Love me forever.

Brianna is your normal 17 year old. She goes to high school with her friends Danielle,Perrie and Eleanor. One day at school these 5 boys show up and are in every class they are in. Brianna falls in love with one of them and the other girls fall for the rest.


3. The break up.

Brianna's P.O.V

Another day has passed and now starting a new one. I hopped out of bed and hopped in the shower. After my shower I walked downstairs and  had some breakfast. When I walked out the door I saw Eleanor, Louis and Harry. I ran over to them.

"Hi guys." I said catching up to them.

"Hi love." Said Harry.

I started to blush.

"Hi Bri, how are you?" Asked Eleanor.

"I'm good." I said.

The whole way to school was awkward slience. Beside me and Eleanor whispering to each other. When we walked through the gates Amy walked in front of Harry.

"Harry there is a prom next week." Amy said smiling.

"Cool." Harry said walking away.

"Aren't you going to ask me?" Asked Amy.

"Amy, I dont know how to say this but." Harry started saying.


Harry nodded looking at the floor.

"Fine then." Said Amy walking away.

"Mate are you alright?" Louis asked.

"Yeah, she is a control freak." Harry said

We all started walking to class. I am so happy Harry and Amy broke up. But Harry looks a bit upset. When class started Harry was alright. He was chatting away and making jokes.

"Alright class. You need a partner for this activity, A boy and a girl." Said our teacher.

Amy got up and started walking towards Harry but he grabbed my hand.

"Do you want to be partners?" Asked Harry.

"Alright." I said smiling.

Amy gave me the evil look and walked over to Billy. When class was over me and Harry became good friends. Me, Harry, Louis, Liam, Eleanor and Danielle are going out for dinner tonight. Just as friends. When school finished we all walked home together.

"So where are we going to have dinner?" Asked Louis.

"Um, La porshetta?" Eleanor suggested.

"Sounds great." Harry said.

"What time?" I asked.

"How about 5.30?" said Danielle.

"Sure. See you guys at 5.30." I said walking down my street.

When I walked in my house I ran up stairs and picked a outfit. When its 4.30 I will start getting ready. I went down stairs and watched TV. When It was 4.30 I ran upstairs and got ready. When It was 5.10 I was ready. I was half way down the stairs when I heard someone knock at the door. I opened the door and Harry was standing there.

"Hi Harry." I said.

He was dressed really nice with a nice white top and jeans.

"Hi Brianna, would you like a lift?" Asked Harry pointing to his car.

"Alright why not." I said locking my house.

I hopped in Harry's car and we headed to La porshetta.


Louis's P.O.V

When Harry and Brianna got here we all had to wait for Liam and Danielle. We all walked to the road and saw Liam and Danielle running. We all started to laugh.

"What took you guys so long?" Asked Harry still laughing.

"Well Liam's car broke down." Danielle said all puffed.

Danielle was wearing Heels and she was running.

"Danielle how can you run in heels? I asked.

"Easy. But it takes alot of time to get use to." Danielle said laughing.

We all walked inside and sat down at a table.

"Well this is nice as just friends." Liam said.

Liam really likes Danielle, Harry really likes Brianna and I really like Eleanor. Harry just broke up with Amy today so he said he can't ask out Brianna tonight. I might ask Eleanor. When we finished Dinner we all ordered chocolate mousse. Liam loves chocolate. When the mousse came they had spoons. Liam showed no fear and ate it. Mine and Harry's face dropped in shock.

"Mate you hate spoons." Harry said.

Danielle, Eleanor and Brianna started to laugh.

"Yeah well I love chocolate mousse so I have to use a spoon." Liam said.

When we all finished we all joined up with the girl we came with and left.

"Eleanor I was thinking maybe do you want to go out somewhere?" I asked.

"Like as a date?" Eleanor said.

"Yeah. We dont have to." I said quickly.

"No. I would love to." Eleanor said.

Haha th lou master strikes again.

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