Love me forever.

Brianna is your normal 17 year old. She goes to high school with her friends Danielle,Perrie and Eleanor. One day at school these 5 boys show up and are in every class they are in. Brianna falls in love with one of them and the other girls fall for the rest.


7. I love you.


?"Eleanor's P.O.V

Me and Louis have been watching movies all night. It's 12.00. Me and Louis was finishing watching a movie when Louis got a call.

"It's Harry." Louis said.

"Why would he be calling you this late.?" I asked.

Louis shrugged and answered the call.

"Hey mate whats up?" Louis said.


"Ok. We will be there in a minute."

Louis hung up and looked at me.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"It's Bri, she's in hospital." Louis said walking out the door,

I grabbed my coat and walked out the door. I hopped in the car with Louis and we went to the hospital. When we got inside Harry was there. He was pacing.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"Yeah. I just saw all of it thats all." Harry said smiling.

The doctor came out and walked towards the waiting room.

"Who is waiting for Ms Brianna Grande?" The guy asked.

Me, Harry and Louis stood up.

"Ok. Well she is alright but she is unstable." Said the doctor.

"Ok can we see her?" Harry asked.

"Yes but one at a time." Said the doctor walking away.

"Harry you go first." I said. 

He walked trough the door and went to see Bri.


Harry's P.O.V

I walked through the door and saw Brianna laying there. She was awake. 

"Harry." She said.

"Yeah." I said,

"I thought you were dead." She said hugging me.

Her nice long brown hair fell over her face.

"Thanks for helping me." Said Brianna.

"No prob." I said,

"Harry, Do you ever think we could be a couple?" Asked Brianna.

"Maybe. Why?" I asked,

"look I like you." Brianna said.

"Really." I said

"Yeah. Look if you dont like me thats fine." Brianna said.

"I do." I said.

"So. Does this mean that we." 

"I think." I said,

"I love you Harry." 

"I love you to." I said.

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