Welcome to Walmart

"Hi welcome to Walmart sir. Did you find everything okay today?"

One little phase that Abby had repeated hundreds of times before, that's all it took to change her life. In just in two hours she went from Abigail Torres normal 18 year teen to Abigail Torres One Direction's mystery girl. She didn't know who these the blue eyed blonde boy was when she agreed to lunch she only knew that he seemed like a nice guy. Little did she know she was about to have lunch with the world's most talked about about and wanted band One Direction.


4. I Met A Boy

Welcome to Walmart

Chapter 3

~Abby's POV~

I felt someone nudge my head off, as they move which causes me to face plant onto the seats of the couch.

"Shit." I heard someone silently curse when suddenly I feel my body be lifted up from wherever it had been I was sitting on. "Abby?" I heard a husky voice ask me as I mumble something to them in return. I heard them let out a soft chuckle before I feel myself being placed on a soft bed, and then covered with a warm blanket, that smelled very nice. I fall back into sleep only to wake up a few hours later. I feel a warm presence behind me and I turn around to find Niall sleeping soundly with his arms crossed on his chest as he sat on the bed with his back against the head board. I look around the room we where in an find a clock that had blue glowing numbers that read 11:17 pm. I jump out of bed and search around for my shoes, when I finally find them I slip them on before looking at Niall. His chest fell up and down in rhythm with his breathing and I made me feel bad that I was going to have to wake him up.

"Niall." I said softly as I shook his shoulder trying to get him to wake up. It had really been a stupid idea to come here with no ride home. I call his name again and shake his shoulder a little bit rougher. He mumbles something about five more minutes which caused me to run my fingers through my tangled hair. They instantly get caught in the tangles that had appeared after my tossing and turning in bed. I walk into the bathroom and run my fingers through it a couple times to get rid of all the visible tangles. I walk back and see Niall sitting in the same position as before, but now his bright blue eyes were open. I watch him as a small smile fills his face and swings his legs over the bed.

"Why are you up?" He asked like it was completely natural me being in his room at almost midnight.

"Because I have to head home." I said while running my fingers through my hair one more time.

"Shit! I had completely forgotten about that!" He cursed before grabbing a pair a shoes and throwing them on and slipping a sweatshirt over his t-shirt. A soft chuckle leaves my lips as I watch him scramble around his room looking for his keys. "Fuck, where did I put them!" I look around the room trying to spot them, and somehow under all the mess in this room I spot them on his dresser. I walk over there as Niall throws around everything desperately trying to find his keys. I pick them up off the dresser and give them a small shake which causes them to jingle.

"Niall there right here." I announce as he turns around a small blush creeps up his cheeks.

"I knew that." He mumble before taking them from my hand and walking out with me trailing right behind him. We silently walk out of the large house and get inside Niall's car. After a quick explanation of where I lived we head off to my small house in the outskirts of town.

"Have you lived here long?" He asked as we drove on the almost empty roads.

"No, I moved her about two years ago with my best friend Tamara after we graduated high school a year early." I explained while turning and giving Niall my full attention.

"You graduated early?" He seemed so what stunned that I had the capability of graduating a full year year for the hell we like to call high school.

"Yeah, afterwards we took a small trip around the world and ended up settling here." I said while waving my hands around to the scenery we passed by. It was honestly completely beautiful here so peaceful and calm, with the beach only a short hour drive away. After that short conversation we arrive at my house which was completely dark expect the porch light. Tamara had a very motherly personality and would always leave the porch light on when I wouldn't come home, until very late.

"We should hang out again sometime." Niall said as he stepped out of the car and walked me to the front door.

"We should." I said slightly shivering at cold temperature as I make my way up the stairs to my front door. After digging in my pockets I finally find my keys, but don't make an attempt of opening the door. I turn to Niall and we end up talking for a little bit, before exchanging number and promising to talk to each soon. I step into the silent house and make my way upstairs as I listen to Niall drive away."I'll probably never see him again." I whisper to myself before walking into my room and changing into a pair of basketball shorts and a baggy t-shirt. I lay down in bed and almost instantly exhaustion takes over my body and I fall asleep.


"Abby? Abs? ABIGAIL!"

"WHAT!" I shouted at Tamara who had a frown on her face at my bad mood.

"Well Mrs. Grumpy Pants, I was just wondering if you ever planned on getting up for our shopping trip today." She said with a happy smile on her face because our shopping trips were always so much fun. We usually went into the high end stores looked around made fun of the clothes for a bit then walked to Hop Topic or Macy's to actually buy something.

"Yeah, Tay sorry I am just tired." I stated as I pushed myself out of bed and into a sitting position.

"I noticed maybe it has to do with the fact you didn't get home til about midnight?" She said crossing her arms across her chest in a motherly way. "Abs have you been whoring around again?" She asked me seriously with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"You're never letting that go are you? Come on Tay we were 14 we are 19 now, stop living in the past!" I exclaim with a smile on my face as I remember the crazy times of freshmen year when we started one of the world biggest inside jokes. It had all started back in freshmen year when Tamara's "husband", who was one of my guy friends, told me he loved me. Afterwards Tay had asked me if I was her "husband's" mistress and I joked around telling her that I was. That was one of the biggest mistakes ever, because afterwards she told everyone about what happened. Eventually it became an inside joke and I was a whore? I didn't mind it was actually pretty funny, but at times it does get awkward to explain.

"Abs, I told you it was going to follow you everywhere you went." She said laughing as she walked to the door of my room. "Go get ready I'll drive if you want." She stated before walking out of my room giving me time to get ready. After a quick shower I throw on some underwear and stood in front of my closet trying to find the perfect outfit to wear. I find Tamara's New York sweatshirt in my closest and decide to wear that before she notices it's gone. I walk grab the first pair of jeans that I see which happened to be a pair of black skinny jeans.

"Might not want to wear heels." Tamara says from my door when she sees me with my sliver pumps in my hands.

"Yeah that would be a bad thing to do." I mumble and trade my pumps for my pure black Converse.

"Here I'll do your hair." Tamara said before waving me to sit down in front of my vanity mirror. I sit down while looking down my twitter feed and I saw my notifications were higher than usual. I click the glowing blue tab and see that I have a large amount of mentions and new followers. I was utterly confused on where all these new followers randomly came out of. I read some of the tweets that were sent to me to look for an explanation. They all seemed to say the same thing which was how I got all the "boys" to follow me. I look at the new followers and most of them have pictures of a particular group of guys. I click on the first one that grabs my attention and click on their icon to see the bigger version of the picture. "Why are you looking One Direction fan accounts?" Tamara asked over my shoulder as she curled my now dry hair.

"One who?" I said zooming into the picture and seeing the familiar five faces that I had seen only yesterday.

"One. Direction, you know that UK boy band that my sister and Alexandrea are completely obsessed with." She said pausing as she pronounced their name so I could understand. I look up from the picture as Tamara just focuses on not burning my hair.

"Wait," I said pausing trying to let everything process. "I hung out with the world's biggest boy band." I mumble under my breath which instantly captures Tay's attention.

"What happen?" She asks as she curls the last strand of my brown hair with blonde tips. I bite my bottom lip as I try to decide if I should explain to Tamara everything that happened yesterday. If had been a total coincidence that I had been on shift that day, but Tamara had a large belief in fate. Knowing her should go into this log explanation on how it was fate who brought us together.

"I met a boy yesterday-" I start but instant get cut off with Tamara loud squeal. "Tay! Let me at least finish before you start squealing like a five year old." I said sternly to her as she vigorously nod her head in agreement with my plan.


And that my loves is where I shall leave you:D it took me a while to finish this since I started it before finals and then I had to focus on that!

Anyways...here the chapter I hope you guys like it! Sorry for all the mistakes I haven't edited this so...yeah...

Well, Happy Holidays you guys! J hope to update again soon:)


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