The scars that cut the deepest

Rowan has a cousin who happens to be in One Direction. When Zayn introduces her to Niall invisible sparks fly but does he feel the same way about her? They find themselves in unbelievable situations and its up to the boys to keep the girls out of harms way.


19. We will talk about this later!

*Louis' POV* "What's wrong love?" I ask, she seems a little put down today. "It's nothing." she says. I really don't believe her though. "C'mon you can tell me. Pretty please? With sugar and sprinkles on top?" I say doing my puppy dog face. She giggles a little. "Fine. I've just been thinking, what if you guys lose fans and stuff just because of me?" she says. I frown. "Don't worry love. The fans love you. You are always so sweet and give them the attention they've always wanted." I say. "So have you been thinking of baby names?" I ask changing the subject. "Yeah, a little..." she says. "OMG!!!!!!!!!" I squeal like a 16 year old fangirl. That gets her laughing a little. "Tell me!" I yell. "Okay, Okay. Well, if it's a girl then I was thinking Taylor Marie or Baylee Dawn. And if its a boy Tate or Cody." She says. "Those names are so cute!" I say all girly. "Thank you very much!" she says. "Anytime girlfriend." I say. And we walk inside. *Liams POV* I heard squealing and I know that it was Louis. So she must've been talking about the baby. I wlak over to Rowan and she's smiling now. "Hey how was the talk?" I ask. "Good thanks." she says. She walks over to Niall, who is sitting down on the couch, sits on his lap and gives him a kiss. "Hey babe! How was the talk with Louis?" he asks. "It was great my special snowflake." she says. I feel a pang of jelousy. Why though? I love Rowan and Niall together, but there's something inside of me saying that I love her. I push the thoughts away and smile. "Leeyum! Niall ate my cupcake!!!" Rowan yells like a kid. Dang, I didn't even notice that she got one. "Niall, why did you eat her cupcake?" I ask, tapping my foot. "I didn't though!!" he says with his mouth stuffed with a red velvet cupcake. And we all just laugh. *Rowans POV* "Oh hey i'm getting a text from Kirsten" she says happily. "Who's that?" I ask. "A friend." She says.

*Rowans phone*

Kirsten: Hey gurrrlll!!!!

Me: Hey what's up?

Kirsten: ONE DIRECTIONS ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Sweet i'll tell the guys!

Kirsten: Why does it say you're dating Niall Horan?

Me: Because I am

Kirsten: Shut up!!!

Me: Well, i've got to go bye!

Kirsten: Mkay, bye! But we will talk about this later!!!

Me: Haha k bye!

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