The scars that cut the deepest

Rowan has a cousin who happens to be in One Direction. When Zayn introduces her to Niall invisible sparks fly but does he feel the same way about her? They find themselves in unbelievable situations and its up to the boys to keep the girls out of harms way.


11. Surprise in the morning

*Zayns POV* I wake up and smell pancakes and a hint of chocolate that means Rowan's cookin chocolate chip pancakes. Yumm only she can make them the way that I love them. I go on twitter and see a very surprising tweet from Niall this morning. "imma be a daddy!!!!!!" is what is said. I just about threw my phone across the room. I booked it downstairs and when I saw Niall I screamed "What the hell were you thinking?!?!" both him and Rowan looked startled. "She's seventeen she does not need this!!" I yell. "I turned eighteen yesterday." she tells me in a very small voice. "Well.." my voice cracks. And when I sit down I instantly start crying. I show them the tweet. "I know I'm the one who told him I wanted a ki before we get married." she tells me. It's way to hard to stay mad at her or Niall. "I'm so sorry guys I shouldn'tve reacted like that. I'm really happy for you guys and support you 100%." I say a hellava lot calmer now. Everybody comes down and they're all congratulating them. Liam looks a little wierd but besides that everyone's happy. Then Liam pulls me into the next room and tells me every thing. *Liams POV* I'm in love with her. With Rowan. I can't help it she's just so flipping beautiful. Not just that every thing else. Her beauty goes deeper than make up and it's in her personality. I have no idea what I'm going to do. *Perrie's POV* I'm so happy for them they will make perfect parents. Im so excited. And knowing Rowan she already has her dress planned. "Hey can I steal the girls for a bit?" I ask Niall and Harry. "Sure I'm fine with it." Niall says. "ok." Harry says and we all walk out onto the terris. "So Rowan do you have the dress planned." I ask "oh she has it all planned ." says Dylan, and we all laugh. "So its going to be a lavender color with thin straps and at the hips it flares out and gets supe puffy. It'll have black lace over the whole thing and sparkles. Lots of sparkles." she says seriously but with a smile. "Can we be bridesmaids?!?!?!" asks Dylan excitedly. "Sure she says and we all hug. -1 hour later- *Nialls POV* My baby is safe in my arms. This is how I want it to be for now and for ever as lond as we're together im happy and hopefully she is too. "Do you think that we should tell our families?" I ask "yeah but not for a while." she says. "Well when are we going to have it?" I ask. "Next year. In the summer." she says smiling with her hands on her belly.
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