The Way We Were

Jailene and Harry have been best friends most of their life's but since Harry's fame they haven't seen each other. But when they finally reunite Harry realizes he loves Jailene. Read on to find the rest


2. Re-United

Chp.2 || Harrys' POV
I hadn't seen Jailene in such a long time. She was my best friend ever since we were little. She was gorgeous when we were little, but when we got to middle school she went through a boyish fase. And to be honest she wasn't that attractive. The fase went on through High School. I hadn't seen her since the day i left school to be on the X factor. I had missed her so much I felt as if some part of me was missing without her. All I can think about is how much the boys are gonna like her. In the middle of my thoughts she knocked on the door and Liam immediately jumped up and opened the door for her. I didn't even see what she looked like I just went in and gave her the hug of a life time. When I finished I stepped back and took a look at her. Zayn whispered in my direction, "she's hot. I thought you said she looked like a dude?" . Shee looked amazing. She looked so sexy. Everything was perfect. She had definitely grown out of that boyish fase. She had on a tight black skirt that hugged her in all the right places. She also had on a thin white crop top were you could see her abs and a little bit of her bra. At that moment I knew something was gonna happen between us. I was just hoping that another one of the boys wouldn't get to her before I did.
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