You Belong With Me

Miranda Heidi and Ariana were 3 Bestfriends who were in love with one direction what happens when they get tickets to see them in concert and get able to hang out with them after the concert? Will it be Love?


6. Dares And A Truth

Heidi’s POV
“Well this is awkward.” I said trying to lighten the mood. I looked over at Lou and he cracked a smile.
“Who’s next” Louis said getting the game back on track.
“I think Zayn was next?” I said trying to remember
“Zayn truth or dare” Niall asked curiously
“DARE” Zayn shouted a little bit too excitedly?
“Hmmmm... I got it” I whispered it in Louis’s ear and he just started laughing.
“Oh no am I going to regret this?”
“You should know better than to pick dare”
“Well what is it”
“You have to mess up your hair and you can’t fix it for the rest of the night” as soon as I said it everyone started laughing and his fan went white.

Louis POV

I wasn't really paying attention to what Heidi was saying because every time her breath hit my skin it sent shivers down my spine. I laughed after hearing what she said. Zayn got scared and he should have been his face was priceless.

Ariana's POV

"Can I mess his hair up?" I asked

"Sure you can Love" said Niall

"Yay!!!!!!" I screamed

Zayn tried to run but because I was In Gymnastics Dance and was on Track I caught him pretty quickly!!!!! I tackled him to the ground and messed up his hair. He pouted but I couldn't stop laughing. Perrie finally came the bow introduced us to her we said hey and we got along pretty well. We were all so alike it was pretty cool plus I loved her new song DNA!!!!

Liam's PoV

"Can I be next?" I asked

"Sure Daddy Direction" answered Ariana
"Truth or Dare?"

"Truth" I said

"Oh Boo Your No Fun Whatever. What's the worst thing you've ever said or done?" She asked

"Ummm.......Ummm.......I just broke up with Danielle and my mom called I totally Fliped and said I Hated Her but quickly Apologized cause I really didn't mean it." I said Truthfully

"It's Okay DD" she said

Louis asked to turn up the music and I did and Say Something by Austin Mahone came on I turned it up full blast or at least tried to. I got knocked down by the girls next thing I know their dancing and the boys are joining in. I was laughing until I saw Niall to to Ariana and start dancing with her like they were at the club.

Nialls POV

The girls especially Ariana I can tell love Austin Mahone and he's a good friend of mine too. They shoved Liam to the ground turned the music up full blast and started dancing. Everyone but Liam were dancing probably still recovering. I walked to Ariana and started to dance with her. We were dancing like we were in the club which was hilarious. Suddenly my Doorbell rings and I go to answer it. It was Samin one of the girls friends and I only know this because Ariana was showing me pictures of her friends who loved us. Also at the door was................Austin Mahone!! My buddy I told them I had a plan and they quickly agreed Ariana was in for a real Surprise that shell love me forever for. She was about to see someone she missed like crazy and mee her 2 favorite artist Austin Mahone.

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