Nothing can keep us apart

Megan is an ordanairy 18 year old girl and has lived in California all her live but when her mom gets remarried, Megan, her brother, her grandma, her mom and step dad move to London and her stepdad is a security guard for one direction


1. Going to work with my step dad

I stretch my arms and sat up in my bed and look around my room. It was the same as always except the location it was in London. We moved here when my stepdad got a job for a bodyguard for a band. It was hard leavening my old life in California and starting a new one in London Espcially my boyfriend Austen. Well make that ex-boyfriend when I told Austen I was moving he got mad and ask If I cared what he thought about this and when I tried to explain he just stormed off then I found him an hour later kissing a freshman.He's been texting me and if just been ignoring him.
Hey Megan I'm going to work today do you want to come with me? Asked my stepdad poking his head through my door.
Sure dad give me a few minutes I say.
He nodded and went down stairs.
Even though he's not my real dad I call him dad cause he seems like one to me.
I got out of bed and went a jumped in the shower. After I got out I put on a shirt that said l love the Beatles and a pair of black leggings and heels. I towel tried my hair and put on my glasses and a black beanie and grabbed my phone the headed down stairs.
Morning meg's my mom said siping coffee.
Morning I say pouring myself a cup.
Ready to go sweetie said my step dad.
Yep ready! I say.
As we were going to his job I realized that I never what he did for a job so i asked him.
Dad? What is your job exactly? I ask.
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