You Belong With Me

Miranda Heidi and Ariana were 3 Bestfriends who were in love with one direction what happens when they get tickets to see them in concert and get able to hang out with them after the concert? Will it be Love?


1. OMG

Miranda's P.O.V.

I woke up to see my Bestfriend Ariana looking at me smiling

"Yes Ariana" I said

"I'm so excited for the concert tonight" she answers

Did I mention we were seeing one direction in concert we loved them Niall was her favorite Harry was mine we had other friends who loved them but they grew tired of them now they all love max Schneider I mean we love him too but no is compared to one directions talents

"Me too" I laughed

"What are you wearing?" She asked

"I'm wearing my purple toms orange skinnys and shirt that says cats rule dogs drool"

"Haha Funny I'm wearing my blue toms green skinnys and red shirt that says Irish Guys Are Sexy"

We got ready and decided to go to the mall we said goodbye to my mom and left the concert started at 7:00 we wanted to be there by 5:00 to get on line

Ariana's P.O.V.

Me and Miranda went to the mall and bought a bunch of 1D brackets sharpies and more it was 4:00 we were heading to the car when my mom called

"Hi mom what's up I'm with Miranda so I'll put you on speaker"

By then we were already in the car after putting our things we bought either on or in our Veer Bradley's

"Hola Mijas" she said

We aren't Spanish but her new boyfriend is so she calls me and Miranda Mijas and talks Spanish as much as she can its pretty funny actually and we love it

"I wanted to wish you guys good luck at the concert and to tell you to look under your seats"

We looked under our seats to see envelopes we opened them and in front of our eyes we saw backstage passes to meet one direction and hang out with them after the concert

"AHHHHHHHH OMG OMG OMG OMG Thank You So Much Mom" it was all we could say

"No problem love you Mijas bye"


We looked at each other and squealed we were not only going to see them perform live for the first time but we were going to actually meet them

I started the car and drove to the stadium they were playing at while blasting What Makes You Beautiful along the way

We got their by 5:00 and we got our seats backstage passes and waited for the concert to start
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