The scars that cut the deepest

Rowan has a cousin who happens to be in One Direction. When Zayn introduces her to Niall invisible sparks fly but does he feel the same way about her? They find themselves in unbelievable situations and its up to the boys to keep the girls out of harms way.


15. Surprise!

*Rowans POV(continued)* I'm standing in the kitchen with Niall and hes making me something yummy. "Hey Rowe I have a surprise for you." I tell her. "Oh god what?" she asks. "well you know your cousins Jazmin and Briquelle? Well I got them to come out." I say and she's got the biggest smile on her face. "Your kidding." she says. "Nope" I say smiling. "Well until they come will you sing my favorite part of Rock Me?" she asks. "Wait Its the doc. Shes calling." /conversation/ "Rowan its not good news. The baby. You had a miscarriage. He hit you in just the right spot" I regret I told her now. She bursts out crying. I hold her close and sing. "i want you to Rock me. Rock me. Rock me yeah. I want you to rock me rock me rock me yeah. I want you to hit the pedal heavy metal show me you care I want you to yeah." she stops crying after like an hour of me singing almost all of the songs on Take Me Home. Then the door opens and her cousins come in "Rowan!!!" they scream in unison. "Jazzy. Briquelle. I can't hug you but can you pretend I did?" she asks with a slight smile. "Yeah. What the hell happened to you?!?" screams Briquelle. "Randy got me." and she tells them the whole story. "Wow that must have been super tramatic." says Jazmin. "Yeah I'm still in a lot of pain." she says. "But anyways this is Niall my fiancé." she says. "Oh we know" says Briquelle with a smile. She seems like a very happy person. Then everybody comes through. "Hey" says Harry but Dylan's not with him she's at the end of everyone. "Well this is Harry, Liam, Louis, and you know Dylan and Zayn." she says. "Nice to meet you. I'm Briquelle, Rowan's cousin." she says and then she nudges Jazmin. "Oh hey im Jazmin also Rowan's cousin." she seems a little less happy than Briquelle. "Well hello." flirts Harry he's directing it toward Briquelle. She is very pretty. She's tall and thin and has has blondish-brownish hair big green eyes freckles and a pretty smile. Jazmin is pretty to though. She is shorter with hair like Briquelles but more brown. She has chocolate brown eyes like Rowan's but with less sparkle. "Hi I'm Briquelle and thsi is Jazmin were Rowan's cousins." she says to Harry and Dylan's getting pissed off. "Yeah.." says Harry as if he's under a spell. "Oh do you want me to show you around?" asks Harry. "Sure" says Briquelle and they leave. Liam is looking down at his phone and I can see tears in his eyes. "What's wrong mate?" asks Louis. "Dani broke up with me." he says. "Oh well" he says. "Why aren't you sad?" I ask. "I lost somebody who didn't love me as much as I love her and she lost someone who loves her." he explains. "Ok" I say. "Well do you want me to show you around London?" he asks Jazmin. "Sure" she says blushing. And all who's left is me, Rowan, Zayn, and Dylan. "I'll just go now." she says fighting back the tears.
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