Mystery of the water

Water is my home, my sanctuary, my life. I am a mermaid.

I live on land, but spend most of my time in the water. One day while out swimming a boat comes near and I meet 5 boys, but they can't know who I am.

In this story, Niall falls for a mermaid, is it real love, or is it just a trance he has been put in? Only time will tell.


9. I have a plan

Niall's POV:

I was starting to really like Merlia, she was awesome, and so beautiful, yet so different.

We said goodbye to the girls around 10 pm and went back to the boat, Liam still had that wierd look on his face, it was time to find out why.

"Ok, what's up with you?" I asked him.

"What do you mean, nothing's wrong" he replied.

"Yes there is, you've had a wierd look on you all night" I said.

"It's just there's... There's something off about Merlia and Ree." He said.

"What do you mean, Something off with them?" I asked confused.

"Like the way she got scared of the water, and how she had that cut, exactly after we found the fish scales, and how she's always in the water, but when were there, she leaves. It's just wierd" he said.

"The cut was from a reef or something, she might not like swimming with us cus she might like being on her own, and she didn't want salt water in we cut" I said.

"I'm guessing she told you all that?" He said.

"No, well yeah, but so what? Look, if you think she's hiding something, do what every smart person does, and google it" I smiled.

"You know what, I will" he said, getting up and running to his laptop.

Ok, I'll admit it's odd, but she's a girl, aren't all girls a bit wierd?

Liam's POV:

I took Niall's advise and googled all the stuff she was doing, and going on, when something caught my eye... Mermaids.

I clicked in the site and read the first paragraph, it described all the things they do and what they are, I'll admit it sounded like something from a fairy tale or book, but it explained all the stuff she was doing.

I scrolled down and read a section that was highlighted bold, it went like this:

A mermaid is a creature that is half human, and half fish. Mermaids are female, while the men are mermen. They have the torso of a human, and once water consumes their skin, the tail will replace the legs.

Legend has it that mermaids were beautiful creatures who lured sailors off rocks, and once the sailors were in their trance, the sailors would jump from the boat an drown in the process of trying to reach them.

When a mermaid is hurt, or cuts its tail, it will affect the legs too. The tail will not heal back, neither will the legs, or feet.

A mermaid will try everything to stop a human discovering their secret, if found out by a human, a they will have to destroy the person before they can tell anyone else. Or they will just get them to keep it a secret, only cruel mermaids will destroy the human, young mermaids have a wry caring nature, especially when it comes to love.

If a mermaid finds love, they will stop at nothing to make the person love them back, but if the person returns those feelings without the mermaid making them, the mermaids tale will form, and show her true nature.

The end.

"Of course" I mumbled to myself. "All I have to do is get Niall and Merlia to love eachother, an then she will show her true nature. If she isn't a mermaid then fine, but if she is, Niall will get angry or run off scared."

It was late, so I decided to get some sleep, and would hatch my plan tomorrow.

Merlia's POV:

The next morning I got a call from Liam, asking if we wanted to come on the boat, I accepted and said IDE bring Ree.

I woke Ree up and told her to get dressed, we grabbed some stuff in a bag, just in case and left.

We met the boys in the harbor, I love the smell of the sea, but it made me sick seeing all the dead fish. Being half fish, you have an attachment to them, it's like seeing a human die.

"Ahoy there ladies" yelled Louis.

"Ahoy captain" Ree yelled back.

They laughed, I could tell Ree and Louis had something going on, O'well, my mind was on Niall.

"Hello babe" said Niall, grabbing my hand and helping on board.

"Hello Irish" I smiled.

He kissed my cheek and I felt a funny tingling notion in my legs, that was weird.

"Hey guys" I said as they all ran to say hi.

"Hey Merlia, where's Ree?" They asked.

"Probably with Louis" I said.

A lot of ooo's filled the boat and we all started laughing.

The boys walked off to fish Or something, and Niall took my hand, leading me to a sun bed.

"How have you been" he asked.

"Good, and yourself?" I replied.

"Good, it was weird Liam calling you onto the boat" he said.

"Yeah it was, did he say why?" I asked.

"Nope, just said it would be nice of you to join us. Are you gonna come swimming with us later?" He asked.

I felt my stomach clench up, I wants to go swimming but I knew I couldn't.

"Nope, I can't, not with my foot. Sorry" I said.

"Oh, it's fine, I understand that you don't wanna damage your foot anymore." He said leaning in and kissing me.

I felt my legs tingle again, they felt funny, kinda like when I'm changing. Oh no.

Liam's POV:

I kept glancing over at Niall and Merlia, they were kissing, until Merlia suddenly pulled out of the kiss. Could she really be a mermaid?

"Are you alright Merlia?" I asked, walking over to them.

"Yeah, just a bit dizzy, probably the boat. Don't worry, I'll be fine" she said.

"Ok, are you sure, your skins as green as your eyes" Niall said.

"Yeah, he's right" Liam said.

"Yeah, I need to find Ree, excuse me a minute" I said, getting up, but falling immediately.

"Oh my god, are you alright" it was Ree, she seemed as flustered as I was.

"Yeah I'm fine, but I think we need to go now" I whisper yelled.

"What, you can't go, you only just got here" said Liam smiling.

Does he know something?

"Yeah, Liam's right, you gotta stay" Louis said.

"Yeah, and I wanted to say ask you something while your here" said Niall.

"I wanted to ask you something to" Louis said to Ree.

Oh no, we have to get out of here, how could I have forgotten what happens.

Louis and Niall grabbed mine and Ree's hand, sitting us both down. Harry, Zayn and Liam gathered around us.

"Well we know we just met you two, but we think that..." Louis began.

"We think that we love you" Niall finished.

Oh god, my legs are shaking, and are already sparkling. I grab Ree's hand, and we both stand up, edging towards the edge of the boat.

My legs are tingling and I look at Ree, she knows what's about to happen, the boys are staring at us confused, and a little scared.

We take a step to far, and fall over the edge of the boat.

The boys run to the edge of the boat, making sure we're ok, but instead of smiles, their faces are filled with fear.

Are feet are beginning to dissappear, with my tale taking form. Suddenly Liam speaks.

"I can't believe it, you are mermaids" Liam says.

The boys gasp and I let a small tear escape my eye.
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