Mystery of the water

Water is my home, my sanctuary, my life. I am a mermaid.

I live on land, but spend most of my time in the water. One day while out swimming a boat comes near and I meet 5 boys, but they can't know who I am.

In this story, Niall falls for a mermaid, is it real love, or is it just a trance he has been put in? Only time will tell.


10. Found out!

Liams POV:

I cant believe it, I was right, they are mermaids. MERMAIDS. WTF!

"Y-Your fish" Harry stuttered.

"We are not fish, well not completely, and go ahead and scream, or run, or report us" yelled Ree.

"Its your faults that we changed now anyway" Merlia said.

"Why is it our fault?" I asked.

"Well, not all of you, just Louis and Niall" she said.

"I guess your right, so you do really love them then?" I said.

"H-How did you know about the change steps?" Ree asked.

Everyone was looking at me now, and I felt pressured.

Merlias POV:

"Yeah Liam, how did you know?" I asked. 

Liam looked really flustered and I think all this pressure was getting to him. 

"We'll..." I added, tired of waiting so long for his answer. 

"Ok, here goes." Liam started. "For a while now you pair have been acting weird and I was curious as to know why. I wanted to find out answers as to why you never go n water with us, or you cut yourself in the same spot we ripped off some fish scales when fishing the other day." He carried on, taking a big long breath and continuing. 

"I mentioned to niall that there was something about you two that was different and he said just check google, as a joke of course, but then I actually did. While on there I found a page about mermaids and it described all the things you had been doing and then it mentioned something about a 'changing ceremony'. I knew that niall and Louis were crazy about you two and were going to confess their love for you when they next saw you, so I invited you here to find out if it was all true... That you were in fact mermaids. " he finished with a long sigh. 

I looked over at Ree, and she had the same expression on her face as I did, shock.

"So... You went through all this just to find out if we were mermaids?" I asked Liam. 

He paused for a second then nodded. Slight shame on his face. 

"I... I don't exactly know what to say, but because you've found out our secret there are only two options here. Death, or keeping secrets, which one do you choose?" I asked. 


Liam's POV: 

"Keeping this secret, definitely" I answered quickly. 

"Ok, well, me and Merlia should go now, people like you would definitely not like hanging around with... Creatures like us." Ree said, sadness and regret in her voice. 

They were leaving, oh god no, this was all my fault. What am I going to do? 

"WAIT!!" Niall and Louis yelled at the same time, walking closer to the edge.

Merlia and Ree looked up, a bi of shock on their faces. 


Louis's POV:

Merlia and Ree both looked up at me and niall, both with shock on their faces. 

"Why do you have to go?" I asked. 

"Yeah, I mean we told you how we felt, that doesn't change just because you sprout a tail when in water" niall said quickly. 

Merlia giggled and looked up at niall with such awe and... Love. 

"Yeah, Ree I still love you, and I don't regret that because of a little difference between us" I said. 

"Really?" Ree asked. 

"Really" I answered. 

What happened next shocked us all, me especially. Ree dived out of the water and gripped the edge of the boat, grabbed the back of my neck with her free hand and smashed her lips onto mine. There are two things I learned from this situation. 1. Mermaids are amazing kissers, and two, I was hopelessly in love with a mermaid. 


Niall's POV

I watched as Ree dived up to kiss Louis and only wished that that could be. 

Turning my attention from the kissing idiots, I looked down at Merlia and saw her looking down at the water. 

"Merlia.." I asked quietly. 

She looked up and when she met my eyes she smiled and a single green tear fell from her eye, yes, green tear. 

It fell down her cheek and when it hit the water, it sort of affected the sea because a few small tidal waves started to form.

Ree must have noticed because her and Louis stopped gazing into each others eyes to look down at her.

"Merlia,I know it's hard but you have to let it happen" Ree said to Merlia. 

What? Let what happen?


Merlia's POV:

It was consuming me, my whole body felt like an explosion, when I looked up and saw niall still standing there facing me, trying to talk to me an ever growing feeling shook through me and over powered me. 

"Merlia, I know it's hard but you have to let it happen" Ree told me. 

I looked up at niall once more and the tears broke out, and the waves formed, the sky turned bluer than blue and the clouds disappeared. 

The boat shook and the boys looked worried and shocked. 

I couldn't contain myself, the tears kept coming and I knew it was because I loved him, I loved niall.

Suddenly I heard a splash next to me and niall appeared next to me, he paddled closer and embraced me in his arms, whispering in my ear: " I will love you no matter what you are or what you may become."

I couldn't take it any longer, I smashed my lips onto nialls and the force of impact shocked him and made him loose balance in the sea. He and I went under, but because he was kissing a mermaid he could breath under water. 

His lips moved with mine so easily and so passionately that I never wanted it to end, eventually though I pulled him back to the surface of the water and let my lips part from his. 

He looked pretty surprised at my actions, but then smiled and kissed my forehead. 





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