You Belong With Me

Miranda Heidi and Ariana were 3 Bestfriends who were in love with one direction what happens when they get tickets to see them in concert and get able to hang out with them after the concert? Will it be Love?


5. Truth Or Dare

Heidi’s POV

After we were done watching the movie I wasn’t even tired. Today had felt like a dream I mean I just watched The Notebook with the guys from one direction. I looked at Miranda and Harry chatting it up. I started thinking about how cute they would be together. I looked at the floor and saw Ariana and Niall Laughing at who knows what. I looked at Liam looking at Niall and Miranda. Mostly at Miranda, that’s weird did he like her? I saw Zayn looking into a mirror and fixing his hair. I giggled to myself forgetting Louis was next to me.

“What’s so funny love?”

I pointed over to Zayn who was still fixing his hair he laughed. He’s laugh is so cute.

Louis's POV

Her laugh made me want to melt on the inside. I looked over for a little looking at her trying to figure out what to do about us. She saw me staring and looked down at her hands.

“Let’s play truth or dare”

“Are you like a mind reader?”

“Maybe, the world may never know.” She said. I started laughing at her little gesture. I asked the others if they wanted to play. They agreed and Zayn invited Perrie.

Ariana's POV

I really wanted to play truth or dare because I wanted to make someone do a crazy dare. I was pretty excited that Heidi offered to play Truth or Dare. This was the order of us sitting in the circle to play truth or dare. Me, Niall, Heidi, Louis, Miranda, Harry, Zayn, and Liam. Perrie was coming over later and then she would sit in between Harry and Zayn. Harry went first and Louis dared him to kiss Miranda. She looked worried. Then I looked at Heidi who was looking at me.

“She can’t do that dare.” Heidi said acting a little protective.

“Ya sorry harry but she’s taken” I said. Miranda looked sad. I couldn’t let her cheat on him its wrong. She knew that.

Niall asked, "Who's the lucky Lad?"

Miranda said, "His name is Connor. I can't kiss Harry cause that would be cheating and I don't cheat."

Harry's POV

When Louis asked me Truth or Dare I picked Dare of course. Louis dared me to kiss Miranda I was happy cause I really liked her but I quickly got sad when the girls explained that she had a Boyfriend. His name was Conner and by the sound of her voice I knew she loved him. I wish she was single but hey I did kinda think she could have a Boyfriend I mean why wouldn't she she so beautiful with her long wavy blonde hair blue eyes and perfect smile that made me melt inside every time I saw it.
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