Mystery of the water

Water is my home, my sanctuary, my life. I am a mermaid.

I live on land, but spend most of my time in the water. One day while out swimming a boat comes near and I meet 5 boys, but they can't know who I am.

In this story, Niall falls for a mermaid, is it real love, or is it just a trance he has been put in? Only time will tell.


6. Winner revealed :)

After looking over all the entries, and after many days of fighting over the winner, I have finally chosen.

The winner is...

Demi cook. I have sent you an email to ask for your movella name so i can tell you directly. Congrats on the win and dont worry for the people who didnt, it is not the last competition I will have.

Thank you to everyone who entered, your entries were all sooo good and I wish I could have more winners, but unfortunately I cant.

Thanks again all my readers, enjoy the rest of the story and dont forget to check out my other movellas.


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