Mystery of the water

Water is my home, my sanctuary, my life. I am a mermaid.

I live on land, but spend most of my time in the water. One day while out swimming a boat comes near and I meet 5 boys, but they can't know who I am.

In this story, Niall falls for a mermaid, is it real love, or is it just a trance he has been put in? Only time will tell.


2. The escape

I told dad that I was going for a nap, he actually believed me. I'm not one for lying, but I needed air.

I got changed into my bikini and placed a top and some shorts over it. After changing, I opened the window and jumped across to a palm tree that was outside it. I slid down and landed, on my butt, on the beach.

I then ran off behind this rocky shore that seperated this caved area from the beach. No one can see you once your behind there.

Time for a nice long swim, this should be fun. But first I just want to relax and take in the lovely view.

Niall's POV:

Me and the bys finally get to have a holiday, a break from or tour.

We just ended our american tour, and were now taking a break in malibu.

We rented out this awesome boat, so now were somewhere off shore, with a freakin amazing view.

"Who want to chill on the front of the boat and babe spot?" Said Harry.

oh Harry, sun and perving on chicks. His perfect holiday.

"Whatever" I said.

So me, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry all layed down on the front of the boat and chilled.

"I could get used to this" said Liam.

We all agreed in unison, just then, Zayn sat up quickly.

"Hey, look at that" he said pointing off shore.

We all sat up quickly and looked to where he was pointing. It was a girl climbing out her window, at first i thought she was going to fall, but then she jumped across to this tree and slid down onto the sand, landing on her butt.

"What is she doing?" I asked.

"Looks like shes sneaking out" said Zayn.

We all sat there watching her, after dusting the sand off her, she ran off behind some rocks.

We couldnt see her once she was behind them, even though she was far off, she looked kinda cute.

"Hey, why dont we move the boat?" I said.

"What, so you can spy on that girl?" Laughed Harry.

"No... Well yeah. But you would do the same" I replied.

"Yeah, your probably right" Harry replied.

So "Captain Louis" got up and turned the engine to the boat on and started sailing the boat over towards the rocky bit. We couldnt get to close of course, as the rocks would damage the boat.

We all got off the front off the boat, and headed over to where louis was standing.

"Where did she go?" Asked zayn.

"There she is" I said pointing towards the girl on the rocks.

She was sitting there on the rocks, then she got up and started taking her clothes off, she had a green floral bikini on. Not that i noticed.

"I dont think she can see us" I said.

"Well lets change that" Smiled Louis cheekily.

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