You Belong With Me

Miranda Heidi and Ariana were 3 Bestfriends who were in love with one direction what happens when they get tickets to see them in concert and get able to hang out with them after the concert? Will it be Love?


2. Excuse Me?????

Ariana's P.O.V.

We were meeting our friend Heidi at the concert so I was texting her to see we're she was when I heard her scream

"Ariana Miranda over here" she screams

We laughed and walked over to her we said hey and she said she needed to tell us something it sounded important so we let did I mention she was wearing grey toms black shorts and a red shirt that says I LOVE CARROTS!!

Heidi’s PoV

AHHHHHHHHHHHH. That’s what I feel like right now. I cannot believe that I am at a freaking one direction concert right now. My life has finally been completed now I can die peacefully. I’m trying to behave myself right now. I have like the slightest trace of ADHD in me. So when I get excited I stay like that for a VERY long time. I try not to show it around Ariana and Miranda because I don’t want them to think I’m some sort of lunatic. I haven’t told them about it yet. I think I’m going to tell them tonight about it. As a matter of fact I see them right now. I call their names to get their attention. They look over at me and laugh and start walking over here. Here goes nothing!!!

"Hey Heidi" they say

"Hey guys I need to tell you something" I said nervously

"Sure" they looked worried

"I don't know how to say this I tried not to show it around you but I have ADHD and I can't get excited otherwise I stay excited for too long" I was scared to see their reactions

"Heidi we love you either way we all have things that makes us different don't let that hold you back of being you you are so beautiful and we will always love you and treat you the same no matter what." Said Ariana and Miranda

I hugged them both and said "your the best friends I've ever had."

Just then this girl come over and shoves me for no reason I fell back

"Hey you could at least apologize" I hear Miranda say while Ariana helps me up

"EXCUSE ME??????" The girl says

"You heard her she didn't stutter" said Ariana I laughed they really were great friends

The security must have seen what happened because the next thing we knew they had the girl and was kicking her out of the stadium they said they were sorry that she snuck in and that they hoped we liked the show

The music stopped playing just as we sat in our seats and the intercom came on saying

"Are You Ready For One Direction?"

We all screamed like our lives depended on it and that's when the boys came out and sharted sing What Makes You Beautiful

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