Love me forever.

Brianna is your normal 17 year old. She goes to high school with her friends Danielle,Perrie and Eleanor. One day at school these 5 boys show up and are in every class they are in. Brianna falls in love with one of them and the other girls fall for the rest.


5. The kiss

Brianna's P.O.V

Harry is still at mine! He has been here for five hours! He said he wont go because he wants to make sure I'm alright. He keeps making me laugh. Harry got up and made u some tea. He came back with two teas and some biscutes. 

"Harry I am alright. You dont need to to stay." I said 

"I know. But I just....." Harry said before I interrupted him.

"Want to stay a bit longer so you can keep an eye on me." I said giggling

We started to watch TV again . Harry put his arm around me. After ten minutes I felt Harry looking at me so I looked at him smiling. He leaned in and So did I. Before I knew it we were kissing, I pulled away and blushed. It was now awkward.

"I think I have to go." Harry said walking away.

I nodded and watched him leave. I grabbed the cups and put them by the bench. Harry left his hoddie here. I walked up stairs and locked myself in my room. I grabbed my laptop and went on twitter.

*TEXT MESSAGE* ELEANOR: Hey Gurl, me and Louis are going to the movies soon do you want to come?

*TEXT MESSAGE* BRIANNA: Why not. Is Harry going?

*TEXT MESSAGE* ELEANOR: I think. Louis is just asking him now.


*TEXT MESSAGE* ELEANOR: Yeah well I will see you soon. 

I put my phone down. Maybe the movies might take my mind off things.


Harry"s P.O.V

I can't believe I kissed Brianna, I like her but I don't think we will be a thing now. It will be awkward at the movies with me and Brianna. Oh well, we might have to keep our distance. Louis pulled up and knocked at my door. 

"Hi mate, Are you ready?" Louis asked.

"Yeah. Let's go." I said.

We walked out the door and hopped in Louis's car. When we arrived at the movies Brianna and Eleanor were standing there. 

"Hey babe, Hey Bri what movie are we seeing?" Louis asked.

"Don't know." Eleanor said.

Brianna tapped my sholder and handed my hoodie,  

"Here you go." She said looking at the ground.'

"Thanks." I said 

She walked away. We all decided on the movie love actually. We walked inside and get our tickets. Louis grabbed Eleanor's hand. I'm guessing that they are together. Me and Brianna  kept our distance.

"Harry are you and Brianna alright?" Asked Louis

"Yeah. Why?" I asked

"Well before you and her were hanging out alot and now you guys look like you guys you don't wanna be near eachother." Louis said.

"Alright but don't tell anyone. Me and Brianna kissed." I said

Louis looked shocked.

"Really, are you guys a thing?" Louis asked.

"No. I was just a one off I think." I said

"You like her don't you." Louis asked.

I nodded and we walked into the cinema. 

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