Could This Be Love?


2. The feeling

      Why me! I couldn't understand how I got the courage to get out of my chair and walk over to a guy i've  never met, then have another girl step in front of me like that! I mean she wasn't even that pretty........ Look at her over there talking to him like shes known him for years. I'll just wait till she leaves then I will walk over there and talk to him, ya that's what i'll do! It was about 10 minutes when she finally left holding a piece of paper i'm assuming was his number. Now it's my turn. I got up anxiously and started putting one foot in front of the other when I finally arrived at his desk. I tapped on his muscular shoulders and his soft dark blue hollister shirt. Just that alone gave me the chills! Once again he turned around and gave me the exact same heart warming smile he gave to that other girl. I almost passed out.

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