, do you mind explaining what you are doing with my boyfriend." She asked while l challenging the Regina like girl. I was guessing this was Liam's actual girlfriend, she was very pretty I'll have to admit that.

"You're his girlfriend?"  

Author's Note:    

Sorry for not updating...i have been suffering a bit of writer's block, and I honestly hate this chapter. Plus i have been really busy with school...(mostly my world history class UGH!!) but i will try my best to update again soon...and I think you guys already know who Liam's girlfriend is....:D    


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