The scars that cut the deepest

Rowan has a cousin who happens to be in One Direction. When Zayn introduces her to Niall invisible sparks fly but does he feel the same way about her? They find themselves in unbelievable situations and its up to the boys to keep the girls out of harms way.


3. That Night

*Rowan's POV*I got ready in a powder pink mini with a black thick belt and an attached ruffle flower with a zipper half tracing the outside. And I decided to put on black high heels and clear lipgloss to compliment it. When I finally go down stairs the boys are waiting for me. "Wow, you look beautiful..." says Niall letting himself trail off. "Thanks" I say blushing even pinker than my dress. " Oh can we pick up a few of my friends? They are huge fans" I ask. "Sure love" says Harry all flirty like. "We can do that" "Great," I say. As I give them directions. *Niall's POV* she's so beautiful her name is even pretty. As she gives us directions to her friends I sit and listen to her lyrical voice. "So are you ready to have fun?" I ask them all as her friends pile in. "yeeeaaaaahhhh" they all say in unison. "So guys these are my friends, Dana, Eliza, Kat, and Dylan." says Rowan. "Me and Dylan have been friends since like" "For-Eva!!!!!!" they both sing together.
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