The Way We Were

Jailene and Harry have been best friends most of their life's but since Harry's fame they haven't seen each other. But when they finally reunite Harry realizes he loves Jailene. Read on to find the rest


3. The Way We Were

Chp.3||Jailene's POV
All the boys introduced themselves to me,likeI needed an introduction.
Harry seemed really dazed for the first 20 minutes of me being there. Usually when I was with him he would feel comfortable.
Since the Harry and I weren't hanging out till later I decided to get comfy. I put on Harry's favorite shirt cause I knew he love when I wore his stuff, I also put on my America shorts. And walked into the living cause Harry was in there. "Hey, Haz" I said to him. He looked really startled. "Oh hi, Jai Jai" his faced seemed to light up when I talked to him "I need to talk to you" he said as Zayn walked in and interrupted.
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