The scars that cut the deepest

Rowan has a cousin who happens to be in One Direction. When Zayn introduces her to Niall invisible sparks fly but does he feel the same way about her? They find themselves in unbelievable situations and its up to the boys to keep the girls out of harms way.


10. Hell yessss!!!!!!!!!!

*Nialls POV* I cant take it anymore so I have the perfect plan and Rowan will have to forgive me now! "Will you guys help me with..." I whisper the rest to the boys. "Are you really going to go through with this? Like for reals?" asks Zayn. "Yes she really will forgive me now" I tell them. *Rowans POV* damn it. Niall is texting me. ~Niall: Rowan I need you to come to the house now_ Me: hell no! Why should I?_ Niall: Justin Bieber is here_ Me: on my way.~ I'm only going to go Because Justin is my 2nd best friend. Not kidding. "I'm here what do you want?" I ask coldly as I walk through the door. Every body floods into the room. Every body is there including Perrie. Niall comes in with his hands behind his back he comes in front of me and I'm oddly still not smiling. Every body has a smile from ear to ear and I don't know why. He's just standing in front of me wearing a smile and he goes down on one knee and says 4 little words that stop my heart. "Will ou marry me?" he asks and for a minute I'm not breathing. "Hell yesss!!" I scream and every body laughs. *Nialls POV* She said yes my princess said yes!!!! My baby said yes!! I stand up grab her around pick her up and twirl her around. She's laughing like a little kid on a carosel. "I love you so much, and I always have!" she tells me loudly. She's so loud and that's what makes her this much more perfect. "I love you too!" I say getting REALLY emotional. Shes crying as well. I love her more than she will ever know. "Oh my god you two look so dang cute together!" gushes Perrie and Dylan simultaneously. Me and Rowan laugh. "Why thank you girlies" she says perfectly. "your welcome." says Perrie. Dylan is off with Harry and Perrie is crying in Zayn arms. In tears of joy I hope. -30 minutes later- its getting really late and me and Rowan are getting ready for bed. I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz comes on an we instantly start kissing and eventually fall asleep.
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