You Belong With Me

Miranda Heidi and Ariana were 3 Bestfriends who were in love with one direction what happens when they get tickets to see them in concert and get able to hang out with them after the concert? Will it be Love?


3. Take a picture it will last longer?

Louis's POV

We were singing our last song Up All Night when a girl wearing grey toms black shorts and a red shirt saying I LOVE CARROTS caught my eye. I know she shouldn't have because I have Elenour but I just couldn't help it. There was something about her that made me drawn to her. What's with all these Americans

Niallls POV

We were singing Up All Night when a saw a girl with Black hair wearing a red shirt saying Irish Boys Are Sexy. I laughed and all the boys stared at me I whispered to Harry "Look at that girls shirt" the other boys must have seen where I pointed to because the next thing I knew they all burst into a chorus of laughter. I looked at all my fans they looked shocked but for some reason I didn't care all I did was stare at that beautiful girl she was wearin blue toms green skinnys and a that adorable red shirt that made me laugh.

Ariana's POV

When The boys were singing their last song Niall laughs. Everyone sat there shocked. Heidi Miranda and I were just like WOW nice move Nialler. He whispered something to Harry and pointed over in my Direction. The other boys must have seen where he pointed to cause next thing you know the boys are all in a chorus of laughter. I soon realized they were laughing at my shirt and Niall was staring at me. I told the girls and they laughed making me blush. Then we did something that made the boys stop laughing from complete shock.

"TAKE A PICTURE IT'LL LAST LONGER" we screamed in Unsion

We Burst into laughter after that we just couldn't hold it in. I Noticed Liam and Zayn were laughing with us but Niall Harry and Louis were Blushing BLUSHING with their heads Down.

Harry's POV

Niall laughed while singing our last song I just stared at him thinking DUDE WTF?!?!?! But he pointed in the direction of a girl I read her shirt and laughed she must really love Niall if she thinks Irish boys are Sexy. But then I noticed a girl sitting next to her she was wearing purple toms orange skinnys and a shirt that said Cats rule Dogs drool I instantly knew I liked her then her and her 2 other friends screamed take a picture it will last longer

Thanks guys so much for reading this I hoped you liked it me and my friend are working on this both our ideas are on here and we hope you enjoy reading this she has some stories of her own her name is theirishgirl1997 read her stories their amazing you'll love them well have a good day or night haha lol - Ariana
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