Could This Be Love?


1. I hate you

     It was the first day of 9th grade. I was all dolled up with my satin light blue shirt on and my custimized shorts that I got from a famous fashion designer which by the way costed me a fortune! I had a silver flower necklace with a diamond embroidery and a diamond bracelet. My long brown hair was curled and my bangs layed perfectly across my face for once. I had a light coat of eye liner beneth my eye and a big glob of sparkly lip gloss on my thin lucious lips :). I thought to my self wow for once I atually look good! I wasn't really a boy chaser at my age I was more of a goody to shoe I guess you could say. I was always listening to the teachers and doing my work and never slacking off like the kids do now in days. The word boys never came across my mind. I was the shy girl in the crowd. If someone came up to me and started talking to me I wouldn't make a peep the only thing I would do is smile awkwardly into their eyes. They would then run off while saying the words your weird! The kids at my school were abnocious and annoying. They would walk around thinkin they had SWAG for watever that means like I care. I was the odd one out. At home I was the wild one! It's like I have two personalities. Sometimes I wish I had the wild funny personality all day every day! Anyways, as I was saying the word BOYS never came across my mind. I had a few crushes here and there but the boys I liked never even noticed me and well me being the "shy" one i new it would'nt work out. It was about the second week of school when I noticed in my second period class a new student. I took a quick glance at him...ok you caught me I actually stared at him for a while and a while then turned into 5 minutes. What was I doing! Snap out of it I thought to myself. Oh but I could'nt! His eyes were a beautiful baby blue and his blonde hair oh oh and I think his name is Nial!  He is gorgeous! I was going to talk to him. I got out of my chair and started to walk slowly towards him. I was right there right behind him! the second i was about to move my lips another girl stepped in front of me and tapped on his shoulder. He turned around and looked at the girl that tapped his shoulder and gave her a heart warming smile. I wanted to scream! I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs I HATE YOU!!!!!



I shall be writting another chapter tomorrow so keep reading! :)

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