The Way We Were

Jailene and Harry have been best friends most of their life's but since Harry's fame they haven't seen each other. But when they finally reunite Harry realizes he loves Jailene. Read on to find the rest


1. Re-United

Chp. 1 || Jailenes' POV
I had a really big day ahead of me. It was my first time actually meeting all of the boys. Harry and I had known each other since we were 7 years old. He was my first boyfriend. Back in the days when everyone was dating just to say they were.

I walked in to the doors of the boys' flat. Harry immediately ran up to me and gave mme the biggest hug I had ever gotten. I wasn't even thinking about the other boys I was only thinking about Harry and how much I loved him. I hadn't really seen Harry since him and the band got together. All we had been doing was texting and calling each other for the past two years. To be honest I had never stopped liking Harry as more then just a friend. I still had a crush on him.

When Harry stepped back from hugging me he looked me up and down and started to smirk. I knew exactly wat that meant. That meant that he liked what he saw in me and that he was gonna do whatever it takes for me to be with him
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