Don't Walk Away

Winnie: She's really quiet. She can't stand fame, popularity, One Direction, and anything relating to them. At school, home, or anywhere else, she's a nobody. She could care less about whoever the band was.

Niall: He's a superstar. He likes Nandos, singing, and One Direction.
At concerts, home, or anywhere else, he's a somebody. He says he can find his princess. Will he?


1. Ughh!



This is my first story on Movellas so I really hope you guys like it. Okay, so here's the story!

P.S, This IS a One Direction<3 Fanfic and I love them.To death.







Name: Winnie Harrison,18 years old.

Location: England.

Winnie's P.O.V.

"It was the first day of my senior year in high school. It would be really easy if I wasn't so shy, and nerdy, and a nobody. I woke up and looked at the clock and it was 7:50!! I put on a blue Aeropostale t-shirt, a red varsity jacket and some skinny jeans. I straightened my messy blond hair. I put my glasses on, shoved my shoes on, and grabbed my bag. I rushed out the door and drove to school just in time for my first class, which was math.

Yes! I got here ten minutes early just like I planned. I stepped inside and was ignored. I sat down in the front row right in front of the door. I started to do the bell-work and by the time I was done class was about to begin. Alex, my only friend walked in the door and ran to sit next to me. We have all the same classes. She's a popular and from The States.

"Hey! How are you? I missed you, I was in America the whole summer! Can you believe how AMAZAYN One Direction's concert was..."

And she just kept babbling on about the stupid band. I found a way to make her shut up for the class. The teacher told us to do the bell-work while he checked attendance. I was the fourth one he called,

"Winnie Harrison?"

"Here." I said. He called out another, "Niall Horan?" Nobody answered, Mr. Hayes was about to say the something but there were screaming girls down the hall. It got closer and closer until it was right outside our class. A blond haired boy came racing into the classroom and knocking over my desk. I fell on the ground with him on top of me. I was very annoyed, but he just stayed there staring at me, "Can you get off of me please," I whispered and he got up, shook off whatever he was thinking of, and put my desk back.

"Sorry about that," He manages to get out in his Irish accent before every girl but me goes nuts.

Niall's P.O.V.

"Mr. Horan!" The teacher says over the loud screams. "You are late. Now, hurry up and find a seat so I can finish calling attendance." So he keeps taking attendance, while I sit down next to the beautiful girl I ran into.

"Uhm, hi. I'm Niall Horan." I whisper as I get my work out.

"Yeah I know-"She was cut off by the teacher,"Winnie, what's the answer to number one?"

I look at the question, 1.) x*5+(76-37)+45=? "Umm" I think to myself.

"Three hundred forty-four, Mr. Hayes." She says without hesitating. "Wow." I say not very loud. "That's correct! Good job! Okay..." and he kept going over the bell-work,"Look, I just want to say I'm sorry." I whispered.

"Noted," She said in an annoyed voice,"Are we done now?"

"Yeah, yes, of course." I rushed out.

I felt heat rush to my cheeks. Why was I so nervous? I looked over to her, she was very pretty. She had long blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Why was she so annoyed?





Winnie's POV

Sitting with Alex, I look around the lunchroom. Hmm... I could see all the 'groups' the nerds, athletes, and wannabe Pops. I also saw five boys come into the cafeteria.

Alex looked at me and smirked, "Don't drool, it's not very attractive."

"You would know." I retorted

"Hey!" She said.

"I'm just kidding!" I said, "But whoarethey?"

"Oh that's just you know, ONE DIRECTION!!!!!"

And just like that they had the whole cafeteria swarmed around them. Even most of the guys were over there. It was weird.They did autographs for like half of lunch and then got some food. One of them with very familiar blond hair walked past with sunglasses on and stopped at my table. Without even looking at me, he put his signature on a picture of him and gave it to me.

"Here, You looked like you wanted one." He said leaving a small kiss to the back of my hand, and left. I was surprised, angry, and confused. That ego-maniac!

I barely even paid any attention to the rest of my classes. At home I ripped the autograph apart. I fell onto my bed and screamed into my pillow. Urrrggghhhh! Why can't I just go back to being invisible?

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