Mystery of the water

Water is my home, my sanctuary, my life. I am a mermaid.

I live on land, but spend most of my time in the water. One day while out swimming a boat comes near and I meet 5 boys, but they can't know who I am.

In this story, Niall falls for a mermaid, is it real love, or is it just a trance he has been put in? Only time will tell.


7. Crush, and caught.

Merlias POV:

It had been 2 days since I last saw those boys, you remember, the crazy ones from the boat. Anyway, I was feeling really bored today, you know the kind when you have so much stuff but you still dont know what to do, thats me.

I could go see if the boys are still on their boat, or... I know, I'll visit Maree (Ree, I call her), shes a mermaid like me, but she tends to stay out of the way of humans. They make her nervous apparently, I dunno, well she lives in this cool beach shack just off the shore, its pretty cool.

So, I grabbed my bag, with a change of clothes, a towell, and a bikini, and ran out the front door towards Ree's house.

It only took me about 20 minutes to get there, but I was still tired, so I nearly on the floor when I knocked on the door.

I heard foot steps, and then the door opened to reveal Ree, did I mention that shes really pretty, most mermaids are, but she has this hidden beauty too.

She has beach blonde hair down to her waist, same length as mine, its wavy and never goes straight no matter what she does, pale skin, gray eyes, and is probably 5"5. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, her tail is a reddish-orange color. It kinda looks like flames under water, so cool.

"You ok down there?" She asked as she was looking down at me on the floor.

"Yeah, im good, I could do with some help getting up though" I laughed.

"Alright, gimme your hand" she said, lifting me up in one quick motion.

We went inside, and talked for a bit, until getting changed into our bikinis and heading out the back for the water. Her house had this little pier thing, ive always been jealous of it.

"CANNON BALL" she yelled, jumping in with a big splash.

I suddenly saw her tail taking form, replacing her legs, I love watching the changes.

"Alright, watch out" I replied.

I was just about to jump in, when I heard something and slipped in.

I dived up from under the water, and looked around, Ree was gone.

"REE" I yelled.

I kept on swimming, my tail fully formed, and then spotted her.

"Ree" I called.

"Shh" she replied.

"What are you doing?" I whispered.

"Just, listening" she replied. She sounded wierd, she almost sounded like... No way.

We were hiding behind a boat, and the people on board were singing, one in particular I think had grasped Ree's attention. I suddenly realised which boat it was and who its owners were.

"Ree, we have to go before they see us" I said panicking.

"Dont worry, they dont know who we are and they wont see us" she replied casually.

"A-Actually, they know who I am" I stuttered.

"What! How do you know them, and why didnt you tell me?" She whisper yelled.

"I met them the other day, and why is it a big deal that I didnt tell you?" I asked.

"Because... Nothing" she replied shaking her head.

Why is she so mad I didnt tell her? Does she have... No... Its impossible. Isnt it?

"Do you have a little crush on Louis?" I asked.

"What, whos Louis?" She asked.

I pointed to louis and her face went bright pink.

"Well, maybe a little crush" she replied quietly.

"Aw, thats so cute" I replied.

We suddenly heard footsteps approaching and we swam under quickly.

Louis's POV:

Me and the guys were still on the boat, this little vacation is awesome, I cant help thinking about that mysterious girl we met the other day, what was her name again?

"Hey Niall, what was that girls name, you now the one we met the other day?" I asked.

"Merlia" he replied almost instantly. I think he had a little crush on her, I mean I dont blame him, she was beautiful, but she seemed, I dunno, different.

The guys started singing, and I joined in, stealing a solo, we were having a lot of fun, when I suddenly heard something in the water.

I walked over to the other side of the boat, and glimpsed something, two things actually. They looked like scales, maybe fish, whatever they were, they were big.

"Hey Liam, grab your fishing pole, I just saw a big one" I called over to him.

"Ok, gimme a sec" replied Liam.

Ree's POV:

We had swam off under the boat, we heard footsteps, and then nothing.

"I think its safe" I said.

"Ok, lets go" replied Merlia.

We started to swim off until something caught on Merlia's tale, she grabbed hold of my arm and I was struggling to keep hold of her.

"Its a fish hook" she yelled.

"Do you trust me?" I asked.

"Yes" she replied.

I let go of her hand and swam towards the boat quickly, I quickly cut the rope and Merlia swam off, calling me after her.

Liams POV:

If this was a fish, it was a frickin big one, almost as heavy as a person, but thats impossible.

"I think I have it" I called to the guys.

"Cool, is it heavy?" Asked Niall.

"Yeah, almost as heavy as a person" I said.

"JEEZ, thats heavy" said Harry.

It was getting closer, and the boys were helping me pull it in, when suddenly, we all flew back, landing in a heap.

"What happened?" Asked Zayn.

"I dont know" I replied.

Louis walked over to the pole and reeled in the wire.

"It was cut" he said.

We all got up in shock and ran over to him.

"What do you mean it was cut?" I asked.

"Look, there cut marks, and look, theres something else" he said, pointing to something.

"What is it?" asked Zayn.

"I think its hair" said Niall.

He was right, it was hair, but how is it even possible, it didnt match any of ours and fish dont have any hair. What is going on?

"Look, its the hook" Harry said, hanging over the edge, pointing at it.

I grabbed the net and scooped it up, this is wierd.

"Thats not a fish tail is it?" Asked louis.

"No, it is fish, but not lie ive ever seen." I said.

"Its kinda, sparkling" Niall cut in.

"Dont be silly Niall, fish dont... Hey, it is. Sorry mate" I apologised.

"Its alright, hey, maybe we can find Merlia and show her, shes lived here her whole life, and she knows about this stuff." Niall said.

"Yeah, lets go take it to her" I said.


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