Gotta Be You

Valerie has always wanted to meet One direction so when Valerie's mum suddenly gets her and her BFF two front row tickets they can hardly wait. When the girls go shopping for clothes that they r wearing to the concert......... guess who they suddenly bump into? Will Eliza and Liam become more than friends? and will Valerie and Zayn get into a relationship? ENJOY!!!!! <3


1. The Best Present Ever

Valeries's P.O.V

"Honey, wake up" My mom said. I was woken up by a beam of sunlight as my mum pushed my curtains aside. I pushed my mum out of my room and quickly put my uniform on. I headed to the bathroom to put    on my make-up. I straightened my black hair and added a little bit of make-up for the natural look. After i finished with my hair and make-up i went to the kitchen. I looked at the table and saw the most AMAZING breakfast in my whole life. PANCAKES!!!!!.  i grabbed a few pancakes and headed out the door. i started walking to school. "Valerie, wait for me!!!" someone behind me screamed out!!! i turned around and saw my BFF (Best Friend Forever) running towards me. I waited for her and we headed towards schools together.

-During Recess-                                                                                                                                           I cant believe i got an A+ in every single one of my subjects i cant wait to show my parents. School went by really fast. As usual nothing interesting happened.

-At Valerie's house after school-

Eliza's P.O.V

After school Valerie asked me if i could come to her house. "Sure, just let me tell my parents" i told her.     When we got to inside her house she went to find her mum, of course i followed her. 

Valerie's P.O.V

I found my mum in her room readding a book. she looked up and smiled. Straight away i knew something was up. I ignored it anyway. I went to her bed and sat next to her, i showed her all my report cards and she just smiled her head of. "Honey, Me and your father were talking last night and we decided that because you are doing very well at school and helping us at home, we decided to buy you 2 front row tickets to......... ONE DIRECTIONS CONCERT!!!!" My mum said.





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