You Belong With Me

Miranda Heidi and Ariana were 3 Bestfriends who were in love with one direction what happens when they get tickets to see them in concert and get able to hang out with them after the concert? Will it be Love?


4. Jeolousy?????


Louis’s POV

After Niall’s hilarious burn we finished with Live While We’re Young and said goodnight. We ran off the stage as usual so we could get ready for the meet and greets. I walked into my dressing room to take a quick shower and put on some fresh clothes. After I was done getting ready I went to Liam’s dressing room to chat and wait for the others. “Hey Li-Li” forgetting that’s what Dani used to call him. He’s face dropped a little and I felt bad for bringing it up. “I’m sorry mate I forg-“ “It’s okay I’m going to have to get over it eventually so I might as well move on” he said staring at the ground the entire time. “Liam there is a girl out there for you somewhere. She is coming. Now let’s go I think Zayn is finally ready.” I said joking around the way I always do.


Liam’s POV

I really didn’t feel like doing the meet and greet tonight but I had to it is my job and I would usually love to meet all our fans but since me and Dani had our falling out I haven’t been happy ever since. I went with Louis to see if Zayn was ready. Surprisingly enough he was so we set on our way to meet some fans. There was a medium sized group so it wouldn’t be too long. I saw a couple of girls all the way in the back a girl with black hair and a red shirt that said Irish Guys Are Sexy. The second I saw her I couldn't keep my eyes away from her, I completely forgot about Danielle.


Niall's POV

I meet up with Harry and we went to the Meet and Greet. We saw Louis, Zayn, and Liam. I felt bad for Liam because after his harsh Break Up with Danielle he hasn't been the same. I realized there were only 6 people at the meet and greet. We were finished with the first 3 girls when I saw her, the girl who made me laugh while singing Up All Night on stage. I walked up to her and asked "Hey Love Can I Still Get That Picture?"


Ariana's POV

I was talking to Heidi and Miranda when they say "OMG Niall’s coming over here act calm girly" I laugh and then I hear Niall say "Hey Love Can I Still Get That Picture?" I was shocked but I quickly got over it. I laughed and said "Of Course"


Niall’s POV

When she said of course something happened I smiled like I never did before. I could hear her friends whispering "Miranda do you think he likes her" "I don't know Heidi maybe" I looked at them and said "Yes I do actually but it's a secret" in a whisper.


Harry's POV

 I met up with Niall and we saw Liam Zayn and LOUIS!!!!!! I love that guy he's like an older brother I never had he's amazing and the best friend in the world. Then I saw her the most beautiful girl in the world. I heard Niall call her Miranda and the girl he pointed to at the concert on stage name was Ariana and there other friends name was Heidi they seemed like really cool girls!


Liam's POV

 When I saw Niall go over to Ariana and her friends I got really Jealous. By now they had introduced themselves and I could see Niall flirting with her and what made it worse was she was flirting BACK!!!!! I wish I didn't like this girl but I couldn't help it and I couldn't help but want to punch Niall in the face for stealing this girl from me even though he doesn't know it yet.


Louis's POV

 Heidi was so pretty I wish I wasn't dating Eleanor right now she's so down to earth and well Elenour is too but all she wants to do is go Shopping or to dinner or somewhere expensive. I love Elenour but it seems like she only wants me for my Money. I could tell Harry liked that girl named Miranda. I could also see that Niall liked Ariana but so did Liam I knew this was going to be a problem I’ll talk to them 2 tomorrow. "Hey do you girls want to come over this was our final concert were on break for 8 months except for the occasional recording we can take you to your house and you guys can pack for the night then well take you home tomorrow night?!"


Miranda's POV

 When Louis asked us to stay the night at their house we couldn't resist and it wasn't because they were the Famous one direction but because they were Liam Niall Louis Zayn and Harry. We liked them for them not for their fame. We agreed and they took us to Ari's house and we packed our bags. They asked if we lived together we said technically yes but we alternate houses because that's how close we were. Then we were off to Niall's flat and we already knew who was sleeping with who. Heidi and Louis were sharing a room Liam and Zayn were sharing a room me and Harry were sharing a room and Ariana and Niall were sharing a room. When we got there they offered to watch a movie of Couse Ariana screams “The Notebook" and Harry runs to her and hugs her and says she is my new Best friend. We all knew he was joking around and we popped popcorn and put in the Notebook. This was the beginning of a good Friendship.



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